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  1. Hi Hakon. That's terrible news... Very sad, if that's indeed the case. I know power leveling could get me up to a decent level quickly enough, but I'm mostly disappointed because I lost my gear. It was really, really good gear that I was given. I don't know if I will get back into the game like this, but don't worry, and thanks anyway :).
  2. Hi again! I logged in to check if your fix worked, and... well, it did, but I think that was just a low level character I made after my high level character (it was 70+) got deleted and before I gave up on the game. Or maybe it's my character, just very low level?? Anyway... I feel terrible for asking since you've been so helpful, but is there any chance to check for the right save? So sorry! And thanks! >_< Edit: I just checked my Steam achievements, and it says that I got my first lvl 70 character on the 31st of decemeber 2018. Just in case it helps.
  3. Hello there! First of all, I LOVE this game. I was very, very into this game, until I ran into a problem and stopped playing. Basically, my characters were gone altogether (I used to play online ranked). After a quick search, I found the issue: I had two computers at the time, a PC and a Linux machine. Apparently logging onto both of them made everything disappear! Now, this was years ago, but I recently came across a post somewhere where it said that your characters could be recovered if you've not logged in too many times after this type of issue, and since I quit the game when that happened, I was hoping someone here could help me get back my characters. That would be so amazing! Thank you in advance. Steam ID is axeldominator ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/axeldominator/ )
  4. My and my friends play ONLY in ranked mode without mods (obviously). Is this a modded thing that's not allowed in ranked mode or something? Sorry if that's a noobish question, I'm just not sure. Thanks.
  5. Hello Trendynet! First of all, let me congratulate you on your game, I think it's really creative a fun and seems like you're putting a lot of effort to make it better so... keep it up! And now with my issue. Me and a friend of mine recently bought the game through Steam along with some DLCs. We really wanted to unlock the Xmas costumes, but no matter how hard we tried, it was impossible until yesterday's evening being lvl 45ish (even if the recommended level is 30). We were sooooo excited!! :D! We could finally beat all the waves in easy and kill the boss (t'was a close call though). We happily went back to the tavern to check the costumes and we saw that we were given a weapon: a staff for his mage and a blade for my countess. We didn't know that, so we got even more excited! He dropped his staff in my tavern so I could see it and I dropped my blade so he could grab it for his knight, since what I had was better. Sadly, his staff wasn't so he was going to use his new weapon... but when he picked up the blade the staff disappeared! It just vanished! It wasn't in my inventory nor his, and not even equipping the blade on his knight could make his staff come back to his item box or even the floor of the tavern. We were so sad, especially because we don't know exactly why it happened. Mind throwing some light on this? Could it be a bug? I tried to Google'ing it, but i couldn't find anything... Or could it be that you can only have one Xmas weapon per account? Is it possible to restore this lost item or do we have to get a new one? Thanks in advance! Ah! Silly me, almost forget... my Steam account name is Cernny and my friend's is Bladeways. If you need more information don't hesitate to ask! ***Edit: silly typo ^^ ***Edit 2: And also I remembered another bug that occured in that same game. We were in a building phase (8th was it...?), and we were scavenging for mana around the doors. I ran into the eastern doors to check if there was any mana in the blackness of the small spawn room, but I got stuck! It was like there were some invisible walls or something. I called my friend and dropped my mana so he could grab it in case I died when the creep wave came out, but the mana wouldn't go through the invisible doors either. So my friend got a little closer, a little closer, and... he got stuck too. In order to continue he had to reconnect to my game and go grab the first present. When the creeps started to come out I couldn't go out either, and they seemed to ignore me. I tabbed out to Google this issue looking for a quick fix, but when I tabbed back in like 20 secs afterwards, I was in the stairs next to the present sack with no mana (I died?). We could finish it without any further issues, but now we avoid the doors. ***Edit 3: Since it's taking so long for you to reply, I'll edit once more to report another bug I just found. BTW, we already got like three more Xmas weapons, so forget about the request to restore it. My friend and I just killed the final dragon boss for first time and we got a couple achievements. We also got some presents under our Christmas trees, which gave us roughly 20 million mana. But some of the mana gems from the presents got "stuck" in the dummy right beside the tree and they were not reachable by any means. We tried starting a level and coming back, but they were gone and we got no mana. I don't know if this is a known issue, but I thought it would be fit to report it anyway. This post has "grown" a lot in the waiting for a response, so I'm going to change its title. ***Edit 4: OK, I'm editing this post one last time only to say that I'm a bit disappointed and that I'm "abandoning" this forum. I've had this website open for 10 whole days without getting any reply, and besides, I don't even need help anymore, I was merely reporting some bugs. My advice is... don't make this forum private. I mean, it seemed nice at first, but I think maybe I could have solved my problem by searching older posts. Chances are, most people who report things on this forum are having the same problems as others also posting. So if this big delay on replying on tech forums is because of the huge amount of messages, I really think you should consider making it public, or restricted only to people that owns a serial key, just like the guys from Paradox Interactive do. If anyone ever reads this, thanks anyway I guess.
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