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  1. Just throwing this out there, but preorder does not always equal prepaid. TrendyEnt gets to carry a huge liability on their balance sheets until services are rendered. They also cannot add the prepaid amount to their income statement as revenue. No revenue from prepaid means less profit (or even a loss), less profit means shareholders/investors wont be happy. That being said, just because some lolIGN interview months back said that there would be 1 each month, doesn't mean that its true. You have to take into consideration, the week in Janurary when Trendy was otherwise engaged, the surpr
  2. If hardcore challenges are coming back, does this also mean improved challenge rewards? Also does original mean No Towers Allowed to Monster Fest (regular, not Uber). If rewards are improved, hmm.. improved Retributions! 1. We're gonna do this -- specifically, we're gonna make Hardcore Mode on all other Challenges/DLC's yield some powerful reward-loot (esp. on NM). 2. We're gonna add Hardcore Mode back into all Challenges. It was taken out since it needed some code work to actually function quite properly, but that will be re-added shortly (and now of course your progress on Hardcore co
  3. I though everyone hated when they were "killed by hacker weapons", allowing the demon lord to be killed, and providing 30 points, just makes people with hacked weapons win faster.
  4. RAGE steam boots friend off. okay, 2 minutes later we restart our UMF. middle of wave 1, steam dies again. rawr
  5. same thing with me, DD patched but steam keeps going on and off. No notes up yet either.
  6. Harpoons are not the only thing in the game that you can build...
  7. Console level cap is shooting to 78 as the second shard quest is released. PC should be similar when the second shard releases.
  8. I can't play right now cause I'm on the wrong computer, but I believe there is a 'insta-spawn protection' for a little bit as long as you don't fire. Kind of like it is for the other PVP maps. (Could be wrong, will test it out when I get home) Completely true. when i tried to vs one of my alts, they did not die after respawning in a wall of fire until about 2 seconds had passed. 2 seconds is more than enough time for you to pick your mouse/ keyboard up again and jump out of the wall of fire at your feet.
  9. Doubled score needed to win, doubled score gained from kills, kept same negative score on death from monsters. its faster to do easy - hard now than it was before, and insane + nightmare were reduced as well.
  10. The Mitt costume turns you into the countess, but you keep the spin and blood rage. Win-win in my books.
  11. you used to need 100 kills + deaths from monsters Now you need 60 kills + deaths from monsters
  12. Hey, steam is patching DD to 7.18b now, what happened to 7.18a?
  13. Anyone else can't wait for 7.18a-z and beyond? Although having not tested it, the spider range nerf should be awesome for everyone, and along with the slight pet dps increase, it should be the highlight of the patch. It's like people completely forget that there's every other part of the game benefiting from this patch, along with awesome and humorous suits for the main cast of characters to strut their stuff in. Suit up!
  14. Holycrap, the Mitt costume for Squire turns him into a male suited version of the countess. *** swagger included. Awesome.
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