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  1. The reason monks heal has any effect is that the ability takes so little mana you can quite easily keep it running for 50-60 seconds (IIRC, it takes ~40s just to chew through 2020 mana...). Add that monks themselves don't have a huge amount of HP and over the duration of the ability use, even 500/s becomes 20-30k (10%) You also missed barb & summoner heals from your list (which I don't think was was intentional, since you did include WoF and HB), both of which are atleast competitive with WoF depending on what you need.
  2. 1/2/4) Not being ignored, just no comment to make 3) Trap fx shutdown on entry to build phase added for testing. Ideas for auras are being tossed around 5) Forgot to mention, but that's actually a bug that has been fixed. They are the same colour on the minimap for an unknown reason (The fix was just to change the colour value very slightly and then it magically works...) 7) Done 8) Done 9) The idea to change the colour of the circle is going to require modifying every single item making it somewhat of a pain to do -.- (I am currently very annoyed about this since I really liked the idea) 10)
  3. I like the idea of colourising the circle to provide a strong colour. Seems like the best of both worlds (although the default colour would need to change...)*If* folder pricing was added, my opinion would be that it only applies to the direct folder and not sub folders which would make any chance of a "mistake" quite a bit lower. If you can still mess that up...Should durational traps be forced to expire on the transition from combat to build phase? ( not the reverse!! )Item locks are being looked at. Personally I'm not a fan of locking new floor pickups as it clearly identifies them as such
  4. We can't delete items immediately, therefore you will want to have floor space to spawn items or some trash items to be replaced when presents spit out items. That clear up the confusion?
  5. No commentNo commentAre we primarily talking about the inferno and the wisps in the center of auras here? As already mentioned, that's almost exactly what it does. I say "almost" because it can't behave exactly same way as the moon gravity. The current level of effect is effectively a 20% decrease per moon (36% with 2 moons). For reference, moonbase is only a 30% decrease (a moon on moonbase is 44% less than normal)No comment(mamba's #1) Not a bad idea at allFixedNo comment on suggestion, and no response doesn't mean it wasn't read...If you can show that there is support for the change. IIRC b
  6. 1) Yes it did despawn more items than required *when multiple items over the limit*. Spawn two items at the limit and it would delete 3 (any guesses how many items were removed if you killed two ogres and got 8 items over the limit?) 2) In addition to this, freshly spawned items aren't allowed to be despawned instantly (technical reasons require it if nothing else) forcing it to look for higher quality alternatives 3) Any item rated at transcendant or higher *won't* be removed. Gets a little silly on late EV survival with >100 items lying around, but such is the rules... #1 *should* be fix
  7. 1) Invis works on bosses (atleast the huntress version). 2) I disagree that enemy drain has a "limit" as a DPS ability if we aren't looking at bosses. -- It's the only ability that can reduce incoming damage for all heroes and defences in an area -- It's the only single ability that can boost damage for all heroes and defences in an area -- It's an effective ensnare in a pinch (don't recall if that stacks with the real deal)
  8. (This is purely my opinion and is no reflection on the CDT or development) RDB: Agree totally. The ability just runs against any active playstyle and so is only really of benefit when one can already steamroll (which makes it of no benefit...) Enemy Drain: Cautiously agreed. By the very nature of its effects, this ability stacks (as a power multiplier) with everything (because its the only ability which modifies the affected mob, not the hero) making it absurdly powerful when players are grouped up (eg. boss fights, ogre rushes). At the same time it should still be a useful ability to a solo p
  9. To make myself clear, yes it's possible (the code side is already done >.>) and the consensus does seem to be that it is a good idea. My wording above was more along the lines of "nothing confirmed until we can confirm it is actually working on Steam" (there's been several occasions now where it all works perfectly until it goes on steam)
  10. It'll be looked at but no timeframe will be confirmed and no promises will be made
  11. After playing around with some magic numbers, I am pleased to report that the issue of armour not sticking it out to the end of the round may finally be at an end (still tweaking to make sure it happens across all maps and waves so this isnt the final product yet but...) Sample from testing log: (20:47:00:821)ScriptLog: DunDefGRI_CrystalQuest: ============================================================ (20:47:00:821)ScriptLog: DunDefGRI_CrystalQuest: Logging equipment stats for wave 22 (20:47:00:821)ScriptLog: DunDefGRI_CrystalQuest: Number of items generated: 410 (20:47:00:822)ScriptLog: Dun
  12. Visual-wise that would match a teleporting projectile like suggested in my own created thread. That it does extremely well: https://youtu.be/5LHqIoKYcrE (note, this is not a hitscan, just the projectile teleporting to reduce the travel time. NOTE, this is just testing of options and is by no means a confirmation of actions)
  13. Since you called, I'll respond once and I'll keep this short For clarity: quality = a measure of the total stat potential of an item, tier = godly/myth/etc. The way the tier of an item of mythical or greater tier is evaluated has not changed between 8.0 and 8.2 (NOTE: sub mythical did change slightly. You'll notice items with 8 negatives aren't godly tier anymore). In 8.1, a bug was introduced that noticably increased the quality of dropped armour. All stats were averaging higher and the frequency of higher tier armour generating doubled (roughly). This increased was noticed by a number of pe
  14. RE: Lower armour to weapon ratio on the floor The good news is that we have identified the cause of armour not sticking around and why a drop in the ratio was observed The bad news is that the ratio actually returned (roughly) to what it was prior to 8.1. A bug with armour generation during 8.1 also had a side effect of making it harder to remove... (That is not to say that we don't want to increase the ratio again...)
  15. If you read my last post, you'll find we already killed off the specific garbage inclusions. The garbage you are talking about is because the RNG gave it lots of negative stats, not because of some specific addition (and because of this, your chances of finding useful stuff doubled between 8.0 and 8.2)
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