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  1. I am quite sure that you have not done enough homework to make these kinds of accusations. But I will try to answer or shed light on whatever I can. 1. The game is in Pre-alpha right now and it isn't quite summer yet. 2. The game will be free to play- so no launch price will need to be determined 3. We councilors definitely did not get our keys through sheer luck. We EARNED our spots 4. The councilors are all fans just like you. Some of us, myself included, are indeed die hard fans, but even so we aren't in a different demographic then you are. 5. Yes, the game is indeed polished, but whose to say but Trendy if it is up to the standards that they set for themselves. 6. The game is still ridden with bugs, you only see the major or hilarious ones through the development blogs. 7. I do not believe Lord Josh has mentioned at any point what the final release date of the game will be, as I highly doubt he even knows what that will be. 8. When has Team Trendy ever let you down by telling you something was going to happen, but then it didn't? I have been a part of this community for awhile and I have never seen anything that has made do anything but put my application into Trendy because of how Lord Josh and Lady Laura have/had (respectfully so) run this community and the PR part of Trendy, I would join them in that fight any day. I hope that helps a little bit, if not feel free to reply with any further comments. I Can answer #8. I know most of those here probably don't remember because most of you here probably have always played on PC, but when DD1 first came out, My husband and I didn't have the PC's to run it at the time, so we got it on XBOX live. They hyped it as being Cross Platform. It wasn't. We watched and waited while PC got bug fixes, patches, DLC, Holiday Packs, Alternate Characters etc. Everyone who played on Xbox live got really antsy because it had been months, the rival game "Orcs must die" had already had 2 updates and bug fixes on Xbox and we still hadn't gotten ANY. They kept telling us, it was coming. Then finally after months of being left in the dark and lied to, they finally wrote a blog telling us it would never come. We would get the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC's but that was it. And to my knowledge, to this day we haven't even gotten all of those. We stopped playing. We have the PC's to run it now, but I'm feeling very butt hurt still and not really having much faith...
  2. No HPT! NO! NO NO NO!!! This will not be permitted! He will be angry, we will fuel him. He will huff and puff and rage about and we will encourage the madness. He will insult my posts and I will slyly write more for him to insult. He will break pencils at his desk banging his fists with green face paint hollering HULK SMASH! You will not intervene. This is glorious anger...delusional angst...Stupendous Entitlement! This is what the internet exists for! Protest based on complete and total misconception is our right! How dare Trendy not tell us what they don't know! The insult, the slap in the face! This is an absolute outrage! I swear if Trendy doesn't tell us details about the third DLC to be released for DD2 right now I will rage quit this game before its even out... Sorry Pixel. But seriously...SMILE :squire: It'll only hurt at first. You'll get used to it, I promise. Oh No, I greatly enjoy being mocked and made fun of. All the excuses are still invalid. A update where they said they may not make the spring launch because they're testing somethings out that could change and wasn't set in stone would be a wonderful truthful update and I would enjoy that.
  3. I love those ideas, Satori! In regards to the topic of the thread, there's no new information to share at this time. As soon as I have news to share, I will. :squire: I want to thank everyone for being patient and understanding. I know it's tough to wait for information on something you're excited about. Just know that we're all working hard to make DD2 an incredible experience. You know what...NO. There is ALWAYS Information. It's not like they themselves don't know what stage they are in or if there is a delay. Everyone keeps saying "they are working so hard, they have downsized, they've done this, blah blah blah". I'm not saying the game should be out right now, that I don't acknowledge that these things take time. I'm not saying they aren't working hard to make a great game and that I want them to hurry. All I'm asking for here is for someone to take just half an hour...just a little tiny bit of time, to inform us of something. I went through this with DD1 on the XBOX. I was strung along and lied to for months and I WILL NOT be this time. It's a slap in our face and it's insulting to us. After all we are the ones who are going to be lining Trendy's pockets with cash when the game is released....so to answer the question "What do we give them in return" there you go. It's all about Money after all. Honestly I see already that Trendy learned NOTHING from the DD1 Xbox disaster so I'm not even sure I want to put my support behind this game at all now. So one more time slowly for the amazing people who will still say "These things take time, they are working hard" I KNOW THAT. I want someone from Trendy to decide that we the fans are worth it and tell us something! ANYTHING! Don't lie to me. I know they have information. Tell us "We are on time, and it'll be out June 30th" or tell us "It's not gonna be out until June of 2018" I Don't CARE! I just want to know SOMETHING! This practice of making promises and then when they can't fulfill them, hiding and keeping everyone in the dark is insulting. It doesn't take a HUGE studio to get on the internet and write a short blog, so it really doesn't matter that they've downsized. And another thing that aggravates me. We don't OWE Trendy anything! We don't have to buy anything they create. It's not like they are doing US a favor buy allowing us to make them money. So I would think they would want to show us some respect. I'm done with this though. I'm done with this because the game hasn't even come out yet and I'm already incredibly disappointed in Trendy. AGAIN.
