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  1. A) Apprentice B) No idea, probably yes: the more difficult they are, the better the loot C) Both
  2. Best thing is: when u create a thread like D3>DD they cancel it or move it from general to off topic, when u create a SS>D3 they keep it... lovely :)
  3. it's a sign of people leaving the community, is this awesome for you?!?
  4. Not trying to achieve anything particularly. Actually in the past I already stated my thoughts about errors that were made in game design lately that brought my personal attention away from the game, and maybe somebody elses as well since number of posts dropped badly.
  5. 1.) Paragraphs are your friend. 2.) Not sure if serious or trolling... Wanna try to write yourself in my motherlanguage?!?
  6. Guys my point is: DD and Diablo are very similar games. DD has a lot of D2 inside. Item Grinding, Coop play and Characters development really look like D2. Main differences is that Diablo has a bigger world and it has no towers, you attack, you don't defend, which is a good thing since I'm a lazy ***** :) D3 is going to be a complete new story, though. They've abandoned the character building story: everybody will have the same stats and skills at the same level and they will only be able to have different strategies and different equipment. It is going to be just about your skill i
  7. These games aren't even remotely similar. I'm also highly against the real money auction house in D3, so I won't be playing it. it's a shame, because I wanted to. But I refuse to support that sort of thing. Even if I did play it, it wouldn't be as a replacement for DunDef, again, because they're different kinds of games. You are not forced to use real money in the auction, you can use gold for trading items.
  8. I personally lost some kind of interest in the game after the Shark patch. Not 100% sure on the reason why, but this is the case. It is not a reason of not being able to handle them, I perfectly do, but you know I think that Djiin and Sharks somehow changed the way we played the game. Let's take acquanos: you have 160 DU and you can beat it using 5 or 6 towers, totaling a 30 DU, some 20 DU in walls and all the rest is anti shark, and anti djiin. It is not anymore what tower I place, where I place it, how much damage does it deal, or how much damage do I deal. It is all let's try not to get m
  9. Hey guys, in your experience, speaking about PC, NM, HC Non mixed and mixed survival, where do you think u got the best gear, speaking about number of trans and supreme?!? My personal feeling is still about Moraggo, what about you??!
  10. I think it is, yes. Would you rather have them wait a certain period of time, for no reason at all? They monitor how things are going and adjust their game accordingly. I can do nothing but applaud such quick service. The quality of the first version of this dlc is questionable regarding balance, but that doesn't detract from the fact that they responded very quickly. Just remember that you're buying the dlc as it is. For one, NM is still in beta. Secondly, the patches are free of charge and only further improve the game at this point. What's there to complain? I agree on the fact that the
  11. so is it just pure elemental poison dps?!?
  12. i like your reply, but doesn't answer to my question. Do you think it is professional to repatch a patch that u've been working at for probably weeks after 30 minutes?!?
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