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  1. I'd love it if for example we could place the barricades and apprentice walls in sections, and each extra section to cost a tad bit extra DU. Basically the same system the EV had with her reflect beams and walls in DD1. It would really take away the frustration regarding needing to spend more DU because theres a minuscule gap, or leaving it and playing Russian roulette with lady orcs. As for the skeletons being spawned underneath the barricades - can't Trendy make it so the skeletons get pulled a bit towards the mage every time they get resurrected? Like right before they receive their hitbox and initiate movement? And please consider matching up the visuals of barricades with the actual hitboxes. This means that the models shouldn't get larger after upgrading either... Unless the hitbox actually increases as well, which would not be optimal game design.
  2. Honestly, I believe putting a cap one AOE targets is bad by design, as AOE towers will lose their relative effectiveness as increasing difficulties will result in more swamping. Also, The range shard used to increase Flamethrowers' max targets because of the larger AOE. Now I will have to remove the range shard since that "less damage, but more targets"-principle is completely gone, and I'd be gimping myself by not switching to a damage shard. Instead, focus more on balancing the difficulties right, so having more than 2 flamers per lane will be a waste. After all, 2 flamethrowers will kill all trash, the ones who do survive will be Orcs/Lady orcs/Ogres/Other major mobs that come alone or nearly alone. By the time the Flamethrowers have thinned out their ranks, single target towers like the cannonball tower are a much better pick, as they dish out more damage at less DU. On top of that, these can actually target air mobs, unlike AOE towers. At the very least, maximum number of targets should be linked to the range of the tower. EG: Have the ranged shard increase maximum number of targets by 40% as well. One could also give Orcs and any other mob above that, a low AOE resistance to accentuate this.
  3. I also very much would like the option for more bags... Perhaps add it to the inventory pack, because the value you get for it is kinda meh anyways... Actually, I don't get why it's a one-time buy only. If someone wants to get 20 inventory packs, and actually pay for that, then that seems like a great deal for both Trendy and the community. But again, the prices are a bit steep atm imho. EDIT: typos
  4. Possibly have the mound of ground create an obstruction for like a second or so as well. Helps grouping them up. Either A combo of that, or AOE + lower DU costs.
  5. This pretty much. I've been experimenting with placing cannonball towers after my flamethrowers, with decent results so far.
  6. A good balance is one that works at every level and every type of content, including current and future content. Imho, mana costs for upgrades should be one of the easier things to balance here. The balance team can simply keep in mind how much mana each map gives (including mob drops), and calculate how many upgrades you'll be able to get out of it, and by which wave. Edit: Reading through everything you said again, you might actually be saying this solution would indeed be fine, but simply disagree with the statement limited mana is a very real factor that lasts throughout the game until the end of the last round. In which case, yes, you're right.
  7. It seems to be unrelated to height. I had flamers below, above and on the same height as the target (on the Ramparts remake), and they all glitched out. Here's the interesting thing... I died, and after respawning they started doing damage again.
  8. It's simply an inferior method of balancing, how is it better than linking upgrading costs to building costs? Makes no sense from a balancing perspective, especially long term since we're bound to get game modes with more than just 5 rounds (there's onslaught for one) - in which case 30 DU towers should not be objectively better than 40 DU ones.
  9. They are pretty silly. You have to cheese them in one way or another, and instead of being something that should be countered by players, you're once again delegating defense to handle them (unless you're using an AL I guess). Otherwise, basically all you can do is wait them out. And I doubt that's what Trendy had in mind when adding these. You've gotta hope your defenses can handle C5 on their own and literally nothing can even have a hint of going wrong because you literally can't even change heroes the moment the assassins start even merely targetting you. TBH, as a concept with the intention of being a FUN addition to the game, they're pretty much doomed to fail. Invisible, tanks even though they're supposed to be assassins, they lock the character from doing anything at all, heal up, and they can all latch onto you at the same time. And the worst - ground targetting towers ignore them. Literally every single one of those properties are horrible. :/ Feels like they tried to reinvent the wheel when they already had the DD1 assassins they could easily copy. I get they want to innovate, but again, this is way too extreme imho. Makes me worried for when Trendy gets around to adding Sharken and spiders again...
  10. TBH, I was thinking about buying the inventory upgrade, but only one bag seems a bit underwhelming for that price....
  11. Video showing the bug happening on non-boss mobs (relic + shards at the end of the video): https://youtu.be/rMCeZawAbYs  Another weird bug, might be linked? https://youtu.be/vyrpM7GqiD0
  12. I can get 0.15 on flamethrowers without a speed relic... I am only going by the tooltip though. Am I missing something? I did use the speed shard tho... edit* you are just talking about speed stat not the shard, sorry. I couldn't agree more with OP, please just standardize its not fun having 4000 points of your relic wasted. Not only are you hurting the base stats of a tower, but you are nerfing the impact their gear has too. getting awesome loot that you only use less then 1/5 of a stat is not cool. There's a Speed shard for towers?
