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  1. Hi Guys, i came back after years of break from the original, then eternity version of dungeon defenders. And after around 120 hours playing the " second " version, i feel a bit disappointed. It's like something is missing. To be honest, there is a tons of things i miss from the original one, and some things i like in the second one, but i'm afraid there will never be a good combinations of them. I'm aware that trendy is trying to do his best to let people enjoy the game, that balance will come in a future (months probably, even years), and so end game content and challenges. But it's already
  2. So many things.. - Having to play 4/5 hours in a row to go to those 20+ waves on survival NM, to get a single item with the right stat, the right type, in order to climb for one more wave. - The variety of towers, the aura range of the monk. That was really fun to cover the whole maps with 2/3/4 (depend on the map range). The start of NM mod, when we used to deal with spiders with apprentice blockades and electricity towers, and when suddenly 180 spiders appears and you need to run everywhere to repair and kill them. - The pets, the genie/djinn was really good to upgrade towers from the inside
  3. My bad, didn't thought the wiki were that updated. Thanks guys !
  4. Hi Guys, i was wondering if someone did a list of all existing passives on items. By this, i mean the " lil extra % to abilities ", and the range of %. Why i'm asking this, it's because a huge part of the game is around RNG loot, but at which point is it RNG ? For exemple, apparently only staffs and relics gives a boost to frosty towers, but am i wrong ? And which maximum % is possible on those items ? So if someone knows if a database already exists, or if we have to do one.. would be helpfull to farm with more efficiency i guess. Cheers !
  5. Hey Guys, Thanks a lot for your answers ! I'm already running with a squire for blockades, hp towers stats at max as i can at the moment. I will figure out how to get those items, and do a complete run of the campaign in the first place, then will take a look on the new/other chars. I remember the EV was really good before. The game sounds good at the moment, a little less " messy ", but i guess it's a bit because i have the experience of the first one. I'm a bit intrigate about the frosty mage, which towers do you use for dps ? Atm, i use the fire one, couple with the monk electric aura, an
  6. Hi Guys, i'm coming to DD2, years after the first one, and the " remake " of the one. Enjoyed both of them, but wanna give a try to this version. I have a question regarding ipwr. Atm, i'm sticking to the basics, with the four original characters in order to learn the ropes on the campain. The Ipwr is supposed to be " fixed " to a character right ? I mean, if i build a tower with my apprentice, the power of my tower is based on the apprentice ipwr, not on the character i'm playing with during a game ? I usually build, then switch to a huntress in order to dps a bit faster during waves, upgrade
  7. Hi guys ! I'm playing again at this great game (i could saw many improves, i didn't played since valentin's day event) and i'm a bit rusty and curious about one thing. I did an endless spire survival run, starting wave 14 and i didn't got any pet starting and ending the wave 15. I remember old times it was wave 15 we were supposed to drop one. Has it change now ? Is it wave 20 ? Thanks for answers, and sorry for asking again if it was already done by someone else. btw great new chars and many new setups possible ! Cheers <3
  8. I agree about lightning towers especially. They used to be very good, but now ? Lightning damages are not good at all. Auras do less damages than fire traps now, towers indeed are just crap now and even hunter traps who are supposed to deal many damages don't deal at all. Anyway a good point that harpoon will become better especialy on some maps. But i would like to be able to play my apprentice as main builder again one day... and not just walls.
  9. Could we please for god's love have a REAL patchnote for one time ? There is many changes not included in it again ! First you add at the last moments some changes (retribution, assault nerfs etc...) and there is again some others that aren't in that f*cking patchnote. For those who want to know, traps were buffed in number of charges and attack damages. Seems that the rate was buffed too. Not even capable to add buffs who will balance the game a bit against spiders. I before the release had around 95 charges for a full up mine trap and around 35k damages. Now at level 2 more than 100 char
  10. Hi there. Just found a bug in the Uber Lifestream hollow monsterfest. Some ogres don't come aggro the players or the towers. They just keep walking in circles and don't come to you or your towers even if you aggro them. Basically you'll lose due to the time issue. I think it's something new, because before in the uber monster fest we used to see some ogres stuck in spawn. But it's not the same bug. Well thanks for a future fix. :ogre:
  11. Hi there ! Since the app nerf i guess it's time to review our strategies. I'm gonna level up my squire (dear god :( ) to try some new tactics. All i can say is that the lightning tower effect on spider is a bit f*cked now. On some maps it will not change drastically the gameplay because aura's can do what light did. But on others aura's range isn't as good as lightning towers. Squire time coming again... !
  12. Finally is right....if you are not going to try it yourself then you are blind. You cannot take others opinions and re-write them and assume that what they don't like, you won't like. There are quite a few people out there that can step back and look at both sides of the fence and there are many posts out there right now like that. The OP's opinion is moot because its just a rehash of other people's opinion. Once they try it out for themselves, then they their opinion can be heard. The fact that they put it up on Reddit is even more appalling because its not even their own opinion. He's
  13. I'm sorry but basing opinions on things without looking at them is IN My Personal Opinion moot. The problem is you are reading a select type of posts and not making a real opinion/valid argument based on that. =\ Oh man... acting like a blind man in the barby world seems to be good. Can i be a part of it ? Because it's just ridiculous to say that after all the new threads posted today that clearly show that there is a huge mistake with the patch note.
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