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  1. Happy to see the JavaScript-only, back-button-hijacking piece of crap gone. Now if only you could stop playing around with the scrollbar styling. The old forum had a 8px wide scrollbar, now its still 8px wide and also all black (background, arrows, tab, everything). Not everyone uses Chrome (I'm using Vivaldi).
  2. It does not count as far as the MOD is concerned. If you doubted what I said, you should have tested it for yourself.
  3. Anything that enhances your hero is a Buff. Tree Buff: Yes, the tree heals yourself and others. Dryad Blessing: Yes it provides armour for you. Dryad Corrupt: Unfortunately no, it only transform you not buffing you. Dryad Corrupt Blessing: I think Yes as it still provides armour for you. Monk Heroic Wave: Yes it increases Hero Damage to you and others. Barbarian Stances: Not sure as I don't play him but if it enhances his stats then its a buff :) The one that benefits the Buff Mods the most is the Mystic as she gets buffed all the time by picking up her appeasement/ mana + her Obelisk provides more hero stats and a shield. Other Hero buffs: Dryad Mushroom: It heals yourself and others Abyssal Lord Heal Aura: Heals yourself and others Mystic: Always give the hero buffs Squire Provoke: Provides extra resistance for you + There's a shard that increases movement speed when you activate Provoke Lavamancer Stances: Increases movement speed and damage + There's a shard that shields you. I cannot think of anymore but these are examples of Buffs. Why are you repeating the same crap that wasn't true when this question was asked 2 weeks ago? Did you test any of that? The only ones that I know of that count as far as MODs are concerned are: Heroic WaveDryad's BlessingProvokeBarb stancesI absolutely 100% for sure know the following do not count: World TreeHealing Well (with or without the shard)Dryad's Corruption modeApprentice & Adept shields granted by certain shards after you use an abilityMystic's appeasement perks (checked the ones that are active in the tavern, hard to test the rest)Based on that, I would be highly surprised if the rest of the things you list count (Obelisk buffs, Dryad Shrooms, etc.).
  4. You don't think that being able to hold 9999 of any given crafting material is worth it? Would you rather have 101 stacks of 99 instead?
  5. according to this resource i use, it says it can drop after floor 80 of onsl That's the minimum floor number for the old onslaught floor system. It's more like floor 30 now. That said, these mods are incredibly rare. Not quite as rare as c8 amps, though.
  6. Is it possible to get the codes resent for those of us unlucky enough to lose power before we can redeem the code in game?
  7. No, I already mentioned that in my initial post.
  8. Did you actually test this? Abyss Lord Healing Well does not grant a buff. I don't see a status icon, and standing in the well does not activate either of the "buff" chips (AP or damage). Personally tested. The buff from World Tree gives you a status icon, but does not count. Dryad's Blessing (Ability #1) does count, but assassins will remove it whenever they facehug you. Personally tested. Mystic's appeasement "buffs" don't count. The Apprentice's Manabomb when using the Manabomb's Aid shard does not count. Personally tested. Squire's Provoke does count. Personally tested. I have tested it! My abyss Lord is +AP on life above 90% and when buffed. When I cast flaming knight without being in the radius of healing well my DPS is around 2-3 million. When I cast flaming knight within the radius of my healing well my DPS goes up to - depending on crits and fire damage additional, etc. - goes up to 5 to 6.5 million DPS per cast of flaming knight. So you didn't actually test any of the things you listed. And you didn't use a proper control for your Flame Knight test, either. Did you use a Dragolich, too? Try unequipping your pet and check with just your left click attack or an uncharged right click attack and seeing what the single-hit non-critical value is. I did it with and without the Healing Well specific shard that goes in your boots. There wasn't a change at all. I had both the AP Buff and Damage Buff chips equipped, just in case.
  9. Did you actually test this? Abyss Lord Healing Well does not grant a buff. I don't see a status icon, and standing in the well does not activate either of the "buff" chips (AP or damage). Personally tested. The buff from World Tree gives you a status icon, but does not count. Dryad's Blessing (Ability #1) does count, but assassins will remove it whenever they facehug you. Personally tested. Mystic's appeasement "buffs" don't count. The Apprentice's Manabomb when using the Manabomb's Aid shard does not count. Personally tested. Squire's Provoke does count. Personally tested.
  10. So basically, Huntress doesn't actually work for this out of the box. You don't even know if your suggestions are viable, but you're acting like they are. Gilded Power of Storms is a 12% chance of restoring a total of 60 mana (20 per second for 3 seconds) with a cooldown of 10 seconds. Gilded Channel restores 19 mana every 5 seconds. I highly doubt the Mana Growth chip is going to do anything, and it won't work at the same time as the mana recovery shards (if you watch Juicebag's recent Adept video, he mentions there are players who use it on the extremely mana hungry hero and still have problems). Don't forget Inspiration and Inspiring Strikes to bring down the cooldown on Piercing Shot from the original 10 seconds. At this point, you've wasted a lot of time and money to upgrade shards and apply mods in an attempt to make a hero "you can totally do this with" actually viable. Your solution is that everyone should just play Barb with Burning Strikes. And then the next map comes out that requires the next thing and the next thing. Pretty soon, we aren't playing what's fun or does the best DPS anymore. We're all playing the only build that lets us make it through the game. So much for diversity.
  11. Hypothetically, everyone can do it with the oil/fire resources on the map. The million dollar question here is: have you done it on whatever your toughest Drakenkeep floor is? You completely glossed over the part where I question whether or not it's viable to rely on the Huntress due to mana costs. With max mana ascension and gilded Mana Capacitor (which most new players won't have), I have 470 mana. It costs 50 mana for Oil Flask and 100 for Piercing Shot. If I have to light 3 braziers, that's 450 mana; 4 braziers costs 600 mana, which is 130 mana more than I have. Drakenlord flies by more than once per wave and can appear as a miniboss that will extinguish any brazier he walks past. As an added bonus, Piercing Shot also has a 10s cooldown. So good luck relying on that to quickly light the extinguished braziers.
