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  1. Running a good 20 Normal Incursions (because I hadnt been bothered to change a deck), over 3 days netted me in excess of 40 legendaries. I'd say that's still a healthy drop rate. I'd rather have fewer legendaries and better stats: I've had 3 items with excess of 85 tower stats - that's insanely high. Just a shame its never been speed and power!
  2. I quoted you because I dislike what you've said, hence the -1. You've said it's going to take 5 times as longer to gear farm in Foundation2, good thats the point. Normal incursion hasn't been affected. Essentially you get fewer (but POSSIBLY) better drops on Hard. So you run normal until your happy, then hard to optimise. That IS the point
  3. Isn't that the point. If you're going to get better gear, make it harder - endgame content SHOULD take longer. -1
  4. You have this option already - Increase damage first instead of speed, or increase speed instead of damage. You're creating something which already exists - no need to reinvent the wheel. As for range, they've got that sorted - so same again
  5. One issue I don't like is occasionally wanting to test something and finding all the DU has been used - could you either make it so all towers have a destruct timer (1min a suggestion), or that everyone gets 100DU not 600DU for the tavern
  6. 1) Why have you replaced a 5tier system which effectively went Monster down Standard Monster Up Monster really Up Too hard to beat At first, with a now system which has less variety? 2) It seems as if a lot more bugs and design flaws are being introduced to the game compared to when DD1 was released - I'm aware staff will/may have changed in key areas, what are you doing to combat this occuring in the future with your development methodology?? (Spoken from an ISTQB Industrial Tester, who is seeing waaaay too many issues that didn't occur in DD1 upon new releases) As a heads up, I hope I'm wrong that the answer to #2 is Financial
  7. avaLancHe


    The shield has no offensive buffs or offensive stats. Also I've got rid of 38ups shields in favour of my current myth one, because Its not worth the hassle or cost to upgrade for some more hp - he has over 2k already!
  8. It's the same as the Monk aura bug which displayed the boost as 2.38% before, which was just a gui issue, this appears to be gui affecting gameplay
  9. This needs to change - for people who don't have ready internet It can be a complete sub-division, but you HAVE to have an offline version of play... Thanks for the question! DD2 is online only, so there won't be a local/offline mode. For those wondering: Local co-op on our roadmap means split-screen multiplayer.
  10. Wow this thread got rebumped after a while!! Might be interesting for some people to see the ideas posted and reshow them, I was majorly for the ensnare to stick people like spider traps - want to see more dying"!
  11. It's a timing issue my end, just takes longer to load, similar to Foundation 1 hotfix which didn't entirely fix the lag. Ongoing QC issue
  12. Mine has produced this after working for 3 months, nothing has really changed. Will go through all the verify cache / other options today
  13. The thread is actually about GUI issues, not gameplay issues - I've renamed it back All of these (Bar the one at the bottom), are Graphical User Issues (GUI), which do not affect gameplay one bit, bar the minor error on boost auras I've also reported each and every one of them.
  14. I have mentioned on several occasions about collecting several bugs, I'm now releasing them as the developers have fixed most of the lag. EDIT: If anyone has anything to comment / support these or postulate extra causes jump right in, I only have limited experience of each of these. The Dates represent the first occurrence of each bug. Bug 1 - Jan 30th - A Killshot which nets green mana when immediately spam dropped often can't be picked up. Bug 2 - Feb 5th - Building Elec Auras in a specific place does not show a shadow, in other places it does on certain map/s Bug 3 - Earlier reported, still in existence - Boost auras going above 200%, however once they have done, they can be re-repaired to above 200% Bug 4 - 7th Feb - Equipment downgrade 25->0 - Pseudo effect does nothing, reequipping the item removes the effect Game-play Bug 1 - 24th Feb - Boost aura boosts one tower RHS covered by half an aura but not another tower LHS. Expected Action to Boost both or boost neither. Those are my bugs, all now reported, only one affects game-play, do with them what you will Developers / Testers. I start my testing job next week so I figured it would keep me fresh to accurately (but with brevity), report these instead of hoarding them. Expect my Game-play bugs collection to come out next week, Only got 3 so far worth talking about
  15. As I said, he probably just typed it wrong... This is why we have such a thing as weighted random numbers. Let the computer work out the exact percentage. Green: 8 Blue: 4 Purple: 2 Orange: 1 (Total: 15, each rarity has its weight over the total in exact probability, and each rarity is twice as common as the next one up) Want a new rarity to go in there too? Easy peasy. White: 16 Green: 8 Blue: 4 Purple: 2 Orange: 1 Bam!
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