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  1. Watch me swing my hammer of you don't believe me :p jk I'm going to make this very simple. Without online saves, this "dupe detector" won't work. I see no plans to move the save files to the cloud by TE.NOT THE HAMMER! haha,but if it was a plausable to do,dont you agree that this would be a well liked and appreciated feature?
  2. That is hilarious.I can assure you,the forum rules and classic22 are no joke.
  3. If they made it mandatory to learn about the dupe detector when this so called "dupe detector" is patched into the game. Because otherwise people wouldn't know what/where it is.But yes,if they were to create the Dupe Detector they should make it manditory for people to know about it. Or put it as a message in the loading screen at least.
  4. If they made it mandatory to learn about the dupe detector when this so called "dupe detector" is patched into the game. Because otherwise people wouldn't know what/where it is.No one is saying that its going into the patch. This is just a discussion of how people would feel about it. THE DUPE DETECTOR IS NOT A REAL THING! ITS JUST AN IDEA!
  5. how about the patch? It has been more than one month waiting after they "submitted" the patch. I don't normally see microsoft delay anything that long in any game i've ever played.Theres a first time for everything my friend.
  6. Ah,I see. You can close it yourself by editing the main post and saying "closed/". It wont close like is a moderator but it'll get people to stop looking at it and posting stuff.
  7. Even if they did not approve of it does that mean ps3 is NOT allowed to put it out.. I know it would not fair but does one console HAVE to wait for the other? Is that in there contract?Wouldnt you be mad if the tables were turnned and Xbox released the DLC before we did? I hear what your saying,I really want it to. Just try and see it from their pov.
  8. somebody close this!!!Why does it need to be closed?
  9. true you win this debateCapt always wins....lol But thats just one more week for suspence to build up!
  10. True, 2 is just what happend on a grand scale with the weapon being traded multiple times, but an innocent soul still gets banned. 1 just helps the argument that not everybody would use the detector, for they don't know it's even there in the first place. I would personally like to see one of these though (I wish I could change my vote) in the long run people who know how to use it could infact help others. Edit: Death you didn't get my edit in there, but I had thought about 1.If someone dosent use the detector,it would be their own fault for recieving a dupped event weapon. If they
  11. Yeah,I noticed right when I clicked "submit link",it is a fail indeed...
  12. The one thing I see wrong with this is say person A (say hi to person a) trades for a dupped T-26 from person C, but he doesnt know it. Then here comes person B (wave hi to person b) who says I want that T-26! So, person B trades A for the T-26 now when person B joins a game with person C his T-26 dissappeares, so he goes on the forums and reports person A for dupping. Even though A had no idea it was dupped he gets banned. A dupe detector would just speed up the process allowing one person (B) to see it was dupped faster. All in all it wouldnt really make a difference, and people who ar
  13. It'd be another witch hunt, and we don't need anymore of those. :^) But thats what it is right now. Just a bunch of he said,she said,they said BS. Putting a Dupe Detector in would protect thoes who are un-aware of the dupped item s their name dosent get slandered for being accused of dupping. But,although it wouldnt stop duping and the dupers would still remain annomous but it would protect others from un-knowingly recieving a dupped item. How do you double quote people in one post? This multi-posting is getting annoying just so I can reply to mutiple people.
  14. Personally I like the fact that no one innocent gets punished but the problem causing dupped event weapons are erased-at first this would be a bad thing because thoes who tradded legit weapons for dupes would lose the item they tradded for but it would forever solve the problem and stop people from getting ripped off in the future. Short term-it'll suck but it'll be for the best in a long-term view.
  15. I've had a cordial conversation with Deathdealer once or twice and, I believe he's neither spurious nor false. Duplicating items before was not hyped till' now. I'm sure he would've not traded you if he knew in someway that the items he traded you were duplicates.Haha,very well said vincentmc. You are correct in saying that if I had know they were dupes I would have not traded them but sadly would have sold them for mana.
  16. I dont understand why we cant make a list of people that dupe items. Its just for our own protection anyways. But thats calling out people and thats bad because when they scam you its not bad at all but calling out someone is. I just dont see why.Its not always the case that when a person trades a dupped item they know about it. So there would be no way of knowing whos a duper abd who got traded a dupped weapon without knowing it. So it wouldnt work.
  17. No because they have a patch size limitation.. and i would rather them do other stuff like have the afk trade system then a dupe detector..Ok,if there was room in the patch for the detector AND the afk trade system ( no idea what that is ) whould you want it to be done?
  18. I am a strong believer in that: When presented with an idea,dont believe everything you hear. Do your own research,know the facts and create your own idea out of thoes facts. And most of all,be prepared to defend yourself againts thoes who dissagree.Dont believe everything you hear,just because its been said (publicy or not) dosent mean you should believe it.
  19. Welcome to online gaming. So so true^^^ Well the game is rated E10+-for Everyone. Did you expect anything less,I know I was. I was hoping to run int the most intresting man in the world-stay thirsty my friends....
  20. I fixed that for him already :-PThanks for the fix,I must have missed it while proof reading.
  21. I would rather them add more dlc then wast a patch on a dupe detector :PWhat if they put the Dupe Detector in the patch? I bet you'd like it then. <:^)
  22. With mana....that might be a good place to start.... Lol,you see what I did there?^^^ But yeah,all into base is the best way to go.
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