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  1. Can you make the pumpkins non-physical or remove them altogether from the doors and the second floor rails?
  2. 3rd image on section 1 isn't linked properly. Also note that its preferable to run the first 3 sections with a boost monk. Instead of manually repairing the auras, reflects and minions, you can focus on killing the annoying clones, ogres and stuck djinns/minions/wyverns. Unfortunately, the first 3 maps are plagued with enemies that love to trollololol all over the map at the end of the wave.
  3. Well, I'm not going to be the first, but I'm approaching the 3K Hours milestone. :) I'd say about 60-75% of the time logged is AFK shop or idling in others shops. My Gaming History
  4. That last bullet point on 7.42 really struck a nerve. :( Those Ultimate items that were BROKEN to begin with should have the option to be reset to 0. I don't mind paying the extra mana to re-upgrade an item, but to not give us an option to FIX that problem is WRONG.
  5. My past experience with this was caused by a player leaving during combat, therefore, reducing the item drop cap. Because of the reduction, the next item that drops causes the drop count to equalize. So say 3x 100 drop limit becomes 1x 100.. 200 items lost.
  6. @Layarion: In the later waves, yes the Towers can take a beating, but I've made some adjustments to the build. The walls are there to guide the ogres to the Archers. They should be the ones taking most of the beating. I set the Mages on the second beam to prevent them from taking the splash damage from the Ogre's Club they would normally get from being in-line with the archers. I haven't been playing much due to the summer heat. Running the game increases my room temperature 10-20 degrees even with Central A/C. I've been waiting for a couple weeks for 7.39d to come out so that I could uti
  7. no not the dropped ogres they only cleared the area of defenses and no i didn't put the minions on buff beam i put them on the ledge Yeah, that could be the cause of it. All the minions should be on the buff beam, mages being near the towers and archers moving away from the towers up to the physical walls.
  8. Just made it to the beginning of wave 26. Bottom left wall got pushed every single wave. Bottom wall in the middle got pushed two times aswell. Was playing with two dps monks. One stationed top and one bottom. Still got raped on wave 24 onwards. Where were the sharks? Coming from bounce pads or from the landing zone?
  9. with 2 afk's i had a small problem that in the south crystal i had all minions destroyed in a second and then found two chopter ogres on top of my FB smashing and two golden chopters and that was in NM HC non mix and on wave 21 does that always happen ? No, that shouldn't happen. Did you place your minions on the buff beams? I could see a dropship landing behind the south defense, but since 7.38e, Dropped Ogres shouldn't be able to hit your crystals.
  10. I repositioned the harpoons and have tested the use of Enrage Auras (double-take; I know.. crazy right?) at North and South. Amazingly, the build held up and North and South were nearly afk-able. I lost at the start of 25 because of a Djinn eating my mage+buff beam at the Middle Crystal. I could not make it in time to kill the Djinn that was desummoning through the wall. This has happened on an earlier wave, but I was able to survive that round. I was able to reach Mixed-Mode 25 with lesser harpoon and minion stats mentioned in the OP. My Harpoons: 1600/2900/2000/2200 My Minions: 1800/3200
  11. Strange, I never got e-mails for the previous posts. I will post a revised version of the build soon.
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