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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've switched to windows (dual boot) and I've played fine for a week. Today I've logged in to notice I can't join any game from the custom ranked games list. I can create though, but I've wanted to be able to join someone else's tavern too... The only change I made this past week was switching a steam skin (but I did that before and never had any problem). Tried verifying game integrity > nothing Tried uninstalling it and re-installing it... still, nothing. btw it happens on quick play and custom matches... open or ranked... I try to enter a tavern invite or get an invite and it gives me timeout error. Can anyone help me out??
  2. this thread is very old but I hope this can help me fixing my problem... In the beginning of this week everything was fine.... But now... I can host but no one can enter (it says connection times out). I can't join any game ranked or open... why is that happening? treid veryfying integrity, tried uninstalling and reinstalling it... damn
  3. It's been ages since I don't play the game. But I'm glad to be back. I've found minor bugs here and there: At this very moment I'm unable to join a friend's game (nor he joining mine as a matter of fact) through steam invite.I've ran into a VC Redist problem in the steam installation that won't let me play... Read about it and apparently is a Windows 10 only related issue. Had to use a [.reg] file to fix the problem and now I'm able to launch the game with no worries. But that can be adressed.Tried the linux version and found two bugs there that crippled my intentions of playing on the system:Mouse sensitivity while in 3rd person view drops like crazy and I'm unable to play. To look to the right side I had to move my mouse through my entire desk. And the mouse sensitivity option in the menu doesn't seems to work. Tried editing baseinput.ini but no luck.Crystals won't follow player (or be attracted to you) like it's normal to happen.Hope that my feedback helps. I'm back for good and I'll try to develop my Dungeon Defenders player team again.
  4. Hi, I'm here to honestly say that I think I've been cheated! I like to play honestly and I need to assure you guys that by all means I never intended to cheat on Dungeon Defenders! I bought the game to play it fair, and don't want to be banned for this! That's why I did this post! The thing is that I've bought a gear set for 10 USD dollars outside the game (like I used to do with Diablo 2)! But in that game items like that couldn't exist due to superior software security or something... I saw the Outside Store (http://defendersstore.com/) and that the store was linked in-game so I thought that was a legal thing going on! But when the seller gave me the items (after payment) I notice they had over superior stats (I didn't saw the items first coz I asked him for the best set he had) So please don't get me banned. My account is > (on steam JohnnyBR - [email]jgganeto@hotmail.com[/email]) I honestly didn't knew Dungeon Defenders had this hack leak. And now I spent more 10 bucks for this cheated gear OMG I feel awful! Should I give you a screen-shot of the items too? The Seller account in steam is is "DD 4 Paypal"!!! Should I report on steam too? I even got his name (due to payment I saw his name on Paypal)! I won't use these items on public games no way! Please respond me as soon as you guys can!
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