  13. Reached the cap on my flamers at 0.2 attacks/sec without even trying (It's a secondary stat). Wish we had softcaps like in DD1.
  14. I agree partially. I agree in the sense that lower DU towers need to be have something going for them when it comes to mana efficiency and upgrading. However, I STRONGLY dissagree they should get better damage scaling. 30 DU towers surpassing 40 DU towers in strenght at higher upgrade levels was one of my biggest pet peeves of DD1. Performance per DU vs other towers should not change depending on upgrade level. The downside of costing merely a bit of extra mana (mana costs are minor compared to DU cost), which is only a temporary issue until you get plenty of it to upgrade everything, should not be countered by a permanent performance increase. They should simply cost less to upgrade. Why doesn't every towers upgrade cost equal their initial building cost, multiplied by tier? EG: Cannonball lvl 2 costs 30 mana, lvl 3 costs 60 mana, etc.. Furthermore, every tower should have identical scaling. That's only fair (and logical).
  15. I'm getting it on maps with nothing but flamers, barricades and skyguards. Though in my case, no flame is coming out either. they're just standing there doing the animation.
  16. In DD1, I could stack defense speed, and at a certain point my tower rof would go from 0.08 to 0.07 (MM towers). It's not much, and it took ages to make that 0.01 sec jump, but it was possible, and still gave 12.5% increased DPS. The way it is now makes defense speed completely worthless once you reach a certain point. And that point is ridiculously easy to reach, too. And that's only with speed as a secondary stat.
  17. And turn them into soft caps please. A c4 Medallion with speed as a secondary stat + 20 points in tower speed is enough for my flamers to reach their ROF cap. There's totally no point in even considering using an orb. I'm sure flamethrower towers are not an exception here.
  18. Noticed the same. Happens when a huge amount of mobs stacks up. I can reliably trigger it on the Magus Quarters remake. 3 flamers per lane on each hallway right next to the crystal. All three of them will start doing it. Will see if I can get it recorded.
  19. So halberds have only 12.7% of their former damage... 1/8th Don't you think that's quite a bit overkill? Especially the attacks/sec and halberd # are the biggest nerfs, since you used to be able to use them for crowd control, or even anti assassins if you used the stun shard. So yeah, the halberd is useless now. At least make it so they don't disappear, because before this patch, it was worth keeping them up (still annoying), now I just can't bother replacing them anymore every 10 or so seconds. Same with the construction shard nerf. Serious overkill...
  20. I very much agree. It's a very clumsy feature to say the least.
  21. My post was more oriented towards played aiming for NM4. If you're not planning on on that then don't worry about it too much. Just make sure you can do Physical and Magical damage as well as having a waller ready.
  22. A squire and a huntress or two squires. One squire as a waller and another (or huntress) for phys tower damage. If you go huntress, you should level a frosty apprentice next. On most difficulties, you use cannons for AA, so a monk should be the last builder you make if your first one was an apprentice.
  23. It would be sweet if we could make/join taverns or games restricted to members of our community groups. It would allow us to play semi-public without risking unwanted leeches. Saying this splits the community is incorrect. Most high grade players are playing full private (at least on the difficulties that matter). Can't get any more unsocial than that.
  24. It would be lovely if we could select which lanes had which resistances...
  25. The issue with blockade leaks is that enemies will aggro onto stuff behind the barricades such as the core, But then there are other problems like ogres reenacting that scene from world war z where the zombies pile up to get over a wall. I don't believe it's only that. If that was the case, they could have just raised the aggro of the blockades. Or a flaw in the programmation (forgetting a coma pays a lot)? We can't know but one sure is certain, if they can't fix it instantly, than the problem might be a little bit more complex than we think. Anyways I hope it gets fixed soon (or that it will disappear with bigger blockades). They said ogres walking forward is cause the core is so close, when i build further away from the core it never happens, mobs attack normally. When mobs spawn they lock onto the core but if something is in the way they are supposed to attack that then go for the core but sometimes they just ignore it, this happens in DD1 but since all mobs are trash mobs to towers it never really happened there. It must have something to do with how they programe the DD games. Had it happen on onslaught. the map with all the water pipes with the frog on top. And I built on the second to top lane, quite far away from the core. OT: I'm just looking forward to the meta changing to something that isn't 100% frosts + traps. They should have a community test team for this imho.
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