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  1. No i am not lying. PM him is very easy. I will explain. Step one: Go to DungeonDefenders.com Step two: Click on Forum Step three: Sign in or sign up (top right hand corner) Step four: Click on private messages Step six: Click on Send new message Step seven: Type in hitmonchan into the Recipient Users: [BCC Recipients] box. Step eight: Type in your message title. Step nine: Type your message Step ten: Click Send Message Thank you!
  2. The carrot is getting closer... I was thinking the exact same thing, lol :D
  3. I'm so tired of getting kicked at once i get into a server just because some guy is going to play alone or with his friends. If you are going to play alone.. Use the the "play local" feature.. If you are going to play with friends.. Use the "private match" feature, and then invite your friends. I mean.. its okay to kick a level 10 player who joins a insane match. But i am level 70, and all the kicking ruins the game. So please.. Learn how to use the "play local" and the "private match" button! On xbox some players have had problems with connecting to each other in a private match.. Plus this will probably never change. So go with the flow.
  4. Is that a mirror hanging from his belt? Vain little bugger, isn't he? ;) Vain? Noooo, it's used to kill enemies by making them look at themselves in the mirror. They are so ugly that it would be an instakill.
  5. LOVE... is a battlefield. apologies. I had no choice. Love is not a battlefield. It's a mushroom..
  6. I would believe it is a problem with private matches either that or the fact that people are to ignorant to know they can have a private match.
  7. I know that I on some occations I have kicked others because the space left on the team is intended for someone else. On xbox atleast we have had some issues with connecting to each other on a private match. However I explain the situation and apologize when that happens.
  8. I could see some great advice throughout this thread and I find it very odd that he still have problems with this. I agree with the guy above, he might be trolling us.. -.-
  9. It does sound like a good idea. So... Yes, please.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Mystique aka Miss Midtsian (XBL). Age; 23. Sex; Female. Location; Norway (Northern Europe). Fairly new at gaming and I can't say I'm good at it. I try to have a good time though. ^_^ Nice to meet you all! And hopefully I'll meet and make a friend or two here. :huntress:
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