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  1. Product: Dungeon Defenders Quality of product: Unfinished, highly unsatisfactory Simply put, I purchased an unfinished product. I purchased Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Defenders Lost Eternia Shards Complete DLC. I did not buy anything after that because the game was unfinished and did not feel safe sinking more money into a unfinished product. I waited and waited update after update for the game to get fixed, but it just kept getting worse every update. Sure, there was a few changes I liked but they were more of a cosmetic change then a fix to the product. Another thing that ups
  2. Nice to hear you having fun with game, I played my first game in long time after .20 update hoping things would be better aswell. I was having problums before when I would get webbed 200 times why I try and repair my stuff, then after update I ran into a mob called Djinns. If I was having problums before the update, well... now i'm really ***ed. For me this game is no longer fun, I play games to have fun... when the game starts to become more like a "job" it's time to quit. Well you can find me over at Dota 2, i'll be back when they bring the fun to the game.
  3. Well I have ordered/preordered everything Dungeon Defenders so many we get a new map free where people who did not preorder have to still pay for it. maybe that is why ours is bigger file.
  4. mine is/has not updated. Edit: Just started with a 1385.8mb download
  5. Ok, now I would like you to navagate over to the Dungeon Defenders Steam page. If you carfully scroll the page down and read under "Game Details" you will see Single-player. I bought this game mainly for the Single-player aspect of the game, maybe with a little co-op with friends. You marketed this game to me with an illusion that this game could be done by yourself. I find, when it comes to nightmare mode and some of the Challenges / Survival within the game you need more then one player to finish. This game was marketed to me with an illusion of Single-player and that's merely all it is,
  6. I have made many posts about this problem. I have even reported it in priv messages to forums mods/devs but they do not respond or intend on fixing this problem.
  7. I know what your talking about... I already sumitted my refund steam ticket. After this latest patch im done paying to be a beta tester. I did not pay $25+ to freeking test a game. I'm going to be spending more time beta testing DotA 2 for free. I bought this game because they said it was a tower defence with rpg elements, not a rpg with barly any tower defence still in beta. Goodbye TE!
  8. "I'll report back in a few more waves. (If my nerfed to hell Apprentice can still even solo to 20) " and First, I was fully expecting you to report you failed and thus the game is finally working as intended!!! Really great to see balance is starting to fall in place! On the second Quote I bolded the important part... You sound like you find it's ok, balanced and correct that you could AFK up to 70% of the hardest content in the game...is that correct? I mean...seriously...can someone truly believe it's working as it should if you can just go away from your computer when doing the
  9. Assasult 1, I could only manage to get a 222^ with 171 hero attack out of like 30 bows... bad luck I guess.
  10. Ok with the last update UMF2 is now UNPLAYABLE again. Ogres AI are getting stuck running around in circles again. This time its not random, once out of like 4-5 games its EVERY FREEKING ROUND! You have to go and agro them all near there spawns and random areas around the map, manually pulling them all back to your towers one by one. By that time the round is over and you lose because time runs out... WTF! Edit: are you guys over at Trendy even trying?
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