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  1. Guys, trendy and its devs really are trying there is just too much for them to handle. To get DD back to its former glory a huge Ouch from us, the players, is needed. We need to start reporting people and take the initiative ourselves, trendy has a lot to juggle with updates dlc, nerfs, and people complaining. why should i spend my ****ing free time doing someone elses job they dont even read reports.
  2. As walls dont have dmg/atk speed they should not be buffed its not for them. excluding squire blockade ofc
  3. Going to presume they have to have 6 7 8 for pre order to work for the eternia dlc then they re name it and add file when ita released otherwise you dont actually get anything for buying :p
  4. 1) will never happen if trendy wants to keep there remaining playerbase (with the latest patches though im not sure....) 2) stupid idea would just be more money and less about the game 3) they have no effect on VAC and they cannot effect anything outside of DD 4) impossible to tell whats hacked and whats not so some legit items and some hacked items may be deleted/still remain 5) i see no way of them fixing this and i think people will just have to get along with it, its not like it really matters if this was PvP based i could totally understand but its not
  5. theres a guide in the guides section on how to do this.
  6. lol, it wasnt my first thought it was just becuase i knew my brother likes to make ****ing random accounts and most were like lvl 40-50 anyways he just likes to complain a lot so i thought i best check. thanks for the reassuring comments :D
  7. btw im talking about ranked accs not just the local ones
  8. i just logged on to my steam account and i went to local as steams down -.^ and i saw my brothers accounts chars in local mode, i deleted them as they are not mine so i was confused and i went in to my tavern and saw the items he has layed out on his tavern floor in mine. have i just deleted his accounts? we share a computer if you haden't figured that out... please need a reply as he's due home soon and hes spent a lot of time on these accounts ;s
  9. Also adepts auto up can up things alrrady 3 starred its amde me waste so much mana. P.s phone sorry for mistakes
  10. Its that easy to hack lol. go to a paypal shop and have a look
  11. I have seen things drop with 500+ but they reset when looted
  12. LOL... Gas trap is the most overpowered trap ever.... Anyone saying it's useless has NO idea how to use them. Look in the guides section, the 2 builds posted that get above wave 20 in misty survival have gas traps in them. Also, darkness is still VERY good even with mage blockades. The point is the get rid of immunities before the walls take a hit. Without the darkness trap, around 25% of the mobs will be immune to the ensnares, making it very easy to reach your walls, kobolds will 2-3 shot them down mostlikely in the higher waves. The ranger can turn invisible, having only to worry about DEWs
  13. for hc myth challenge does it need to be on hc mode?
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