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  1. It's not only the blank look and bad color scheme of the UI, but actually statements like the ones from above, which concern me the most. There is no optimal "one fits all" solution. The devices and especially the way of inputs are too different. Sure, you might get it to work somehow, but that solution will be far from optimal for every system and will always be a compromise to the "weakest part of the chain". And it would be a shame, if the inventory UI would look like this on PC. I would like to give a few examples, how the inventory on a PC could differ: The advantage of a PC is high resolution and having the biggest screenspace (in relation to the viewing distance), so you can put much more functionality on the screen at the same time. For example I do not want to click on the "filter" button everytime. Filtering items is something, you will do extremely often, so the filters have to be right there in form of little toggleable icons (in a grid layout) for the item quality, item type (<selectAll>, Weapons, Helmets, Chests, Gloves, ..., <selectNone>), armor type (<selectAll>, Leather, Chain, Mail..., , <selectNone>) and what I am missing the most are stats: An icon of every stat and two input field next to it to specify the min. and max. value of this stat. So with a few precise clicks and with a few number inputs from the keyboard you should be able to quickly say "please show me all leather helmets of any quality with at least 50 tower damage and 40 tower rate of fire". Or you could filter "please show me all armors with max 30 tower damage and 25 tower HP", so you could then press the "sell all" button to get rid of low-level gear without going through every single item. This would make inventory management so much easier and is just one of the example, how you can fully utilize the capabilities of a specific system. And that's why I am very concerned, that we will just get the most streamlined "one fits all" solution.
  2. I agree, target priorities would be nice to have. Also one thing I really like from other games (for example Factorio) is, that enemies are internally "marked as dead", once all incoming projectiles and therefor potential damage exceeds their hitpoints. So no extra shot / time is wasted on this particular enemy. The problem with such a system is, that it only works well with 100% reliable tower shots. In DD you could have a single enemy going with a high transversal velocity to a tower and therefor causing this tower to miss all its shots (ballista...) for multiple seconds. So such a system would probably not work so well with DD and I guess most problems would already be solved with the typical towe rdefense priorities (strongest, closest, special/flying...).
  3. Yeah, the focus should definitely be more on defensive structures. Heroes are supposed to supplement the defenses, not to replace them. While the numbers of players can vary significantly, the map size and the lane layout does not. You have to keep solo and duo-players in mind. And especially as a solo player you cannot be everywhere at the same time. Given good but not overpowered stats for a particular map, I would say that the defense should handle normal mobs on their own. Heroes should be there to maintain the defenses (repairing, upgrading) and to help out against mini bosses (for example ogres) or large "special sub-waves" like a wyvern swarm.
  4. I would say djins and sharks from DD1 fall into the same category as kobolts. You have to deal with them fast enough before they can do any harm. So they are kind of a dps check. As you pointed out, djins could sometimes desummon a defense from a weird angle, through obstacles or gain a lot of distance while desummoning. This caused annoying situations and in my opinion Djins did not add too much to the gameplay experience, because either you could deal with them (enough dps) or they snowballed your defense. Sharks were even worse. Usually they got stuck in your gas trap and again it was just a matter of a dps test. But sometimes they managed to activate their charge attack nevertheless and it was super annoying when a single shark run through all your defenses and one-hit the crystal. The main problem I have with their mechanic is, that it was a hard counter for the "normal" walls. If you had not enough dps to deal with them reliably, you were forced to use minions as walls and play the chester hero actively, because he had the ability to relocate the defenses back to their original place. The copters were also not the most interesting enemies, because they forced you to cover your whole defenses behind reflection beams. So that's basically the other way around, you had to build one specific defense to hard-counter them. Oh and it was also super annoying, when one of their rockets still somehow managed to get through... So I am not sure, if I am such a big fan of too specialized enemies. At least there should not be any enemies that hard counters a specific (type of) defense or force you to use a very specific defense just to counter them. I really liked the base mobs in DD1, the goblin, ork, kobolts supported by the mage and archers with the occassional ogres as a miniboss. And of course the swarms of wyverns in the air. This does not mean, I do not like a challenge but there are other ways to make things more trickier. Interesting mob design is not an easy task, if you think about it. There is a small gap between challenging and interesting mobs or those, which might sound cool as a design, but are just annoying in terms of gameplay.
