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  1. The amount of hypocrisy in this thread is ridiculous. You've got players with lower stats crying about players with higher stats crying all the while acting like they're not crying just as badly themselves. Now I can understand the frustrations of those with lower stats and I do think they took the buff too far but it was clear that the map was not working as intended. The campaign was about as hard as insane glitter yet the rewards were on par with the best weapons in the game and it gave a crazy amount of xp and a nice amount of mana on top of that. Survival was easier than any of the shards maps or harder new maps yet it had equal if not better and a much higher quantity of drops. Ideally I think the difficulty should be put somewhere between where it started and where it's at now with the drops possibly scaled back just a tad so that it can be the bridge it was meant to be. By that I mean it should help players to progress towards the high stat range and prepare them to go after the best gear in the harder survivals, it should not simply allow them to jump straight to that level. Now Trendy deserves a lot of blame for releasing a map that wasn't functioning properly and the way that they handled the response but given a little time I believe they will get it in tune to a point where both sides will be happy. I think everyone just needs to have a little patience and stop all of the petty bickering and name calling. Don't let one screw up wreck the community.
  2. Builders: Countess Initiate Summoner App Ranger Wall EV Beam EV DPS: Monk Not used but 74+ Barb-Working on getting geared Hunt Squire Adept Should probably lvl the hunt and adept to 78 so they can be my builders but haven't really felt like it.
  3. Might check out the new group Afran just created. It's only a few days old but is growing quickly and has a number of good helpful players. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DungeonCommunity
  4. Wow didn't even notice the 5 lol. That is strange.
  5. 1b is the cap for tokens so it makes a 1b token then starts working on the next one.
  6. It was just off to the right of the southern bridge just before the point where the 2 side paths link up. I was running along side it letting my seahorse take it down when all of the sudden it goes to land and then I see it drop, disappear off the map and a few seconds later it's dead.
  7. Was just doing Palantir on NMHC. Ran out to meet the boss at the bridge and do a little damage to it before it took off, it started flying fairly close to the bridge then went into the landing motion over an empty area and fell straight to it's death. Saved me the effort of taking off about 150m hp but seems like that probably shouldn't happen lol.
  8. Can anyone recommend an active steam group chat? I used to always be in the Dungeon Helpers chat but it seems to be pretty much dead now.
  9. Just added you been trying to do this solo for a while with no luck. It's nice of you to do this for those of us who can't quite handle it alone. TIA for the help and Happy Chinese New Year (I just saw the group announcement).
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