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  1. Sharken definitely mix up your Tower centric builds... especially... heh heh heh... your physical tower builds :) -Jer I officially quit now because frankly I already don't enjoy the garbage introduced in the past four weeks so news like this is really the final straw. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Trendy should make The Sumit only give out Guardian pets and move the Animus pets to Glitterhelm, this way when you need a really good guard pet you know where to get one. I would agree with that idea. Either that or just make it so that there is a 50/50 chance of getting either a guardian or animus from completing the Summit on any degree of difficulty.
  3. Time to level some support classes. But, an hour spent in glitter insane building with your app and then switching to a trapper will get her to level 74, and you can just stick any old grar on her for now. Darkness traps just need a bit of health and range. As you play through the campaign, you can gear her out. And again... as I already said earlier.. While I do have a lvl 75 Monk, Squire and Hunter and can swap them back and forth, I was more curious as to whether the Apprentice is capable of soloing the campaign NM maps on his own any longer. The reason being that previously I
  4. The problem is that the "broader audience" doesn't seem to agree with your opinion and in general has no problems palying out the game as designed. If *you* personally do not want to play the game with the difficulties and challenges required by design then that is of course your option however unfoundedly projecting your opinions onto the greater gaming public is a mistake on your part in perspective. Example: neither I nor anyone that I play with has an issue with the current design of "fight through X levels to encounter the boss". It is a challenge and we view it as such. In my opinion
  5. While I do have a lvl 75 Monk, Squire and Hunter and can swap them back and forth, I was more curious as to whether the Apprentice is capable of soloing the campaign NM maps on his own any longer.
  6. I left for about 6 weeks to come back and find that the spawns on all of the NM maps seem to have changed. Djinn now roam around unsummoning my towers and Ogres seem to me at least to have had their HPs buffed (and spawn more often than before). For example: my NM ES build which used to be cake is now a slaughterhouse which I can barely survive. Is it actually possible to go through the entire campaign mode (not including the Eterna Shards add-on maps) solo with an Apprentice now?
  7. To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get a truly decent guardian is from the tavern shopkeeper after a sucessful NM run. The only other way to get a guardian is from completing Easy-Hard mode Summit runs (insane-NM runs grant Animus pets instead) and the guardians from those tend to be rather *Meh* in quality.
  8. Also for armor stats, be careful. Know the caps. I just realized that I have the equivalent of 122% generic resists in upgrades but The cap is at 90% and that is wasted mana right there. I could have had a bit more levels in other resists or tower stats. 122% is only 67.5 (rounded to 68%) on any Nightmare map so those points were not only not wasted but in actuality you need to push it up further still. 80% is the minimum you should ultimately want to shoot for which works out to roughly 144 total points in a resistance stat.
  9. Make a Squire. Apprentices suck now. Yes and no. Squire towers are better for shooting through crowds of ogres while Apprentice towers can actually hit things like spiders and kobolds. It all depends on what you are trying to do.
  10. This is my current ES NM HC setup... it is likely different than most of the other builds out there since it doesn't use DST towers. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=20964 The problem with this is, more towers=more towers to upgrade and with the timer on the campaign mode this adds to the difficulty of the map. Especially for someone with lower tower stats who needs to upgrade the towers to be able to make it into the later waves.
  11. Here.. This build is for a solo apprentice on Endless Spires. Just follow the instructions. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=21533
  12. Also- your last sentence actually makes you a troll, as you are posting inflammatory content that will engender a negative response in another user. Not at all. I edited that into my comment after the troll in question's follow-up post to mine just to make it even clearer as to what he was doing. Check the time stamp on my edit versus his post... As to "it's fine" being relevant to a discussion asking for suggestions to IMPROVE the event.. Specifically against the wishes of the topic starter.. Yes, you are looking at this the wrong way.
  13. The OP created the thread for suggestions on how to fix/improve the President's Day event as such only suggestions or discussion on how to improve said suggestions is relevant. Posting repeatedly comments like "It's fine, leave it be", IS trolling as the poster in question knows full well that such comments will NOT be welcome in a thread of this nature and can only engender a negative reaction from the people wanting to improve the event. If someone wants to state that the event is "fine" and invite others to agree with him, then he is free to create his own thread rather than to post tr
  14. I currently have 7.18b and am able to play on-line at the moment so whatever is effecting some of your is not a global issue.
  15. No sir, you are performing the literal definition of trolling. This thread is for how to improve this event. Coming in to just say "it's fine leave it be" even after being asked not to is straight out pure trolling. He does that a lot.. I found that putting him on ignore helps reduce the troll-spam. My suggestion for the event... Double the size of the ring so as to make it a bit easier to move about. Mobility adds complexity to PVP and will help with the issue of the Demon trapping a player into one corner of the map repeatedly.
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