  5. Looking forward to the stream, here are a couple of questions: Since the game won't run on a dedicated server and critical gameplay elements are calculated client-side, how do you plan to prevent cheating? Especially item creation and manipulation is a big concern and especially item integrity is an important foundation for trading, leaderboards and therefor overall long-term motivation. Build timers? Hero switching ONLY during the build phase? A way to save, load and share defense layouts? Is every defense using DU (defense units) or will we see special defense pools like the MU (minion units) for the summoner again? Accessing and managing your inventory all the time, even during combat? Is the inventory artifically limited? Do you plan on adding search and filter function for the inventory? Can people play splitscreen with one account or does everyone need his own account? How do you handle loot, when people are playing splitscreen (please no return of quadruple loot with emulating controllers / multiple accounts...)? Since some gamemodes (survival) can take quite long, will there be a way to pause or even save a round? What do you think about adding a feature to make trading more convenient (for example some kind of "market place / auction house", where you can put in offers and browse / search & filter existing offers of all the other players) Is the stats and loot system similar to DD1? Will there be any kind of auto-looting, if so, do you plan to add more (filter) options for auto-looting? How do you handle items falling out of the game world? Will we see the nice RNG depending stats of DD1 with potential negative stats? Will we see a comeback of (certain) item rarities including colored dots on the minimap? Can we configure the minimap to show "dots" of certain colors only? If there is an item limit, how do you determine, which item has to despawn (worst quality first?)? Are you going to be able to change the resolution to 4k without going to the config file, because the drop-box to select "4k" is outside of the screen-height on the resolution, the game decided to put as default? Sorry, I had to. ;) Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer any of those questions.
  6. About the build-timer, distributed mana and having to run back and forth to the forge in DD1: This system made hero speed and hero casting speed somewhat important on tower items. You did not need a lot of it, but because of the negative stats you might end up with 0 in one of those categories - causing funny situations. The fact that mana was distributed all over the map in chests gave non-builders a purpose in the inital phase of the game -> they had to collect the mana for the builder. The running part to the forge... well, you could argue that there is a tiny bit of skill involved by chosing the best possible path. A few maps had kind of little jump&run elements involved and accidently jumping into the void surely did not help - well, sometimes it did because to simply respawn at the forge was the fastest way. The question is, does all of this really add so much to the "difficulty" and "gameplay experience" or can we make things "easier" / more convenient? It depends how you set the build timer. Of course there is a big difference, if you make it extremely strict, so that you have to focus on a few basic defenses for the first wave, or if you make it somewhat long and therefor irrelevant. This could vary per game mode / difficulty. But the same effect could also be achieved with a restricted DU-limit for the first wave. So what to do in DD:A? I would say it really depends, if we see a comeback of hero speed and hero casting speed. Without these stats the running and casting time aspect would be normalized for everyone and therefor would not make a difference. I personally think that people are overvaluing the difficulty aspect a bit too much and for the overall gameplay experience it would be much better to add more convenient options. The main focus and the difficult part should be the actual defending against the enemies in my opinion. So more convenient options could be switching between all of your heroes without "the forge" (maybe it would be the best to not have a forge at all and also allow inventory access and management everywhere and also during the combat phase, please!) in the build-phase (please NEVER in the combat phase) and distributing the mana either more closely or just place it in a a single big chest close to the spawn (I am against splitting the mana between every player, because this was only annoying if those players were afk for a moment or just joined during the building process). I would even go a step further and suggest a feature that allows saving and loading a defense setup / layout. This would make farming much better, because you are building exactly the same over and over again anyway and it would also be a great way to share your defenses setups with other players. But why not have all of this? The first time you play a certain map+configuration you have a restricted build-timer, maybe no hero switching and so on. If you manage to beat the map a certain number of times (could be 1 or whatever) or reaching a certain wave in case of (endless) survival, you are allowed to play the map without a build timer and with hero switching in the build phase. And if you beat it often enough, you unlock the "save defense layout" feature, suggested above. This would keep the difficulty aspect and make it more convienent the further you progress into the "farmable" state.
