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  1. Not sure how I feel about PC now having to wait for consoles to get their patches done before PC can get theirs (or vice versa). Wasn't this decided against since it was a dumb thing?

    What's holding me back most from having fun right now is the trap dominance. It's just so boring and I've seen it all. We need more combos and a trap/frostbyte nerf.

    Scaling per DU is bad as well. Seems like a horrible idea balance-wise. Just make cheaper DU towers cheaper to upgrade.

    I just hope that no tower will be locked behind a paywall though. So if that new hero has unique towers/performs a major new role like buffing towers or heros, they will be free.

    That said, I am not seeing enough monetization right now. And I find the chest system for cosmetics isn't really convincing me to spend money on it, which is worrisome.

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