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  1. Mega chicken scales with hero dps at a larger ramp than other pets, so it doesn't always seem to have great DPS until you get high hero attack, then it pulls ahead of most other pets (don't know anything about seahorse though). Seahorse way outperforms Mega-chicken at Hero Attack values below the 2k range. Even above 2k I do not know how well the chicken will do in comparison as I do not have a set of armor that lets me get to that range to test.
  2. I have found them on just about every map/mode now. Including on Insane/HC/Glitter campaign. I have WAAAAY too many shields now of all types. Literally over 30 now.
  3. I would like the ability to turn on the overhead map and leave it up always. I pretty much run with it up most of the time anyways, and it makes more sense to me to just have the ability to toggle it off/on.
  4. You know you are getting kicked when... ... you do not host your own game. Host is always right. Period. Their game, their rules.
  5. Why cant you sell the tower at the point? im confused, whats stopping you? Tower no longer can be targeted. It is basically not on the map anymore but is using up your DU still. For some specific examples others have had http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58040-Sharken-Move-Objects-to-impossible-locations
  6. Every time a change or map goes in, this should always be the first, as well as, last, question asked. Aquanos, the map, is it fun? Yes. Interesting layout. Not overly big. Spiffy mechanics. Good geometry. Nicely done. Sharken, do they make for interesting or fun game-play? Not as they are, so no. If a tower gets pushed into geometry you have to restart. There is no recovery, since you can not even sell the tower at that point.
  7. Question is in the title, folks. How did /you/ get a cardboard tube? What were you doing before you got it, if you got it in a shop? Lets pool our knowledge and see if we cant narrow down how to get this amazing weapon! I have never even seen one. I have picked up more Humongous eggs. Mega Chicken has nothing on the rarity of tubes for me at least.
  8. I am down to my last 4 H.Eggs now myself. So close, yet so far...
  9. another concern with their rarity is the drop-limit of levels.. is this going to be another egg worry with players waiting until a patch fixes the proglem, or will they be limit-proof right out of the gate? In another thread Marc Singer was saying that they are immune to despawning just like eggs are now.
  10. Yeah, I also have been getting Enchanted armor with negative resist stats. Used to never be like this. So something has changed.
  11. NM campaign isn't hard at all. There's a build in the guide forums for survival which will work just fine. You can vary it quite a lot - switch slow for gas, etc. Survival gets a bit mean quickly. Death from above is lame. I can see how survival would suck also. Having djinn hide behind buildings and buff wyvs before they're even targettable is hella weak. Add to that that they basically have to be on the crystal before they can be shot, and you have a large pile of facepalm. That is not well thought out at all. Sure, it's totally doable with snares. But it's just, uhhh, very poorly planned
  12. Been playing this map all night. Some bugs, but overall pretty fun. I like a map that is actual crystal defense. Played it on Hard, then did the Death from Above Challenge on Hard. After that we repeated the process for Insane. Completed it on Hardcore NM, then moved onto survival. I really like the Death from Above reward items. They have really cool effects. Duo the map (survival) has a reasonable number of mobs however, we keep dying anyways... all of our crystal deaths come consistently from the same source, wyverns. Once they get too fast, or come from straight above the crysta
  13. I'll have a look in case it's changed in DDDK, but the giraffe shouldn't roll negatives on any stat, ever; at least that's how it was in 7.26 last time I checked. My group should be doing another Misty clear tonight. I will let you know if any of us get negatives on any of the giraffes then. If the DDDK indicates they should not be negative, then there is another problem/bug with them.
  14. When did you get it? Before the update which stopped Hero Stat rollover? The "can't go negative" tag is only taken into account when the stat's rolled, so a rollover ignores it. Because it shouldn't be possible for this to happen ever since the release of Nightmare. Giraffe has a tag on all 8 stats for "Can't go negative." It also, as far as I can tell, always has 8 stats and never includes the hero skills. If that is the way it is supposed to work, then it is seriously bugged. Just two nights ago I got TWO giraffes with negatives. One with all negatives. I see pets ALL the time with ne
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