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  1. I couldn't agree more. I enjoy grinding but there has to be some sort of purpose. Just farming AP to push more Onslaught, which quite frankly matters for nothing, isn't much incentive. DD1 had so many more fun events to it. DD2 has... nothing. Also one thing that just makes me really sad about this series in general. I miss the old trials, just doing that for a few hours. I'd literally leave my computer up all night if I couldn't finish the map just to try later. With the memory leaks and how often this game crashes on me there's 0 chance of being able to do that now even if they added. Ask Trendy for help? They ignore me and say too bad, they can't do anything. It's like we all stick around from fond memories of back in the day, but this game will never be like that again, unfortunately.
  2. If they'd just fix the pathing I'd at least be okay with how things are. I can appreciate the challenge of no replay, but I don't understand how the pathing hasn't been hotfixed yet as a HUGE priority. I've lost so many maps because a mob just wandered down a path it shouldn't have and killed a crystal. Lost temple is so huge that unless you're lucky with positioning you'll never get there in time with everything going on. It's just beyond frustrating at this point. Please fix it.
  3. Well, seeing how it's a DLC item, it'd be nice to actually get something more than what you can get from vanilla DD. An expansion from any game always releases equipment that will blow the original gear out of the water just so there is more incentive for players to buy it and rightly so. At any rate, I checked with my retr. again today, I'm doing about 500k damage in tavern (I didnt have the money to pour into upgrading, so I didn't lose too much), at its current state, it is the most powerful weapon I've ever owned but I came from a blasticus ^143 so it's a nice upgrade for me. Still somehow it doesn't feel as powerful as my blasticus.... This is exactly why it shouldn't be what you're hoping for it to be. By no means, AT ALL, should it EVER replace your Blasticus and be your "end game" viable weapon. Sure, DLC stuff should be useful. At the same token, I don't see a thread from you complaining that Insane and NM Unicorns have the same stats and ^. You should be glad to get a cheap weapon that rivals a previous 2b+ mana weapon and actually do BETTER than what it once did. Seeing myself pull ~4m DPS with this gun (prenerf) when I did ~1.4m with my DT made my heart sink knowing every single hunt will soon have this weapon regardless. I'm very glad Trendy nerfed this gun "into the ground", as you all seem to put it, and to be honest I hope they nerf it further because its still good for how insanely easy it is to get. I'm very pleased to see them say they acknowledge the Hunt class issues and wish to solve it, but not by offering an easily obtained weapon with insane DPS. I'm not trying to be mean, but I understand there is no other way to take this next statement: Don't be so greedy =/. Instead, be glad you have such an easy intro Hunt weapon and go from there. It took me ~50 hours of endless NM HC survival runs to get my 254^ DT and I'm sure it took you much less (whether it be money, time used to farm this weapon, or time used to farm this gold) to get your weapon that makes mine look like garbage.
  4. This does seem kind of off- disabling abiltiies is not really a great way to balance the class for assualt- I thought that barbarian was specifically built for missions like that, personally. Also something I noticed is you can run traps out of charges (they only have a few) but you can't drain the auras no matter how long you're in them. I think the part I find most amusing is Call to Arms - which buffs everything - can still be used while turtle stance which lowers your dmg/speed but increases survivability has been removed. They seem to just have no clue about balance in their game. Just their image of what they perceive things to be then knee jerk reactions in hopes of hitting what they want... I miss playing pin the tail on the donkey as well :(. I also miss them being on vacation. No patches for this game was the most fun I've had with it easily.
  5. He was no good for assault before (in my experience) so removing turtle stance in assault changes absolutely nothing. Huh? I could solo all the NM assaults with my Barb prior to the turtle stance nerf no problem with ~1200 hero hp and 2100 hero dmg and 300-500 in the stances -- the only time I'd lose is if I screwed up and got webbed in a bad spot. The turtle stance nerf changes everything. Not sure what you were doing with your Barb.
  6. Well my download finished. I guess the game deleted a file.. again. I went on and didn't see assault pack or folder support anywhere. Trendy, why you gotta troll me. :'( And then why you gotta troll all of us?!?! :( It's okay, I forgive you and still love you despite not knowing you aside from getting my hopes up and crushing them the past 15 minutes.
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