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  1. Nope. Thaleskpl tried to restore it, but I guess it wasn't far back enough. We just gave up.
  2. Hi Hakon. That's terrible news... Very sad, if that's indeed the case. I know power leveling could get me up to a decent level quickly enough, but I'm mostly disappointed because I lost my gear. It was really, really good gear that I was given. I don't know if I will get back into the game like this, but don't worry, and thanks anyway :).
  3. Hi again! I logged in to check if your fix worked, and... well, it did, but I think that was just a low level character I made after my high level character (it was 70+) got deleted and before I gave up on the game. Or maybe it's my character, just very low level?? Anyway... I feel terrible for asking since you've been so helpful, but is there any chance to check for the right save? So sorry! And thanks! >_< Edit: I just checked my Steam achievements, and it says that I got my first lvl 70 character on the 31st of decemeber 2018. Just in case it helps.
  4. Hello there! First of all, I LOVE this game. I was very, very into this game, until I ran into a problem and stopped playing. Basically, my characters were gone altogether (I used to play online ranked). After a quick search, I found the issue: I had two computers at the time, a PC and a Linux machine. Apparently logging onto both of them made everything disappear! Now, this was years ago, but I recently came across a post somewhere where it said that your characters could be recovered if you've not logged in too many times after this type of issue, and since I quit the game when that hap
  5. My and my friends play ONLY in ranked mode without mods (obviously). Is this a modded thing that's not allowed in ranked mode or something? Sorry if that's a noobish question, I'm just not sure. Thanks.
  6. Hello Trendynet! First of all, let me congratulate you on your game, I think it's really creative a fun and seems like you're putting a lot of effort to make it better so... keep it up! And now with my issue. Me and a friend of mine recently bought the game through Steam along with some DLCs. We really wanted to unlock the Xmas costumes, but no matter how hard we tried, it was impossible until yesterday's evening being lvl 45ish (even if the recommended level is 30). We were sooooo excited!! :D! We could finally beat all the waves in easy and kill the boss (t'was a close call though). We ha
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