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  1. You know the issue of dupping is getting bad when every post you see about tradding and what not almost always includes asking for no dupes or non-dupe offers. Its getting pretty rediclious out there! The worst part is,theres no way to stop it,it'll just keep growing and getting worse like a virius spreading around the community. Any one have a cure?
  2. I got a soul focurser from something once, that was that fake one that i traded you for iPad 3What? You traded a soul focuser for an Ipad3?
  3. Mind explaining? They just don't show the correct numbers?Yes,plaease do. This is the first time Ive heard of bugged dummies.
  4. You know what will be better than a dupe detector? Just wipe all the event items. Yes, event items are a way for TE to give back to the community, but so far it is doing more harm than good. Handling event items now is like an odd abomination of the intended compensation. Before TE began to hand out event items, you use to see different variation of shops host by players, the community was growing positively with varies interactions by players who have unique items to trade with. Now when you open the trading post, 90% of the trades will involve event items, in which new players will have
  5. Monday - Friday is school + Part time work + homework/assignments/reading/studies is not good in my case Saturdays I usually work all day Sundays are my rest days. Although all this is wishful thinking, weekend events are great b/c usually most people are free on Saturday/Sundays :)So what your saying is your not going to be participating in the events? Theres got to be time in there some where?
  6. Its ony for DD,and its not my router or my nat type.
  7. So every now and again we'll have a pretty bad stom here so I'll unplug my ps3. But when I plug it in the next day,I sign in just fine,friends/messages load up like normal so I start up DD. Game starts up fine but I can host matches but no one can join. And when someone invites me or I do a quick match it wontlet me join. Also,when I hit quick match it'll pop up and say "No rooms avaiable,Whould you like to create one" I click yes but it wont let me create it. I can host a public match if I search and press square to host. But when I select private match it wont let me host that either. S
  8. Never had that problem with turbo controller,then again I never use it anymore >.>
  9. Hey Capt,I think we should pick the _______ or mabey the __________ but I really like the _________________________________________________________________________________.
  10. Sure it would be. Problem is people view this thread and then expect it, even though no one from TE has said its coming.Ive been shure to make it clear that- Trendy IS NOT PUTTING THIS INTO THE PATCH,AND THIS WAS NEVER AN IDEA OF THEIRS,THIS IS A RANDOM IDEA I HAD AND THIS IS JUST A THREAD DISCUSSING IT! -just making shre everyone is clear
  11. I didnt get it at first,then I clicked on the link^^^^^ I kick anyone with the letter x in their psn username.Haha,really?
  12. Do not neglect Tower Attack Speed. Tower Area is only used for Harpoons and technically Bowling Balls, but they don't need it. You'll want your Tower Damage as high as you can, with about 70%-80% of that for Tower Health. Attack Speed should be around 50% of your damage. Damage and Health are the primary factors on a Squire. Attack Speed is the next important stat, followed by Area by a long shot.Attack speed is important for harpoons,bowling balls and bouncers. But unfortunatley it has no affect on the slice and dice. But it is important...to a certian extent,dont drop to many upgrades i
  13. !!!:D i love you!!!Coming on a little stong there arent we? lol Im not understaning this whole "the group votes" are you saying that when the 3 people join the event they decide if they want to play ot mvp or not? And if thats true,the group wouldnt want to do it mvp because they all would want the event weapon would they not?
  14. There is a massive problem with this thread, it requires online saves to implement. Because if not everyone is online at the same time how could the game check for duplicate items?OK Classis,dont think logically for a minute and imagine a world where realistic things didnt exist and we could do what ever we want(while ridding unicorns),would you not agree that this would be a decent feature for the game?
  15. ^^^this. i was just going to offer the same thing :p Haha,mabey after I set up for him,you can set up for him lol. That way he gets 8 giraffes and 8 kiris.
  16. I'm a beast my set up for giraffe is kewl i will help but it will cost u one good giraffe ^^^no^^^ haha,shoot me a msg on psn,Ill do the set up for you and leave the room. You can add in 4 controllers for kiris and giraffes as long as you have an apprentice guardian(s) to kill ogeres.
  17. This is the first Ive heard of this problem...does it happen with both the controllers or just one of them?
  18. More health in the squire towers. At leats 160 twr health and 200 max,the rest into damage. Look at my squire stats in my signature>>>>
  19. OK,we'll farm misty when I get back on. Im not setting up this time though. lol
  20. I'll farm with you next time Im on like we were before. I havent gotten 1 in my tavern shop that whole time we farmmed for it,not even a crappy one. I think you have to be a huntress for the whole game like you were and you got a bunch..none were good though....
  21. If this is possible, they should have a red box around the item that is duped (similar to the boxes around matching armor sets except red). That way their will not be as many complaints about duping and people could be aware of it. I know this probably isn't possible but hey, just throwin ideas out there.That could be an alternative to the item dissapearing but I think it would be better if the item would just go away completely. It would solve the problem of dupes completely.
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