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  1. @pardon me don't spam my thread with your jealousy and stupidity. you are contributing nothing to this.
  2. http://ddplanner.com/?l=8358,city-on-cliffs-mixed-solo-3afk-only-sum-v2 i use this. worked well in mixed with solo+3afk to wave 23. then a gold wyvern ****ed south. thats why there is a harpoon for that now. with 3 active players its gonna be easy
  3. i thought i just was unlucky since the loot i got was **** too. but nice to hear it works well=)
  4. i just did a karatiki mixed run with a friend (2+2afk, only sum), since i hoped for best loot there (more mobz/higher chance). we died wave 28 but until that i got about 5 pages of trans armor. BUT: there were maybe 2 or 3 useful pieces and im not talking about awesome. there was no ***n tower armor. most mythe were better. i dont understand why an item with all towerstats 150-250 and 150+ ups doesnt get a trans or supreme tag. but the stupid **** with all stats 100 and 3 negatives and 108 ups becomes a trans. i think that is the problem. if the good items got a trans or sup tag. they woul
  5. i have only played it once and started wave 18 since its a lot to upgrade solo. not sure if u can start wave 28. im excited to hear if its possible.
  6. If no single class should be able to solo Nightmare, tell me why almost every used tower on most maps on Nightmare is a Harpoon Or Ball Turret? If you put the same equips on an Apprentice And the same equips on a Squire, who would get further in Nightmare Survival? (without the use of external class towers) I might go run some tests with lightning tower, but right now most people can agree Apps are left in the dust. that depends on ur stats xD for higher geared people the difference between harpoon and fireball isnt there. u just decide if u want splash or pierce.
  7. moraggo: http://ddplanner.com/?l=8185,moraggo-mixed-solo-3-afk-summoner-only-possible-v2
  8. Here's the layout. http://ddplanner.com/?l=8185,moraggo-mixed-solo-3-afk-summoner-only-possible-v2 This is my Moraggo mixed summoner only full team layout. I tested it with 3 afk. Its not even very stressful. Obviously my stats are high but you can compensate lacking towerstats with additional active players. Taking monks or other dps chars will make it ridiculously easy. Green dots: That choke can only hold 2-3 ogres. The fourth or maybe the third will take this way. Watch that. (had this only 1 time) Blue dot: Place minions watching in blue dot direction to kill djinns faster. Min
  9. yes. droprates suck. i did aqua mixed solo+3afk all summoners. the reward: about 25 trans+1 supreme. the only usable item is the supreme, since it can max tower dmg. all 25 trans cant max tower dmg or hero dmg. its just ridicolous. after that i did moraggo the same way. the outcome: nearly the same and all absolutely all trans armors are ****. not a single piece is usable. not 1 !!! they either have to increase droprate or just give it some kind of minimal stats
  10. the thing is. until u cut his tentacles off, the kraken is elemental immune. that means ur seahorse only comes to work when tentacles are dead. before u have to cut them with pure hero dps.
  11. i think the difference is nearly 10 waves in gear quality. at least 5 waves. example: misty 3 summoners mixed wave 20 - 1 trans armor; aqua same - 5 trans armors
  12. happened to me and a friend too. BUT no lag in tavern and only 2 people. btw i got the mana. strange ****
  13. yea but often its so tricky that u die while trying to be tricky lol. i vote again for this thread!
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