  4. I have to agree with you BUT pixelatedDream has a point. If they are not comfortable with a spring launch then they should update their faq to TBD, season/month or 2014 launch or what year they plan to launch it. That is exactly my point. I was one of the people who played Dungeon Defenders on the Xbox 360. I would have been content with just Dungeon Defenders. I would have been Jealous of all the cool thing PC players got but I would have been okay, IF they had been clean from the beginning and told the Xbox players what they were in for. But it took them months to finally tell us and it made me so angry I didn't buy the DLC and I was mad for a while. I'm over it (for the most part) now, but still very uneasy. I don't mind waiting, so they can make the game the best it can be, but I also DO mind expecting a spring launch and it be the middle of July before they say "oh yeah by the way. We missed the Spring launch because of X and X reason". I want updates. I want to know what's going on RIGHT NOW.
  5. I realize there is a little over a month left in spring...I would figure by now we'd get SOME kind of date. I enjoy the blogs about how they made things. But I'd enjoy some sort of confirmation more. As it stands now I kind of feel like June and July are going to come and go and we still aren't going to see this so called "soft launch" or any kind of release to speak of. Of course this is coming from the company that took months to tell the Xbox 360 users that they would never get the things PC would have.
  6. after reading alot of posts. im glad to see people going to lawsuit a game company cause you gave them 20 dollars and they gave what they romised. they said they would try to get the new charecters. they never promised systems anything. Im 16 and i have to work a job to and i dont get anything for free anymore i have to pay my parents all the time and you guys are crying over 20 dollars. best 20 dollars i spent for a long time. actually wise guy we didn't get what we were promised...or rather misled into thinking we were getting. Some people actually bought the game because they thought it was like the PC just on consoles....
  7. Just to clarify here, I'm not bashing anyone, nor am I trying to belittle anyone. I get the venting, I don't get making threats or being childish. I you can't be mature, don't post. Fact is, you paid for a product you received a product. If your argument is "I want more, it's not fair" you have no case in court. I just rang my buddy who is a lawyer in Aus and he had a good chuckle at this. However he did say the DLC false advertising has a point. My point is, if we all didn't know PC had all this stuff, we wouldn't care about "missing out". I'm just trying to be real here, it's just a game, no one is breaking their leg or having a coffee that hot burn them. I want this community to stick around, as I will be. Actually saying "I just rang my friend who is a lawyer and he had a good chuck at this" is belittling... Saying "I know you american's love your lawsuits" actually offended me as an american. and heck yes he has a good point about false advertising. First they advertised cross platform then....oops no cross platform. Then they hinted and misled us into thinking we would get the same thing PC got "In Time" and now 3 months later they come out with this. It's ridiculous! They knew that sales would tank if we knew it wasn't going to be the same. I for one think he would at least have a small claims case against TE. Not to mention the fact that when the games first came out (not talking about discounts and what not) the games were the same price. We paid more for less. We're still paying more for less. It's BAD BUSINESS....
  8. *try this post again- only less insulting*
  9. what is wrong with you you got your moneys worth, its hard to believe you would be this upset over a game. your like a kid throwing a tantrum, its a game. Actually they have every right to be angry. We were misled and kept in the dark for 3 months. You buy a game because it promises all these features after the 1st month you find out one of those features isn't coming, then after 3 months you find out that the others you were deceived into thinking were coming aren't. My husband and I only bought the Lost Eternia shards part 1, Because we thought we were going to be getting new heroes we could level up, Had we known we wouldn't have. It's just DIRTY.
  10. Thank you for NOT reading the entire announcement - they said we're at least finishing Eternia Shards which is 3 more pieces of content. Not THAT DLC...No one really cares about that DLC it was crap. We wanted want PC had and they made it seem like we were going to get it. the heroes, the holiday things. THOSE.
  11. I am EXTREMELY ANGRY. First of all. [QUOTE]We didnt think it was fair to PC players to update the PC version within the framework of console restrictions, when many of those restrictions did not exist on PC.[/QUOTE] So you thought it was more fair to do that to the console users instead? Actually you did WORSE then that to us, you for MONTHS made it seem like things were coming "DLC is coming". Why?, So you could keep making money? because you knew Nobody would buy the game anymore if they new the truth? So you LIED TO US!? BTW I love how you waited to make this little announcement AFTER Lost Eternia Shards DLC came out. You've know ALL this time. Which means you've STOLEN money from console users. You stole it because you only got it because you deceived people into thinking there would be more. I Just can't believe it. $15 bucks may not be much to some people but it's hard for some people to come by and you trick people into buying a game, promising all these features and then you make us watch as PC gets EVERYTHING and we're lied to and told all this bull and even get us to spend MORE money on DLC and THEN tell us that it was all for nothing! It's NO way to run a business and it's absolutely no way to treat your fans and your customers. I would DEMAND my money back except I know that would be pointless. At least now I know not to spend another PENNY on any game you guys every make again. because from this moment on, I do not trust your company at all. I just feel like I was completely deceived. My constructive Criticism is to stop lying to people and being shady.
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