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  1. Nope. I don't like PS3 controllers.


    Well you can get a controller from Wal-Mart(Your prefered store for a zombie apocalypse) or Game Stop thats shaped like an Xbox controller. -Problem Solved

    My next question:
    Whos your favorite avenger?
  2. Ive been looking at youtube videos and what-not online to prepare. I already have a build down,I just need some people to run it with. Im pretty shure I already have a team together so as soon as it hits the shelves,its straight to insane with me. I'll worry about hard later...
  3. Maybe you accidentally equiped a different weapon mid wave.

    I do it all the time, wish they would change it so you can't do that, nothing worse than failing on a boss wave because you aren't using the same gear you started with.
    Wait,so gear changes itself on Xbox? With out you going into you item box or anything? Intresting...
  4. I dont see the problem here. If your picking up 500 mana tokens,chances are theres plenty of mana around to keep you going. But the man makes a good point,wasting a 500 token when a 10 mana token would have filled you up it unfortunate.
  5. What I hate is all the freezing,and the over powered weapons,and levels taking to long to complete....

    Haha,Im just kidding,but the man has a point. Th whole reason Im leveling my heroes it to use that cool new 100^er I just got. Every game has its flaws,its just DD has a few fore than were use to. But we also have a commited TE team to fix all these issues. But errors or not,Im still going to play and enjoy the game. And the excessive ammounts of complaints is unesscary. Trendy is fully aware of the freezing and is working hard to solve it! So keep your heads held high defenders,the clavary is on its way!
  6. It's only gonna happen in the 4th lost shard part I'll probably come back one day
    Well when you do,we'll be glad to have ya. I'll personally poower level you and pimp out all your heroes to make up for the lost time! ^_^
  7. haha,my friend. Thats usually what happens when the events are over,hosts are not online. But if you can get a group of (two) squires toghether to run the event with you I will be more than happy to host for you later tonight.
  8. DeathDealer are you really qualified to join my event ;)
    I dont see why not,just because Im a host doesnt mean I can make gunslingers randomly appear. Thats like me asking you "Are you qualified to join MY event?" We give you an equal oppritunity to get a weapon from our events,why do we deserve any less from you guys?
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