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  1. pk i could show you the builds in game.. there rather easy once you see how it is.. as for putting it up or describing it.. im not good at that.. hit me up im on and off most days.. if you give me a day and time we can possibly do something.. sid at the bottom.. my dps is kinda low geared.. working on it as ive been clearing Throne Room pretty easy now.. working on either MM or Aqua.. just need to tweak my builds some...
  2. So I've done the whole farming first wave NMHC ES and got my stats up over 500 rather quickly.. I then found a very helpfull vidoe on NMHC MQ Suvival that worked rather well and was shown a better set up that works to wave 25 easily.. Then im told I could probably handle NMHC Throne Room and shown a rather easy set up that has gotten me to 25 both times ive run it as well as over 600m mana some desent armor (as i farm gear with my Summoner) ive begun to upgrade my new gear.. atm im between 1k and 1.5K and im just wondering.. Doing survival most gear drops after wave 15 and possibly
  3. Just an update: I've got my Monk to 74 now, he's in Aura gear (625/785/608/589) and I have my original Tower Squire (800/2000/700/750). Is TD Insane doable with these stats or am I still aiming too high? Just got up to date on this thread and im very interested to know.. I'm still somewhat new to PC and Ive got all my builders up between 74-78 and ive a dps monk at 74. most are in low end Myth not fully upgraded.. how are the gear drops in TDNMHC?
  4. i can actually do all waves NMHCES but not on survival.. ive got 3 desent full sets of myth.. they get my stats up to about 1000-1500, im still farming mana to finish upgrades.. as i normally only have a couple of hours a day to play im just looking to maximize what i do with the time i have..
  5. ok so only managed to wave 10, not a very goblin copter friendly set up.. not bad if you add the summoner mobs.. increases the dps output almost enough..
  6. As I just found a new video on youtube about farming NMHCES with an apprentice im going to attempt it this morning once the game finishes its update.. got a desent set that will get my stats above what was being used.. Mayhem. definately would like to group up for tips.. as for the gear.. thanks, but i much prefer looking for it myself.. just more fun for me that way.. Grey. yes i normally try to upgrade each character i have/use as i go. then as i find other items i shift them over to a less used character for when i move to the next map, kinda stinks takeng the main charact
  7. mayhem i do have all Builder characters to lvl 74, still working on gear for all of them.. atm i only have 3-4 desent sets going.. as i do not like picking up the less desireable items, I only get a few hrs a day to play so when im farming i tend to be a bit more picky with how i spend what mana i can get.. as for its working for me atm, got to wave 22 with little effort and picked up 200+ mill mana and 3-4 half way desent armor... still working on getting used to the Summoner and SEV i understand the basics of them but as to how to change my build to use them more.. yeah thats a tim
  8. The FREE demo is a good place to start. See if you like the feal of the game then take it from there. This was going to be my reply.. As a semi new player.. under 100hrs on pc but close to 1000 on Xbox.. if you feel you like the demo i would certainly invest in the base game.. then go from there.. for the most part yes you can play casually.. but to see any of the end game gear wich certainly makes Night Mare (NM) possible.. You need to grind.. the community varies depending on what your looking for.. Most of the info for Builds (if and when) you find your build just isnt worki
  9. ok so ive done this run a few times now and have gotten almost all my characters re geared out.. My countess is close to 1500 in all tower stats.. Will be working on my Summoner and SEV uprgrades once i finish the last few on my countess.. This has really been helpfull to me and anyone just starting out you may want to run this a few times.. work on getting to wave 30 im currently at 18 with upgrading everything 3 times.. Made about 250mill on that run.. Anyone knowing of any NEW videos or would be willing to put something together with a more current build that would
  10. Ok so ive been looking around for videos of any kind for US new players working on NMHC Survival.. Well I found this and it works rather well and is easy to set up.. Take a Look.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfcpL8uMG4I&list=PL0PV-d1j76I2Axr7ns9QCeE7xQvby4-4D&index=4 Now in gear from NMHC ES first wave with base gear im able to get to wave 13 with very little effort.. and i made around 75mill mana and got several 100+ Myth gear..
  11. Well after a few months break and a New Born Baby Ive got a few hours of free time between his naps, Ive decided to get back into DD.. It seems the few people I had on my friends list didnt want to bother with a NEW player to have tag along, Wich is fine.. I'm looking for anyone that plays early mornings for the most part as I handle the 1am till 10am feedings as my GF's 9yr old is in school after 10.. East Coast USA.. Ive got ALL builders at or above lvl 74 and have a started set of Mythical on each of them, I spend most of my play time tryng to farm MANA and work on the main an
  12. i've had the same issue as ive only been on PC for 2-3 months, most builds dont compensate for goblin copters wich i find are a complete disaster to my previously working build.. As I am formerly from XBOX as well and 90% of the builds from PC worked but with PC haveng more content its a constant dissapointment at the lack of progress.. I have gotten all of my builders to 74 as well as my DPS and have spent many hours digging through old posts and youtube vid's looking for anything resent.. the best advice i can offer is add another harpoon facing the direction you see the GC comi
  13. thanks Sam, ill give the armory a shot.. ive been getting lazy with my progression the last few days as im not seeing any real progress.. and as ive got a friend that will be starting new today i plan to run him through Insane HC Aqua Camp to get him some lvls and mana.. Im stuck on survival mode there.. cant seem to get past 18.. may have to look for a new build.. ive been using Darkpythons build wich works well on camp but i just dont have the dps for the boss yet.. Even tried Insane HC misty and failed on the boss tryng to open up survival.. just gotta keep at it i guess.. thanks
  14. Exactly Zuka.. I've gone with a few friends on NMHC maps to get some lvls and pick up some Mythical.. ive put together some sets but there just not that desent.. I can do NMHC spires first wave even second if i supply DPS but its still not enough to get anywhere.. I can farm Insane HC Aqua up to the boss and have even tried doing Insane HC Aqua Survival but cant get past wave 17 atm.. there really has to be another way to get better gear then buying or leeching off others..
  15. Hello, well I recently just made the switch from XBOX to PC and ive spent some time digging through posts tryng to find sensible ways for me to get better Mythical gear.. Ive seen many guides that have given me various information that has helped to some extent or another.. BUT!! What im not seeing is something that ive been looking for the most.. A BASIC no data no stress guide.. What i mean by this is SIMPLICITY... here is what im talking about.. At lvl 74.. As this is the first lvl you can equip those all important Mythicals.. FARM ( map name here ) till your tower stats
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