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  1. I disagree, it was all about strategy. You needed to strategise tower placements to control the lanes to survive the first wavering finish your build off in the consecutive waves. You describe it adding tension to your gameplay experience, that’s exactly how it should be. DD2 lacked a ton of strategy and was quite boring with building as close to the lanes as possible on every map. In DD1 you had to figure out choke points to control the mobs. I can agree they can be included as an optional option, but players who chose to use it should be rewarded with better loot. Just like hardcore mode in DD1. I understand your disability, but this is a team focused game. The community is pretty decent with helping anyone out, so if you were struggling with build timers you can always team up with others to help you out. My point is the game needs to be challengeing to give the game some longevity. DDE and DD2 failed in that aspect and gave you more annoyance than challenge with stupid shit like Onslaught which was a major snooze fest. That was more tedious than fun.
  2. Nightmare and Massacre difficulty are supposed to be challenging. Infinite build time in DD2 has made you guys soft. These difficulties are supposed to be keep you on edge and not be a blissful experience where you can take 100 years to place that one tower just right to your liking with no penalties. It worked well in DD1 and I would love to see it return in DDA.
  3. The build timer should be exclusive to Nightmare and Massacre difficulty. I personally loved having that added pressure of getting a build down or parts of my build down to see if it can with stand the first wave of oncoming units. I really enjoyed the do or die situation. It just added another layer of strategy with how you decided your placement of towers would be the most effective.
  4. Is hardcore mode returning? Is DD1 survival returning? Is Aquanos and Sharken returning?
  5. Sweet. You guys had it in the bag with DD1’s replaybility and a challenging but fair end game. So if you are to prioritise one thing from DD1 this would be it. Time to bring back the magic that’s been missing all these years. Bring me Sharken, djinn, spiders and copters or what ever else. Don’t gate me into specific towers for hard counters. Let me choose my modifiers, hardcore mode, mix mode, etc. Reward me for my effort and throw away such badly thought out ideas like Onslaught mode. Survival mode from DD1 was the original and still the best. Why? 1 wave means 1 wave, not 3 rounds of one wave which doesn’t change my progress. My point is make the game fun and not feel like a chore and you will be on a clear winner. Best of luck.
  6. That’s what I don’t want. DD2’s chaos levels were meaningless you could skip right past a few with the right set up. They didn’t scale dramatically and having enemies specific to one chaos tier called for hard counters and that’s was just zzzzzz. Also it’s funny how people think DD2 was in anyway challenging or an end game mode. Your end game Onslaught mode was tedious and ancient power were horribly implemented mechanics. You wanted a challenge go try out Karathiki, city in the cliffs, talay mines, palantir, winter wonderland, crystaline dimension etc. The list goes on and on. The build timer is a must, because it creates tension. Hardcore mode was the cream on top. You removed both from DD2, don’t make that mistake with DDA. Stage specific enemies were the way first they introduced a new enemy type and that’s exactly how it should be done. I hope to see Sharken, Djinn return a lot more threatening. If I want a more casual defense game I will play DD2. I want DD1’s Nightmare mode difficulty amped up. Not with cheesey gimmicks, but with real thought and strategy that has to go into your builds. Where we don’t have a set meta and actuallygibe the player a variety of choices. DD1 did it right. You have all mobs come at you and they all wanted to kill you and your crystal ASAP. You want to build your defenses as close to the spawn lanes then try that and prepared to be steam rolled, because not only did enemies have a ton of health, but they had incredible speed where you couldn’t stun lock them at the spawn. Also Ogre trains need to come back. In DD2 what did you get 3-4 Ogres? In DD1 you had 10-15 ogres with 250 million health in places like palantir survival and they destroyed you if you weren’t vigilant with your defenses. My point is Massacre difficulty needs to cater to the hardcore players that want that a challenge and the rewards that go with it. I hope Chromatic games learn from DD2’s mistake and don’t cater to everyone for what is supposed to the be all end all difficulty. Now that may sound elitist, but you need something for your hardcore audience to keep them interested, It should be a struggle getting there like how insane mode was compared to Nightmare. I died a ton and very slowly got the gear to progress, To this day me and my friend joke about killing how long it took to kill one spider in endless spires nightmare mode. I miss that. It forced you to adapt and learn the map well. Then once I finally progressed the feeling was unbelievable. I went through your chaos modes in a couple of days and was left with anything but accomplishment.
