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  1. Exactly. The game will never surpass DD1 with out him. Saying that the summoner is hard to balance is BS and shows how incompetent this company is. Let’s see you reimagined him in DDE and he worked out fine. Besides his archers having machine gun projectile speed and sharing DU he was fine. Him and Demoness were so fun to play as your current heroes are zzzzz. Hopefully you come to your senses or actually employ capable people to turn this massive misdirection around. Yes let’s omit fun from Dungeon Defenders in this new remake, brilliant!
  2. The question I want to know who ever is in charge of character design and balance, is why is it so hard to add the Summoner again? Who mind you is the most requested idea in your official roadmap. Yet he is ignored.
  3. Welcome to the community, long time player here and I have been playing since the original DD1, not this game though it doesn’t have the magic of DD1. Now that is out of the way, what the hell is Chromatic even doing? You prioritise updates which you think are best for the game, but really aren’t. Nothing of what is coming has me interested in returning to the game as of yet. No new characters, maps or gameplay additions. Why the hell would I play rift mode when it’s more of the same content? I understand you need to stick to a timeline to get this game in ship shape for consoles a
  4. I’m a simple man. No Summoner or rumoured Dryad I don’t play. Either one of those will gain my interest in the game again.
  5. Sounds deserving to me. I have seen this update and the planned part 2 and it makes me sleepy. Wake me up when they add something of hype like the Summoner and possibly Dryad after reading their roadmap. Moon glow and scary moon glow sounds like the Dryad to me. I’m not touching the game until then.
  6. https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com Ev’s confirmed to be the first new hero just like the original and if that’s the case my main man Summoner should be next. As for Moon? Hopefully it’s the return of the moon base which was an awesome map.
  7. That’s good to hear. I have been eagerly awaiting the proposed roadmap of what is coming with the game. Hopefully survival massacre will be out then to tide us over.
  8. Yeah honestly I’m not a fan of the tower nerf, because we are now relying on non physical towers a bit too much. I do like the dps involvement though and not being able to afk end game content thanks to enemies.
  9. Yeah I have beat it and Glitterhelm. Summit is the only map which turns up the difficulty to a good level, the rest of massacre is quite easy. So here’s hoping more enemy threat come our way.
  10. No! The more enemy variety the better. It’s how metas change and players have to come up with new strategies to adapt. I did ask what the reason was having the Harbinger being the only nightmare enemy to not appear in the game on their official dev juice stream and they said they would look into it. So hopefully that will be rectified and he will be included in his rightful place at destroying you and your defenses. It’s supposed to be a Massacre, it has yet to live up to the name.
  11. Well that’s understandable if they don’t want to screw this up and disappointing. Oh well thanks for the heads up.
  12. Oh they officially added him in DD1? Yet he’s not in this game. Well that’s disappointing, so here’s hoping this guy comes sometime soon in future content.
  13. You may as well wait a few more days until they add the tool tip to transfer your game from legacy to play. I myself am waiting for that until I seriously play the game again. Hopefully we have an ETA on it soon.
  14. DDA in its current state is a little underwhelming, especially with the current bugs atm and the horrendous controller support. However with more content and more polish this game can be something pretty special.
  15. If you never played DDE you wouldn’t know of this enemy. He was named the Harbinger and he had his debut on the Embermount map. You can read more about him here https://dungeondefenders.fandom.com/wiki/Harbinger_(Creature)
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