  12. So play 9 other maps first, then switch to a "boss fight" map? No one is stopping you from doing that. You get your boss fights and those of us who don't want them can avoid them. There should be something for everyone to enjoy. I don't want to be forced to do boss fights. It killed me in DD1 that I had to beat the campaign map in order to unlock the survival mode. I only beat one of the boss maps solo in Nightmare (Moraggo). Survival was better suited to my play style than the other game modes. I don't have the reflexes to fight megabosses and no amount of "gitgud" is going to change that. Drakenkeep had nothing to do with the decline in the popularity of the Dryad. She's dead because her defenses are buggy and there are better options available right now. So I shouldn't be able to AFK c2? I'm not here because I think it's a good time. Having a boss that I can 1shot when I'm paying attention ruin my day if I'm not hasn't made the game more interesting or fun. If anything, it's made me resentful because the Drakenlord has made easy content annoying. I suspect it has also made content that was already hard for me impossible (but I wouldn't know because I'm in reset purgatory and it would take forever to get back up to my record floor).
  13. TLDRThe brazier concept for Drakenkeep is interesting, but it belongs in Incursions along with all of the other maps that have special gameplay mechanics. Game modes should be consistent and predictable for the players. Drakenkeep breaks the rules. The Drakenlord basically shouldn't exist as a miniboss. Rather than allow players to choose gear/shards based on what they prefer for their active hero, we're forced to gear based on what makes them not lose the game. IgniteIf you don't know by now, the Burning Strikes shard is the most efficient way to light the braziers and ignite the Drakenlord. It's a chaos 5 shard, something new players won't have for a while. In the mean time, they're struggling to deal with Drakenkeep adventure and the Drakenlord miniboss appearing in c1-c5 maps until they finally get one (I know RNG is RNG, but I've been opening c5 shard packs for over a week now and can't remember the last time I saw a Burning Strikes shard). Oil and fire chips are an option, but new players won't have medals to spare for tinkering. Even if they did, it's bad design to force us to gear for a specific map/boss rather than allowing us to have a build that suits our play style. What about players who are doing AP resets? We have to choose between using a campaign weapon or pay $$$ to upgrade it. The huntress is the only hero that can ignite straight out of the box, but can her mana reserves actually keep up with having to light 3-4 braziers multiple times per wave? I still have to explain that you need to attack rollers from behind to people in c3 and c4. Even if they don't speak English, they will eventually get the hint from watching other players attack it from behind. How are new players supposed to understand what to do when they watch me shooting braziers and the Drakenlord with my Burning Strikes shard? DrakenkeepThis map lies to you. It gives you oil and fire resources to light the brazier after the Drakenlord comes by and freezes them. Did anyone bother playtesting this to see if it was even possible to win with just the map resources? And I don't mean 4 players in c7 gear stomping on the adventure map. I mean a solo player on a difficulty comparable to their gear. There's no way you can light 3-4 braziers this way before you lose the wave. Why even bother giving us the map resources? Get some friends? How many friends is Equmn going to get to help him when he goes to do 829? The only guys on the leaderboard right now above floor 700 are on 749 and 723. I've done 26 resets and I stopped announcing when I did Lost Temple floors on the Discord #looking-for-group channel back on reset 21 because almost no one joins from there. Onslaught may as well be considered a solo game mode. Drakenlord This guy is a ***. There's no other way to describe him. I've been farming c2 these past few days, which is pretty much an AFKfest when you have c7 gear. At least it used to be. With Drakenlord appearing as a regular miniboss, I have to babysit it the entire time. At one point, I pressed G and went to go to the bathroom. When I got back, Drakenlord was just finishing smashing up my crystal. If I'm paying attention, he dies in 1 shot from Ice Needle. How does this make the game fun? It's even worse when he appears on the Drakenkeep map outside of wave 6. Dragon freezes 2 of my lanes on the opposite side of the map, Drakenlord miniboss extinguishes each brazier he walks past. This is an instant game over if you're by yourself (and if it's onslaught, you're by yourself most of the time). No other boss in the game requires anything special to be able to beat them in terms of gear/shards. Every hero can kill them regardless of how you gear them. Huntress vs Geode Prime? Go stand inside his bubble and your arrows won't get reflected. Huntress vs Gorbstock? Shoot him from behind. Would the piercing mod help? Absolutely, but it isn't a requirement. Are some heroes better at it than others? You bet. Drakenlord is uniquely terrible because he requires a very specific setup to beat. In closingKeep the Incursion concepts and bosses out of Expeditions, Onslaught, and Mastery. If I wanted to do Incursions, I would go do Incursions. If you want me to do Incursions, make it worth my time. Add more enticing rewards or making genuinely fun (why not both?). Don't just shove it down my throat while I am trying to play other game modes.
  14. Maybe it should be called "Trendy screwed me". Why does such a terrible, counter-intuitive behavior even exist?
  15. These people have Stockholm Syndrome. For some reason, they have it in their heads that the pain is necessary to justify the minor bonuses you get. Apparently, losing all of your progress in onslaught is irrelevant to them because they don't have friends to play with. Sorry Bob, I know we just did floor 120 yesterday, but I can't play with you anymore because I just did an AP reset and I'm back on floor 50. It's a system that was designed back before we had mods and any relic was as good as any other for basically every defense in the game. The gear deleveling requirement for AP resets needs a second look.
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