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  1. What would be really interesting is, you could pick a tower before the game starts, just one, that would have a new ability for the current game, but for whatever reason, would weaken other towers built by the same character. I'll leave the powerups to your imagination, but what a perfect way to integrate team play... If you have 4 different people playing the same character (eg squire,) they could all pick a different tower to *specialize* in... I think you may be onto something there :D
  2. Thanks for the support guys. It's not a major issue but it can have an immediate effect on your defenses, if you're struggling and the djinn manages to remove something important like a gas trap (if you're struggling with stats,) and can ruin your entire game in the blink of an eye. Should it be end of wave, an extra harpoon will take it out no problem, but mid-wave the mob build up is far too much to just go wandering out of the safe haven that is my tower base in that corner :p
  3. I'm actually quite glad I have some more support with this issue. I don't think it's fair that a djinn can de-summon something from a position it can't be hit, but whats worse is when it removes half of my towers DPS with it.
  4. Just a quick rant, I won't keep you too long; I was playing shipwreck MF and setup a large gathering of towers, with several buff beams in place to boost as much as possible, and I failed the last wave because of a lucky Djinn despawn... He managed to take my healing aura from somewhere my towers couldn't hit him, which caused me to lose 5 seperate buff beams placed on other towers... Is this supposed to happen? Or is there anyway an aura could only take out one buff beam should it manage to be desummoned? My arguement is, if it's only recieving one buff, it should only lose one buff beam, I really don't think this is a fair gameplay mechanic.
  5. I haven't managed to play with the sharken yet, it's downloading as we speak.. However, To simplify your idea, why not make it so that repairing it, could move it back to it's original place? Or something along those lines? That would save you having to annoyingly move things during combat, having to re-place the tower and just repair it to make things easier :)
  6. Because they often get stuck right here, behind the tent... http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/577827667774759763/246709E797E65BA02D8BAFE1335370B1404EAEDE/ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/577827667774758085/E6C171891C0A2F591E3ACF534E78C57A39C82883/ You can see my harps flying towards the Djinn but they never hit it, due to some sort of clipping issue I would imagine (I'm not that much of a tech-guy, I hope clipping is the right terminology for this type of mishap.) I've had so many games run flat out of time when the djinn flying around here distract my harps from other mobs, because the Djinn is desummoning. Anyone else having similar issues?
  7. I still dont get it. I have seen a lot of people talking about the benefits of stacking infernos for big damage but every test I have done outside of the tavern has shown the enemies dont take any significant ammount more damage from more than 1 inferno at a time and as a result even with nearly 1000 Trap Damage and 600+ in other stats my Rangers stack of 5 traps has difficulty killing enemies in monster fests once the mages start showing up. That's strange, but you're not the only one to complain of infernos not thaving the expected behaviour. Let's say for whatever reason, this isn't doing so great for you, having more infernos will at least increase the DPS on mobs, and make a more resistant defense, should a djinn who manages to hide behind a tent manages to take one down. It's still a win/win from where I'm standing, but not every tactic works for every person I guess.. I can't personally clarify how wells my traps work because because I haven't logged any changes in DPS being upped as such, but I know I get hit by a lot less ninjas behind my lines now, so I'm thankful even for that.
  8. Alright, i'll get to building a Tower Char right away. I suppose I should start with the apprentice, first. I can change the countess to Tower right now, her stats are more of a hybrid. The main tower class required by most guides on this site are with a squire/countess.. It will be quite hard to get any decent armour without NM though, it will require you to buy everything from shops. Work on getting an alternate set of gear for your countess, even if you have to change to your apprentice before waves start to assist with DPS.
  9. The trick to this tactic is standing on the bowling turrets as much as possible, which draws all enemies paths, to the front.. If you stand at the back, more enemies will come, but provided you spend 75% of your time at the front, the 2 harps pointing backwards, will take care of wyverns, and the odd djinn and ogre.
  10. I actually really like this build, although I'd like a screenshot just to confirm the layout, as it's so packed in that corner, I may miss an important part of the formation. I really can't wait to give this a try, I'm loving your builds Angelus, keep it up!
  11. I didn't realize my plan would have such influence on someone :P The one super nice thing about uber tiny infernos, is that they are less likely to be djinn desummoned since the edge of the inferno is where the desummon beam has to hit. That means you can put the gas trap so the front edge of the det range is about 2 feet off your wall, which means they don't get stunned until they get close, which means more burn time. I buffbeam my infernos :P I'd recommend using a series EV wall for the back. They are higher health than spiked walls at the same DU. The EV walls are a nice addition, a friend of mine swapped all of his main builder gear onto his EV while duo'd a few levels. The only problem I have found since testing and tweaking this build a little, is for some reason, with more toons, the ogre's that come around the back occasionally jump the back wall... :/ I guess EV walls would fix that problem though, so I agree with you there. Also I have found another side note that I feel I should make people aware of, and that is to do with the gas trap at the front. REEL IT IN! If you put it too close to the front, it can stop mobs getting into the inferno traps at all, and it seriously slowed up my final wave with my duo partner earlier, and caused us to fail because a golden archer got wedged in the side of the foremost tent.. The ideal place is for the trigger zone, to be just a smidge infront of the walls, so only serious mobs busting all the way through the fiery goodness will trip it, and not hold too much back.
