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  1. I have voted blitskrieg for simple reason team fortress two medic woohoo im going to guess its a pure startergy
  2. Name: (apprentice) The Engineers Wrench Description: Fix it before its broke, problem solved Model: Defense reconstructor/alternative energy core Colour: Metalic grey, if not possible just grey Stats: 500 base damage/500 electric damage/10 knockback/10 charge speed/333 projectile speed 3 hero health/3 hero speed/3 hero damage/40 hero casting rate 10 over charge/5 manabomb/3 tower health/3 tower rate of fire Outlook: i dont consider this to be op because the damage is still quite low and hero casting rate is 40 and the defense reconstuctor can get up to 40 hero casting rat
  3. Name: (Huntress) Havnt thought of one yet Model: Disc thrower, Either all white or a gold colour Description: Two's company three's a crowd Stats: Base damage around 1800, no elemental damage, +1 projectile, +333 projectile speed, 6 sps, +10 reload 4 Hero health,4 Hero speed,4 Hero damage,4 hero casting rate 5 invisibility,5 piercing shot,2 tower health,2 tower rate of fire Outlook: The reason for 1 additional projectileis so it shoots out 3 instead of one and it would most like be straight down the middle sorting the weapons range out, as for the damage im unsure as of the
  4. what stats do you upgrade on a portal gun the damage or ammo ?
  5. I plugged my plan 'n' charge kit into the laptop to play but it doesnt connect is there anything im doing wrong or cant you use one of these if not where can i buy and what can i buy to use a xbox controller ?
  6. i already told you my weapon idea warped well for a huntress the disc thrower one :)
  7. One of his jokes is did you ever say one thing but ment your m0ther, This could be something to do with the huntress m0ther as all the others or dads just something to think about
  8. thats what i mean nuerel like the 1st ability tower boost and it takes ages to heal towers anyway
  9. well i had mine in the 200's and it was only adding a extra 600 damage to harpoons and around 200 to slice and dices
  10. I got messaged back the next day from lost hereos sent them a message on thursday got a reply friday messaged again on the friday because they asked for my gamertag in there reply and i have yet to receive another message, how long does it take or is there just no hope at all for me to get my event weapons back ?
  11. oh cool by exceptionally well do you mean MVP or just what someone does in a game :)
  12. Puff daddy was a awesome name and yeah awakening it was that giraffe thanks haha
  13. So how many people ended up getting the white soul focuser ?
  14. Omg this is a real challenge. Those tiny mage towers... I didnt past the first three obstacle, too lol. But thanks for the invite and another awesome event, I`ll try to rebuild this with my friends. The neuralizer is cool. Look into the light please. But that epic weapon warped was holding...congrats, whoever will win this white beauty is a rich man. Indeed
  15. 1 ranged damage/774 additional base damage/+10 projectiles/+120 charge speed/ +20000 projectile speed/+10 knockback 10 hero health/10 hero speed/10 hero damage/10 hero casting rate 10 first ability/10 second ability/10 tower health/10 tower rate of fire I suggest trying your very hardest not to fall for the event weapon special :) ????, krayt color I think it was 1328 damage/10 sps/+5000 projectile speed and 10 reload thats all i can remember
  16. Thanks dredd and warped :) i haven't tried the weapon out yet and i didnt get past the first three towers haha but anyway im not going to say what weapon it is but its definitely the best weapon ive seen other then the soda :)
  17. Its name is mum but the one what rhymes with other it just wont let me right it :)
  18. My obedience training accomplishment wasn't working, but since my file corruption i was given a 39 up giraffe i upgraded it and got the accomplishment, My chicken stats are: 43/44 3502 base damage/6sps/6 knock-back 8 Hero health/12 Hero speed/9 Hero damage/10 Hero casting ate 10 1st ability/11 2nd ability /11 Tower health /10 Tower rate of fire Starting stats were: 1/44 370 base damage/4sps/6 knock-back 8 Hero health/12 Hero speed/9 Hero damage/10 Hero casting ate 10 1st ability/11 2nd ability /11 Tower health /10 Tower rate of fire I haven't upgraded the la
  19. any advice on what class to use for this ? also i hope im one of the first to get in need to be somewhere quite early today :/ ill be eagerly awaiting 2 oclock my time 9oclock yours :)
  20. ?Just wondering whos the weapon or weapons going to be for on friday by weapons i mean the special one :)
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