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  1. ya i could help and give u a free event weapon for u to start msg Ambusher21 or invite
  2. Ya like im cool with NEW people not like old hosts like us and u guys but like people that have want to that well put in the time be all they can be. i did that in capts events i just hope some1 will step up put aside differents and be a better host then i am now i loved hosting and meeting new people it was fun still is i ant trying to change anyones minds about sum of capts events hosts and uprisings and new people like 8 NEW people or just 4 5 6 working with classic. its all up to classic so well see what happens i post this to see if u guys would like to see 1 or 2 maybe 3 of the winter o
  3. I say end all events really no one is grateful for them not just talking about ours ALL of them events are just a little add on of fun thats all. if there was none people would be happy still just cause its a game Call Of Duty never had events and its bigger then this game we dont need events to have fun we have fun playing with friends and meeting new people its fun thats all i got to say u can rage at me for it if u want k its a game Lets HAVE FUN.
  4. Capt is not picking the hosts. He most likely is picking from your group who is moving on. The reason we don't combine is because classic wants a maximum of 8 people working under him. im talking about 2 events like we do events and classic does them.
  5. awesome event :) thanks for all your hard work ladies and gents Your all welcome i just hope we could have done the spring games too but idk if thats gotta happen
  6. He posted this because not all winter Olympic hosts are coming back. He posted this to try to get classic to change his mind. capt is picking the hosts i hear and why cant there be spring Olympics and classics Olympics combine them a lot of people love the winter Olympics. We have been trying to get more event weapons trying to get everybody in thats why we should combine with classic and well get the whole PS3 DD gamers in it.
  7. Ya this ant a RAGE thread This is A rated E+ game and form ok.
  8. Please vote and give us your feed back..
  9. sweet man hope we get those i would like to see the elf after the patch cause its broke
  10. that blows cant wait Dont forget to Vote which weapon u want next in the event this weekend guys.
  11. buy plus or loss everything its worth $17.99 for 3 months or a head a madness. id go with plus
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