  12. the thought never even crossed my mind, and I usually use them all the time! Well this build still kicked *** for me, even without them, so I will add them in place of an inferno maybe, or just to use up the spare DU. Nice addition! thanks!
  13. Hi there guys I haven't posted much, but I lurk a lot on the forums, absorbing any and all information I can gather to make myself a better player at this game, and now I have decided to share my new tactic with you all... After reading through a recent forum post called UMF, inferno edition, I decided to adjust a tactic that had brought me so close to beating OMF several times, but never quite finishing the last wave or couple of waves.. For those of you that don't know what Im referring to in this guide, it's about shrinking traps to a smaller size, to fit more in one location, although this doesn't make the traps any less deadly.. (Infernos at least..) So I behold! http://ddplanner.com/?l=1961,omf-nm-trap-stack The notes have a slight explanation on what's going on, but I wanted to create a thread for those of you that had any questions, or improvements! I love a bit of criticism! The basic tactic is to cram 5 infernos in a smaller size, and in a 3 at the back, 2 at the front formation at the front of the spike walls, to annihilate smaller enemies fast and cause them to spawn quicker (solving many timing issues I had.) The front of the defense also contains a gas to hold them in the fire and to trap djinns entering the base from the front, and a couple proxies for extra damage to anything stupid enough to walk into the blaze. The build order is as follows: Start on huntress as she is fastest, build traps, switch to squire and build into start of first wave, and upgrade what you can, on second wave, its a couple auras, and reflection can be added on third wave if you're struggling for time.. I would love to show a video for this but my PC struggles enough to cope with all the infernos on DD! My huntress was not very powerful at all, she only had basic myth armors making her a mere average of around 500 in each tower stat, and about 700 in tower attack. My builder however is around 1300/1600/600/600 but I breezed it mostly apart from having to repair a bunch during the breaks and a little during the waves. The repair cost is kept to a minimum though with a small relfection beam at the front, and I won't even bother to post my EV stats as she's only 73 and not even properly equipped yet. That being said a buff beam would probably really help this layout even more so. I have spare DU because my builder is so poor in DPS that the spare DU usually built a harp or bouncer to finish off stuck or buggy enemies at the end of the waves. One last thing before I leave, I cannot stress enough how important your resists are, although the reflection beam will save a lot of time repairing, and the healing aura will keep you mostly safe, the bombardment that comes at the start of waves from wyvern assaults are killer! Protect yourself as best as you can ;) Good luck and I hope this helps you out! Thanks for reading :D Edit: Just a strong point for this build, you can stand on the bowling balls, pretty safe behind reflect beam, yet inside healing aura and still heal first line of traps and walls if setup correctly. This made maintenace a TON easier. Edit 2: updated with darkness trap, but have been left with less DU so maybe remove anything you don't find useful incase of glitched mobs to build other towers :)
  14. I just have to say a massive thanks to you for making a thread and spreading the knowledge. I was having trouble passing OMF NMHC and using the resizing strat, I caused so much damage through infernos and a couple prox mines and saved a ton of DU, which meant my tower squire (who can't attack for cake,) could build a spare harp or bouncer to finish off enemies that were stuck elsewhere.. Im going to release this in the guides section but I will post it here just to show you guys what I achieved with this tactic. http://ddplanner.com/?l=1945,omf-nm-trap-stack
  15. Thanks to Hitmonchan for getting us some answers. At least we know what we're not getting now. I got far more than my 10 worth from this game, but that doesn't make me any less disappointed by this news, infact the opposite is true. I thought the game was going to grow and grow, much like the PC version, instead it will unfortunately stagnate without the addition of new content. The DLC just wasn't that great. I enjoyed the map, but the fact that there's no new content, a PVP map I'll never play and a broken challenge sort of soured the experience. I don't think I'll be forking out the additional 10 for the rest of the DLC, I just don't see how it can bring me my moneys worth. And since you aren't prepared to bring us console exclusive content, I'm not prepares to give you any more money. Oh, and the Pictures of the new heroes in the secret tavern was a **** move. Seriously. At least you got the DLC, it's still not out here in the UK/EU! It was the only thing keeping me playing, but seeing as it's had massive delays and people are complaining about it, I'm kinda glad I haven't got it. I'm looking into the pc version as we speak, the requirements aren't so bad according to the list of minimums on Steam. I don't hate Trendy they've made a good product, it's just a shame consoles restrict them to only being able (financially and time-worthy) to as few updates as possible.
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