  7. I just saw the new kick starter goal. This intrigued me the most. I have long awaited you guys going back to what made DD1 so great. One end game difficulty mode and not 7 meaningless ones. I have high hopes for this. Dare I ask to see modifiers to increase it even further. I miss DD1’s hardcore mode, one death and you were out that whole wave. It was perfect, mix mode however needed some work, I didn’t feel the difference with that one. Playing DD1 on Nightmare survival, hardcore and mix mode was a thing of beauty. Please no Onslaught crap. That was boring more than rewarding.
  8. You nailed it. I remember first starting out inching my way towards better gear with friends, through natural progression and will power we got there. Then if I hit a wall I was forced to learn strategy. Until Nightmare, when it was a success to last till wave 2 and grab what ever gear dropped like your life depended on it. Slowly I built my army of defenders and that was so much fun. DD2’s strategy is build as close to lane entrance and win. Where’s the fun and and feeling of accomplishment of that? DD2 gave out legendary drops like candy. So did DDE and look how that turned out. DD2’s onslaught was horrible. Lengthy and boring. DD1’s survival and some may argue DDE’s 1 hour survival were far superior. Don’t have much time to farm some top range gear, kill an hour and you may get it. Have to break and turn the game off? That’s ok DD1 has you covered with letting you start at the wave you previously conquered. want an added challenge, let’s add hardcore mode and mix mode. I felt hardcore mode was fair in DD1, you die in that wave you respawn in the next as long as you know how to build worth a damn. DD1 gave me a purpose to farm stage specific rewards and maps that didn’t hold your hand. Diamonds were so much fun, sea horses, pet cats to name a few. I think how well DDA will turn out is all dependent on how close they follow the original successes. You keep what worked and don’t fix what was never broken.
  9. I actually want more of that yeah. Also a unified nightmare mode again and the return of DD1 hardcore mode and survival. I hope this game isn’t f2p and eventually comes on ps4.
  10. I'm skeptical on these changes and how they are actually implemented in game. I want to see what's being done about Ancient Power and if they are changing Onslaught to be less tedious. It would also be nice to see a new hero or enemy. To shake things up.
  11. If onslaught was 1 floor and your AP was worth more than 1% and didn't cap at 5%. It may have been worth doing and even at 1 floor the grind would still be there. However you will feel like you actually progressed. Like others I stopped playing because no one wants to see there progress gone for minimal rewards. Also I tried something different by helping friends climb in Onslaught and they got the occasional disconnect error. Which just wasted our time. The 3 floors with out a save kills it for me. When you lose from no error of your own and it's on Trendy's side with no way of recovering your lost progress, Well that's just poor game design. On a side note I keep looking at this black magic staff for my Adept and am like I just don't want to lose you... you sexy thing.
