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  1. I really think Trendy should boost up the value of Large form 1000 to mana to 50 million lets say, and the next size up to 100 million.
  2. I think PvP would probably be the best, it can pull in a large crowd, while the other Ideas are great they dont have wide enough appeal in my opinion. Back to PvP (8v8) 1st: 4 Tokens 2nd: 3 Tokens 3rd: 3 Tokens 4th: 2 Tokens 5th: 1 Tokens 6th: 1 Token 7th: 1 Token 8th: 1 Token Total Cost 32 Tokens :) Entry fee is 2 Tokens.
  3. Ill get a pic when Steam stops stuffing up, but I did manage to grabes a Myth mail piece in Mysti, that had negs to all four resistances, ive never had anything like it pre patch 7.28.
  4. Hmmm that seems fine, but just incae i would vendor it, you can never know.
  5. If you would like, I could gear you up in some decent tower gear (free ofcourse) an set you up with a great NMHC ES stratagy. I highly suggest turning that countess into a builder, and as A\the Apprentice is making a comeback, swap him to a builder too. Hit me up witha Steam friend request if you like, its in my Sig. Cloud~
  6. ^ ahhhhhh Willy Wallace... just gave me the new name for my Barb, Conan is pretty un-original :P
  7. I know this is off topic, but Id be happy to help you and your son out on Morrago. (as long as your on PC of course) If you are hit me up with a friend request, My ID is in the Sig.
  8. Lets make it more interesting, PVP Naked acept for 1 wep? And the points to 78 Distrubuted, think it would be interesting. EDIT: Immortal beat me to it :P
  9. No problem ^^ happy to help out, feel free to add me on Steam if you want.
  10. Also another thing, Its a Good Idea to run NMHC Mysti survival for the first 5 waves, exiting going back to your tavern to see if you have any decent pets. mae sure youve "unlocked" the Guardian by first beating easy to hard summit as an Apprentice.
  11. Hmmm, I would suggest either a Apprentice or Huntress Guardian, depending on what your stast are. I would highly look into getting an EV because it Buff Beam is essentialy a weaker version of all the Guardians stacked on a few towers. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Tower_Buff_Beam But a Genie is useful for the first few waves, but then generally you get out your guardian until you finish. Also Guardians are welcomed anywhere as it will lessen your chance of getting kicked out of every NM match out there.
  12. Depends on a huge ammount of factors, Insane or NM? Builder or DPS? On during waves or out? and especially if you have a decent EV or not.
  13. If your going to do another give-away Immortal, Id be happy to donate Mana/Weps Etc.
  14. ^ Sadly, Juding by he Mega Chicken Ill be suprised if it isnt that.
  15. Hmmm, a bit out there with looks arent you? Well anyway the Amazon Costume already does this. (to the best of my knowledge) http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Amazon_Barbarian
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