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  1. It is kinda interesting, how the opinions on this topic already differ after a few posts. The first 2 posts here are talking about the grind being "too tedious", "too long", so basically too much. Others find the content/progression to easy/fast. It is impossible to make everyone happy in this regard, because some like the grind much more than others do. In my opinion, the Massacre Survival progression was really good this time. It took me a good while (and over 20 campaign summit runs to get a single (!) Speedy Gemstone to even get started...) to reach a state, where I can beat Glitter a
  2. Thanks for the kind words. We are still working through all the changes. There are tons of them and unfortunately they are not documented. Many little things have been changed with the latest patch. About your statement and question about the loot scaling: The values in this document represent a max loot quality (I am not sure why Zaltenos renamed that chapter to "Map Loot Multipliers, because that is kinda missleading"). But it does not make any assumption about the distribution of the loot quality from 0 to this max value. You could have a linear distribution, a Gausian distributio
  3. That is a very interesting statement, because from my experience so far it seems to be the other way around: Solo seems to be way harder than a (halfway) organized group. I say "halfway organized", because - obvisiouly - if you have undergeared players with you, it is definitely getting harder. So let's consider a group of players with roughly the same state of progression: As a solo player you just cannot be everywhere at the same time. This might not be a big deal on the early maps, which are very small and walkways are short or almost non-existent. But eventually you want to farm
  4. Yes, that is definitely bugged right now. But you should not blame them for a lack of "extensive playtesting". This is something, that would have been noticed for sure and the game config files do contain the correct values, which result into the correct scaling behaviour (for further details see our spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lYTeCaqHvH6ajYg6pn0AyfyITYoHelmnfUMqZ4I2hRo/ ). So I would assume, that something went wrong when they created the release branch and merged their code into it. Maybe someone accidently added an outdated version of the code again
  5. The current state of the game is also not favorable for such a long break without any updates. Massacre campaign is out and probably beaten by a good amount of veterans already, but Massacre survival is missing. Keep in mind that the game and especially the long term motivation in a DD game is mainly driven by loot. And there is no point to overgrind the current content, when all your gear will become obsolete with the next big update. You could argue, that people might want to prepare for Massacre survival by gearing up, but exactly this gearing up process has already happened and was to
  6. This will certainly be received pretty badly by a lot of players, especially since there was no announcement and we even had a long discussion thread about this topic in the Early Access forums with an offical reply, stating there are no plans of a reset: Yeah, technically he did not lie but let's be honest, "play" and "legacy" are really looking like the equivalent to DD1's "ranked" and "open" (legacy will support mods, but you can only play with other legacy players and I would not be surprised, if they will add an option to export your "play" progress to "legacy" but not vise-verse) a
  7. As of right now, there are two modes: "Play" (equivalent to ranked in DD1), where everyone has to start anew. "Legacy" (equivalent to open in DD1), where your progress from EA is saved. It looks like the "legacy" mode will be indeed treated like the open mode in DD1 including mod support and I would not be surprised, if you will be able to export your "play" profile to "legacy" but not vise-verse. In addition, if you play in the legacy mode, you can only play with other "legacy" players. So basically, we are forced "highly encouraged" to start fresh again.
  8. The Ich

    Welcome to Chromatic Games

    I was really surprised when I saw the news, but it's good to see that you are moving forward. I never really got into DD2 - although I tried it several times and a few hundreds of hours - because a game like Dungeon Defenders stays and falls with the loot system. DD:E was just too easy and I do not like the stat system of DD2 at all. DD1 was so close to perfect in this regard. The loot frequency and rarities made grinding worthwhile and most important the stats system was nice. Simple numbers, but easy to read and to compare. You could tell in a fraction of a second if an item was good or
  9. The biggest problem of DD2 is the loot system - in my opinion. Because nowadays it is all about "(hasRightPrimaryStats? + hasRightPassives?) <=> compare". You might argue, that DD1's pure stat system is even simpler, but nothing was so satisfying, than finding an upgrade to one of your sets. And you had to manage multiple sets, one set might tend to have more dmg, you gave it to a ranged tower builder, another one had more hp, you gave it to the summoner (archer-mage-walls), attack speed (huntress) and range maybe to the monk - oh yeah, and you had these last two stats... And of course i
  10. I have noticed that as well, but I thought it is just a visual bug, because if you unequip and reequip the item, it shows the normal stats. Have you checked, if your towers are doing less damage in such a game compared to a higher level/tower in the tavern?