  12. Hello it's me again your friendly lovable defender. I have been with this game since the beginning of the train wreck moba and even the promising limited, but fun beta. How many years have I said this crap? All Trendy had to do was build on what made DD1 so successful and this would of been something real special. Instead they went the f2p route and well lost the spirit of what the original was about. The thing is this game is a shell of what it really could have been. All freedom has been removed from the players in modes that count. Why? I don't have a clue, only Trendy can answer that one. Trading may come in, but what exactly am I trading that makes me give a ***? Player shops were amazing for socially interacting with the community and making new friends. Instead we have the town area where you are spammed with invites to join people, who you have never met before. People say the last update was geared at the hardcore players? Onslaught was so close to being something fun and addictive, but the floor system is tedious and boring. AP rewards is a slap in the face to any serious player left. Let's see here I reset my whole gear for that juicy 1% power which if it had more than ya know 5% cap may and I say this carefully may give some incentive to waste your time in. You want real end game? Again take a page from DD1. Survival mode was so much better, it wasn't as time intensive and hell even DDE did it better than DD2. The 1 hour system to try your luck at the best gear and ever scaling enemies wasn't terrible in the least and gives that sweet spot to people who want to see progression. Now can we talk about the armor system? I'm not seeing a difference between Legendary and worn gear drop rate. So something which is supposed to be so rare is dropping like oranges squeezed freshly from [[58175,users]] youtube icon. Pets uhm what exactly happened to them? Moving on. Now I'm going to touch on my biggest Pet peeve. Nightmare mode.... Why in the hell did you cut the balls off it? Where the hell is hardcore mode? You guys have said that you won't implement it in because of server stability and that to that I call BS. It's funny how in it's infancy playverse servers were hosting DDE and what do you know? Hardcore mode was included and even with the occasional lag spikes to your death people were appreciative of it. Where are my Sharken and Djinn? Something unique and would punish you. Some people still have ptsd from there walls being moved to this day. What's the worst this game can anger you? That damn cybork and his hammer of justice disabled my trap/auras for all of 5 seconds. Instead the most original thing you can come up with is another variety of a flying Kobold for what's supposed to the the hardest difficulty. Which boggles the mind since you have a werewolf creature which we all know is still in the game, but won't be released because and I quote you can't think of an interesting gameplay mechanic for it. Now we touch on the biggest flaw of the end game. Chaos tiers. You were set in your way to make a clone of Diablo 3's torment system and how did that work out for you? An incremental difficulty system which added one new enemy and very little to the gameplay. Now let's touch on the mob itself. What the hell happened to there movement speed? They move like slugs. You can build as close as you want to the spawn because they are too slow to make any progress to your crystal. If you tried that in DD1 you would get clobbered, because the enemy didn't care it would speed up right to your crystal and that would be good game, git gud. What a spit into the face to the legacy which is Nightmare mode. Eh it's so frustrating pointing out what should have been obvious from the beginning. Damn you [[52650,users]] for making this thread and making me go on a rant again. It's fine to try new things, but when you stray away from the formula which was successful in generating a fan base and a profitable income. Well that's just stupid. Again this was purely to repeat everything I have said in the years of production of DD2 and how it evolved into what we have now. It will be ignored now as it was ignored then. Trendy have there road map after all which they are sticking to blindly and foolishly. All we can do is hope that some of the changes they plan for the game reminisce something of the fun of the original. I mean I will always appreciate you guys for the Magic which is DD1, but get a clue why your numbers are dropping and unfortunately constructive criticsm even when it's mostly negative just has to be said. Maybe, just maybe it will be enough to turn this game into something we always believed it could be.
  13. I'm going to give you my opinion on the whole Onslaught debate. Onslaught itself is fine, the variety of enemies, locations and different mutators is fun to beat. However the way it's executed simply isn't. Case and point. I was helping my friend climb higher floors in Onslaught and he gets kicked out of the game on the lost temple map. Now that would be fine and all if ya know he was allowed to join back. So seriously if you are not going to allow a save feature then implement the ability to join a person on any of the 3 floors as long as they have unlocked it. I simply quit out after that. That was 40 minutes to an hour wasted. Look I get you guys are lacking in content and always developing more and Onslaught is supposed to pad out the game. However what you really are doing is annoying the player, rather than rewarding them for putting in the extra time. 3 maps per floor isn't challenging, it's just tedious. The biggest issue I have read and experienced is Ancient Power itself. Those first few resets hurt that's for sure. So maybe start thinking of ways to give a better return for people's efforts.
  14. Yup, on paper it sounds terrible and Trendy have no clue what an end game is if you need to repeat grinding over and over through the chaos levels. Which wasn't Challenging or fun the first time around due to picking up blue items and working out if the item is better or not to progress. Because you know the ipwr is invisible now and stays that way for some unknown reason. The biggest issue I have is that your shards reset, that's a lot of gold lost with no real way to supplement the loss besides you guessed it more grinding. Not to mention the ascension reset. Ancient power has to be god like to compensate for this, This Onslaught sounds like it's more padding then anything challenging and fun in the long run tbh. You are just reusing the same assets of the boring ass chaos level grind. I will give it a fair shot and try it out eventually, but I'm really in no rush to do so.
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