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  1. Balance throughout the whole game is very important to any video game, its not all about end game content. Especially in the developers eyes, if they ever do a free to play weekend gamers who have never played the game before will easily get bored and not end up playing the game. Whhhattts UPPP! Cant wait for console to come out! Nothing is better the chillin on the couch playing some DD
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! I probably have a few hours in the game so this was my initial feedback.. I was under the assumption that easy would be for newbies and med would be a good start for someone who has played the game before! Keep in mind you have to beat the game on medium before you can play hard. Its just unchallenged and boring the play through the whole thing on medium for a few hours. My whole post was just my first impressions of the game. Not end game content
  3. I haven't gotten that far in the game tbh, just giving my first impressions.
  4. Hello defenders, i wonder who remembers me? Anyways.... Playing as squire on medium difficulty and its like im playing on super easy. I basically can let the game sit there and the harpoons just kill everything with one hit. Nerf is definitely needed.
  5. Some great comments here defenders! I'll make sure to update these in OP!
  6. Few suggestions for the game, go ahead and post them and I will add them to OP. Remember this is not a "Known issue thread" that is located here: The text for certain things are very small and hard to read, I have a 60" screen and about 10 feet away. So I should be able to see everything just fine! I will post pictures soon. Please leave comments and suggestions! (please provide as many pictures as possible)
  7. Hey Dark, long time no see. Glad to see you picked up a DD2 copy!
  8. I have a video on my phone pmash how would you like me to send it to you I cannot post it on forums Holding L1 and pressing tower key at same time doesn't work Send it to josh.isom[at]trendyent[dot]com. Sent let me know you got it
  9. I have a video on my phone pmash how would you like me to send it to you I cannot post it on forums Holding L1 and pressing tower key at same time doesn't work
  10. The reason the last dungeon defenders failed (on console) was due to the fact that TE could not submit patches whenever they wanted. They had to get it approved by Sony or Microsoft... I already see some problems with DD2. So Trendy.... Is it going to take forever to fix these problems. Is it easier for Devs on the PS4... Any insight?
  11. Little confused on what you mean by face buttons what happens now is when you press "L1" and press let's say "square" to place a tower your character launches there "square" ablity not the tower basically your L1 button doesn't work
  12. Correct game is unplayable because you cannot build towers
  13. The one issue we ran into was with the Lightning Aura. This defense is meant to shoot bolts of lightning toward the ground, but unfortunately it assumes a flat surface. While everyone on the team loved our initial pass, we had to get creative with our tweaks to make it conform to our design rules. I read that and thought to myself.. What about flying monsters.?? How are we gonna know how high the auras are or do they only work on ground enemies now?
  14. Oh I see so it's not old duping that's the problem.... Damn that sucks. Looks like I came back right at the correct time
  15. If you came into my tavern you would think I'm a hacker. But I just have a bunch of old event items. Couple rare ones too. Clean capt shield. Clean chi blast. Clean elf o wand. Anybody know what those items are now a days. I see mostly new people
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