  11. First of all it's Wyverns Den campaign easy and not freeplay, which gives about 62k xp per run. If you want to progress into freeplay hard or further stuff, you have to get multiple heros or find people with other hero classes to play with.
  12. I noticed that as well, but the offer and ilvl seems to be completely random. And with 2 items every 20 (?) min it is hard to get something decent...
  13. Another thing I have noticed: After I completed Liveroot Forest, I checked out all NPC for a new Quest-Dialogue, there was none, but I had somehow unlocked the pet-NPC and the itemUpgrade-NPC. Then I played Wyvern Den (normal) and completed it. I thought it would be the next logical step. But nothing happened afterwards, so I restarted the game. And Wyvern Den is not available now (yes, even private)!
  14. Yeah, same here. Next on my list (which was actually not visible) was liferoot forest, I completed it and in the end, it says "Quests completed" but I do not see any further quests.
  15. We already have that, or at least for the difficulty. Take a look at the eye-symbol on the top-right corner, next to the amount of the remaining mobs. This eye looks different (angrier), when you play on hard. But frankly, it took me a good while to notice that. It would be nice to have something like "<mapname> <gamemode> <difficulty>" when I hit "ESC". And maybe some further information like <gold picked up so far> and <experience gained so far>... But that's another topic.
  16. Diablo 3 is also a co-op/solo game, not competitive and the leaderboards are working pretty well there. Competition motivates and gives you a reason to farm gear and play the game longer overall. Especially for the upcoming infinite survival mode it should go without saying to add something like this. And it would be nice to have some rewards for the leading places. Something like extra gold/xp on that specific map, nothing gamebreaking of course. But if you implement leaderboards, please make seperate ones, one for every amount of players (solo, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players).
  17. Hello, when I click on the "submit" button, when editing a post or creating a new one, the page scrolls up / jumps to the middle (only if there is any scrollbar of course). When I click the button a second time, everything is fine. I have this problem with "Firefox 34.0" and I can reproduce it everytime. But I do not have this problem with the "Internet Explorer". Thanks in advance.
  18. I am not sure if I am right here, but I "lost" my thread about defense formulas some time ago. It was never integrated into the new forum. The name was: DDE Data Collection: Stats, Formulas, Charts and even more Data and it was a thread in the general section of the old forum. Originally it was not designed to be a guide, but with a little bit of rework it could be a good and helpful one as well. (for those, who have no idea what I am talking about, here is the link to the album of pictures used in this thread with all the data(information): http://imgur.com/a/Xv9qJ#0) Many thanks in adva
  19. Im exactly experiencing the described issues by myself. My connection is fine and I had never this kind of freeze on any other map before. But it happens nearly in every run and leads to death, so it is absolutely not possible to complete this challenge, not because of the gameplay itself, but of these technical issues. I had also the described instant death some times, so I can confirm this bug too. Im sure, I will never ever play this challenge again, once I got the achievement for it... And dear developers, that is not what your game-designer should aim for!
  20. gas trap. north lane. right at spawn. problem solved. Usage of gas trap is self-evident.
  21. The problem with these fyverns is not the normal nm hc mode, but the mixed mode. One of them can get from 20k up to 4-5m HP (2 players), and with the golden-djin-buff their HP can increase to 7-8m in the high 20ish waves. But just one of them is not a problem. It gets a little bit problematical if they come in groups (and they always do) and have all those random high values. I have placed two harpoons only for these fyverns in the south to handle this. But the main problem is the middle and north lane: fyverns in addition to an ogre (or more) gets very critical, because the harpoon is distra
  22. I can confirm that it happens every time with mixed mode, but I think I had it without mm a couple of times too!
  23. I think those glitches happen when people join or leave at the exact moment a wave starts. I've had that happen a few times myself. I dont think so, because I had this happened nearly every wave at 'The Ramparts' while I played it solo up to wave 25. (after about 297 mobs or something around this). Maybe it is just because we are killing them too fast?
  24. You could add a key-binding in the UDKInput.ini (location: Steam\SteamApps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\Config ) with the following command to any key you want to: Command="ActivateCrystal".
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