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  1. Not to be negative... Honest But every patch and fix still has issues, they get it a little better, then the next patch gets it a little bit better again... And so on So, stick with it, they will keep working on it
  2. On PS4.... Right stick (r3) Also, lock the gear u r putting shards in so u don't sell it with the shards in
  3. Loot drops are based off your best geared hero (only one.. not all 4) so keep putting your best gear and relics on the same character Doing a partial upgrade on your gear will usually help u find better gear (don't need to upgrade all the way, just a little) If you are not seeing any better drops, move up a chaos tier.
  4. Yes, each type of armor has its own specific stats (example, warrior is health and dmg. Ranger is hero dmg and ability power) Once u get gold drops u get an extra stat on the armor, that one is random (I am pretty sure lol)
  5. One of the bumpers (Sorry I can't remember exactly) It's opposite of putting down a flag/ping, so u hold one bumper, then click the other
  6. Try switching servers or zones Happens sometimes, they have done server maintenance a couple times today, stil trying to handle all the new players Hang in there, eventually they will get it right!! The game has a lot to offer, with lots more improvements in the works, trendy has done a lot of great things with the game recently.... But updates r allways plagued with problems. Most of the time they get the major issues figured out within a reasonable time frame
  7. If you exit the hatchery and go back in you can get it to hatch. However it doesn't give you the option on screen to do so, really clunky.
  8. Doesn't take me back to private tavern. That sucks, if I start a match from private tavern, it would be great to return to my private tavern. It brings you to social town area. Edit (this is on PS4)
  9. Ok, after some practice... I can kill single rollers A double or triple spawn and I'm screwed. Wow... That just made everything really hard for solo play!!
  10. Just finished the update, excited to check out the new siege roller! 2nd wave, I got a roller spawn!!! DPS time :) Wait.... uhh, this isn't working?!?! Well that sucks!
  11. Ok, after reading through other posts while I waited, and waited, and waited... I switched to EU servers and can join with no problem. The US servers are apparently full? Slow? Suck?
  12. Have not had this issue before... My private tavern works fine, private matches work fine, but I time out trying to zone into town/social tavern. Anyone else having this issue today?
  13. Wow, I just got home from vacation, pulled up the forums hoping for good news on the patch.... not so much. The general forums seem pretty happy with everything, as usual the ps4 forums are basically all bad news. I'm interested to see something from trendy other than "we've let the team know" and/or "we knew about the other stuff before, it just didn't get fixed" @Trendy...... you guys remember we payed for this right? We keep spending money on this.... I think everyone playing on ps4 is rather upset right now, and maybe just maybe, you guys should consider not screwing up the game f
  14. Fun to play, very mobile, and ok dps. Not a must have, but fun to run around with. Double jump is really great, and the vroom broom is cool for moving across levels quickly (also fun just to fly around a lot of levels). Her dps is solid.... she has some good cc abilities that let her really slow down bosses or large groups. Not a must have.... but a lot of fun, just don't buy her thinking she is gonna be the queen of DPS.
  15. Playing splitscreen there is a large lag when starting a match, or returning to the tavern, the 2nd players screen stays black for a while until they finally appear. An adjustment to how the inventory screen is laid out so both players could go through their inventory simultaneously would be great. Cleaning inventory after a match is already bad, having to wait for my son to do his, then doing mine takes a while. Along that same line, making the inventory and bag system better would be great for everyone on ps4. Beyond that, i can't think of anything at the moment.... my son and I play
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