  7. Looking at all the different opinions, it's a lose-lose-situation already. This usually happens when you got your core fans from the original title and then go in a completely different direction with the second part. Now you have got those two camps, one side basically wants an improved DD1 and the other side a successor of DD2 or at least strive more away from the core features that made DD1 great. It's nice when the developers are saying, "we take the best of both games and make a new one". Lovely words, everyone likes to hear that. But what exactly is the best from both games? Who defines this? The answer is: everyone, because it's subjective and therefor not unambiguous. I don't know from where the incentive to change so much with DD2 came from. Well, actually I do know... it was the monetary aspect as always. It started already with the free-2-play model, which simply requires certain design changes to acquire a more broader and - I don't want to say it, but well, it is how it is - casual audience. I can just hope that the devs realize that this specific genre is a niche-product. It's not one of those braindead pew-pew shooters with millions of players. But they still have a rather large group of core-fans from DD1 to work with. But I somehow have the bad feeling, that this group will be the most disappointed in the end. Because they already made clear that this won't be a second attempt of DD:E, although DD:E was so badly executed, that I would not even count it as a DD1 refresh. Another thing, which I noticed in many forum discussions here, is certain keywords like "grinding" or "RNG" are widely used but everyone's definition differs a bit or in some cases a lot, which causes communication problems.
  8. Am I making this up now or didn't DD:E had a very similar system? Couldn't you find a blueprint for an item and craft it a certain amount of times? Anyway I am against this idea. An item should feel unique, especially a decent one. You would make equipping multiple characters/builders trivial with such a system - even with a restricted amount of copies. You are suggesting to disable certain aspects like achievements while wearing any of those copied items. I am not quite sure what you mean with statistical changes, hero xp or loot? Either way if you do not disable any kind of progress, this system can be (ab-)used and if you do so... well, what's the point of playing then? Is that really a reason why some people dupe items? If you were already in the end-game stage in DD1 you also had multiple sets laying around (for sale). It should not be a problem to equip your friend with a decent DPS set. I can understand that you want to play with your friend as quickly as possible, but keep in mind that you are taking a way a lot of the progression experience from your friend, if you boost him up this way. Exactly this. This sums it up.
  9. It looks like this, because there is no lighting/shadows yet. The graphic features were never a strong point of a DD game, but the fantastic and coherent comic art-style makes it still decent to look at. Let's hope that the jump to the new engine allows for more advanced stuff in the final game.
  10. Exactly, such a system adds a false sense of complexity. There will always be a best-in-slot option and if this option is map specific, it will just be annoying without tools for automaticallly switching between gear setups. Another reason why I prefer DD1 simple stat based system. It is easy to read and to calculate the strength and effectiveness of a character. You can simply select your heroes and jump right into battle without any inventory tetris / organization before. Loot is easy to check - you do not have to read some lengthy description texts but you just compare numbers, something that can be done in a fraction of a second. I can see how such a system made sense for DD2, where you basically had fixed main stats given a particular item power level. But frankly I do not want to see anything that turns a fire-tower into an ice-tower, which then freezes enemies. Such systems are very difficult to handle and extremely prone to quickly break the balance of the game. And if you have tower damage, tower attack rate and tower range you already have 3 dimensions in which the combat-effectiveness of a defense is scaling. New and different defenses can be added with new heroes. Sometimes less is more - especially when it comes to readability without disturbing the game-flow.
  11. Hm... That is a pretty universal and superficial post. I would have loved to hear some actual answer to the loot topic, since you already mentioned it as something that is concerning a lot of players here at the moment. Which kind of stat and loot system are you going to use for DD:A? DD1's system with simple random numbers for every stat or DD2's system, where the item power level completely determines the main stats. Furthermore since the trailer showed the old defenses back in action, are we going to see a comeback of tower range and tower attack rate? What exactly do you mean when you are talking about "targeting loot" in point 1 and 2? Do you mean a certain pet at wave 25 of survival (as an example) or do you mean an item with specific stats? The later would be a terrible idea. I hope you mean the specific loot like weapons and pets, but this contradicts with point 2, because you would be forced to play a particular map, unless you change that system, which is again not a good idea.. Point 3 and 4 sound great when you read it, it is a nice combination of words for sure, but what does it actually mean? Special weapons and pets similar to DD1 or special stats / effects from DD2? Again the later would be terrible. Somehow this whole posts reminds me too much about the negative things about DD:E (targeting loot) and DD2 (too special loot)... Please keep it simple, DD1's stat and item generation system was on point. Sure, some different kind of weapons and pets are ok, but please keep the idea of simple base stats. I do not want to see an item that turns my fire-tower into an ice-tower that freezes the enemies in place... Stuff like this has the potential to completely break the balance of the game way too quickly.
  12. Now we are actually going off-topic here, but I would still like to comment on your question: There are some simple ways to only have items with legit stats in your economy, if you store the account data including items on a server. Remember we cannot simply ask the server to generate items, because we also want to play offline. Instead we could use some kind of seed - given from the server in advance - to generate items from. Once you synchronize with the server, the server can verify whether the (new) items are a valid outcome/derivation of the generation process, given the previously stored seed. So you won't have any items with arbitrary stats in your system. There are two problems with this: (1) You have no control over the amount of items an attacker is generating and (2) also not on which level/difficulty he is actually playing. The attacker could pretend to have farmed the hardest possible map and actually run Deeper Well on easy. Or he could simply call the "generateNextItem" function as often as he wants. We can somehow counteract the amount of generated items by simply limiting the number of items, which can be generated from a particular seed. An attacker would make himself very suspicious, if he would use up too many seeds too quickly to increase his chances of generating a good item. But how do you determine this limit? It would have to be pretty loose, because you do not want to accidently ban someone who is actually just playing a lot. And the second problem remains. You have no idea, if the attacker is actually playing that map or not. In fact you do not even know, if he is actually playing the game at all or if he is running some code (just calling the "generateNextItem" function). This is just a very basic and simple example. But it shows that you can already do a lot with some simple techniques. It would counter the most trivival attacks like changing values in memory. It would also prevent any kind of arbitrary item generation and duping of items and you could easily detect the origin (player) of an item without much overhead for the server - as long as the verification process is efficient. About lag: The general behaviour will be the same as DD1, which also used a p2p approach. Of course Chromatic Games can optimize the network-code and so on, but in the end the lag will be determined by the quality of the host's connection and performance. It will scale and be ultimately limited by the amount of actions/s.
  13. Many people are suggesting some kind of market place / auction house, where you can put up your items for sale or buy items. That itself would be a wonderful feature, which would make trading so much easier (compared to DD1) and as I said before it would also balance out the grinding aspects a bit for those, who do not want to / cannot play too much, because after a while this market would become inflated (in a positive way); items of a certain quality (which is not the absolut best) would become cheaper and more frequent over time. Of course you would trade items with the main ingame currency (gold, credits, mana... whatever it will be called) and items should have level-requirements for obvious reasons. I am not sure what to think about an option with real money, because on the one side it will happen anyway and it might be better to establish a controlled enviroment, where the game developers might even get a small share from it, than to leave it completely uncontrolled. As you said it would also be another incentive to play the game for the "hardcore" players. But on the other side it reminds people of microtransactions and of course it should never be necessary to actually progress through the normal game / campaign anyway. So such a feature such only become available, once you reach the end-game. I just noticed this post from Elandrian (Chromatic Games): I wondered how they would implement the "offline" functionality, because I assumed you would normally play on a server with a validated game-state. One "solution" could have been, that the offline mode simply does not count - similar to ranked vs open of DD1. But reading this post leaves me shocked, because this means basically everything (game calculations and therefor loot) will be client-side and therefor "offline". This of course opens the door for hacking and any kind of manipulations - which ruined the fun of DD1 in the end for me, because it made all the farming pretty much pointless, when you see other people running around with hacked gear. Sure, there were some bans, if people were so stupid to create items in a way, they would never roll in the game (with too high stats). And sure, you could argue that you could just focus on playing the game on your own or with a closed group of friends. But in the end I want to have some motivation to play the game, farm end-game maps, get better gear. Trading is one very important and fun aspect for me and maybe also trying to score high on the leaderboards. But all of this is pointless, if there are cheaters around. I don't think this is particularly off-topic but rather related. Because the loot system of DD1 was simply amazing and the core element which made players play and love this game so much. Many people - including myself - were hyped about DD:E with the promise to be a DD1 with server-side calculations. I am completely aware of the immense costs of such a server enviroment. And no surprises, it did not take too long before they shut down the servers of DD:E. So going for a p2p (peer to peer) aproach again is a reasonable decision - especially if you consider how much is going on in the game (hundred of mobs, movements, positions, shots, damage calcluations) per second but I had hoped that at least some general things would be done server-side. Like your characters with the gear/loot. But if this is not even the case, trading is not save as well. So there is no point here to even discuss any form of "real money trading", because we won't even have the foundation for any kind of secure trading. Quite the opposite, I already see stuff like item duping becoming a problem again. Well, there are ways to make things as hard as possible. I could think of an easy way to guarantee legit generated loot only at least (so no arbitrary or even too high stats). But we have to keep in mind that Chromatic Games is a rather small company. The developers themself stated that DD:A will be an intermediate product for DD3. So it's unrealistic to expect them to invest too many ressources on this problem.
  14. What kind of RNG are we talking about exactly? Because I don't know much about the recent stuff of DD2 and I have the feeling you are talking about some specific things there. DD1's loot and stat system had RNG as well, but there was always a solid progression up to a point of maybe 4-5k stats. From there on you had to farm a lot to get any noticeable improvements, that's true, but on the other side you did not really need higher stats for almost every content and due to the diminishing returns and the way the stats scale the potential or difference is not so big anyway. So I don't know where you take these insane numbers of hours for a specific item, but that doesn't sound right of course. A full survival run should always result in a few rare loot drops. I think you also missunderstood me a bit, when we are talking about at which point in time (or progression state) something should be hard and easy or even afk-farmable. Because I more or less agree with you. The endgame should be really hard. But it should also offer potential super rare loot - something to strive for - that will make it slightly easier but not necessarely trival. My examples of progression which end up in afk-farm are mostly taken from DD1. Balancing is for sure not any easy thing. I just hope they do not just add some hard counters to certain defenses again. For example the sharks of DD1 made walls useless and forced you to use "minion walls", which couldn't be pushed away - making the sharks useless in return. And the copters basically forced you to use reflection walls everywhere. I mean you could argue, that this is just an adaptation to a specific enemy, but it was pretty dominant and always affected the whole map (every lane). Having to build defense B instead of A, because A simple doesn't work anymore is also not really what I would call "challenge". I liked the spiders and even djins more, because they focused every kind of defense and you just had to deal with them fast.
  15. Yes, I want the item dependency of DD1, because the loot was one of the best aspects of this game and made me play it thousends of hours. Well, wasn't it you who started calling RNG "stupid" and just a case of "luck" and some other stuff about "elite players"? Anyway I never said, that the game should be trivial - quite the opposite, because previous DD games were way too easy overall and I do not even want to mention DD:E. I wrote somewhere else, that I would even recommend the developers to make the game harder first. Better too hard than too easy, because they can still nerf the content afterwards but if it's too easy, the easily accessible loot is already farmed and you would only affect new players. But the loot aspect made DD1 so great. There is a huge stats-range, starting from a point where you can barely beat a map with active gameplay and a strategically defense-layout and the more you progress, the easier it gets. Until you eventually reach a point, where you can afk-farm that particular map. Reaching this point should not be trivial and the incentive to farming (talking about endgame content/maps here).
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