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  1. Damage is not the issue on the LSA but rather it's their speed. They need to be much slower to represent their purpose.
  2. I belive i can answer your question, you see when Trendy decided to go with the good old tower defense for DD2 instead of that moba they scrapped everything including any beta testers at that time and created a new group of testers for DD2 much later called the defense councillors. What this means is essentially that you no longer own DD2 and would have to buy it on steam to get it.
  3. Uhh, physical and magical resist does not affect towers neither in dd2 or dd1.
  4. its firing at a pretty fast pace, just the screen shot didnt get as many damage numbers in thats all. In the screenshot it's clearly firing at 2.5 shots per second yet according to the stats it should be firing at 25 shots per second. The DPS that's shown in the stats is correct if it actually fired 25 shots per second.
  5. Am i the only one who noticed that the flamethrower tower in OP's first picture is firing at a much slower rate than what the stats imply?
  6. Alch labs had lag issues? I never noticed. Interface and loot is completely different in DD2 than in DD1. No idea about the dye system.
  7. DD memories huh? Well for me it has to be Ye Olde Summoner bug, where having 2 different pets causes the one with faster fire rate to override the others fire rate to be the same. For reference
  8. That was a very indept explanation of what you do and really helped me see just how important your job truly is. I really appreciate this, thank you.
  9. I kinda doubt it since it's their job and they do this job because they like doing it.
  10. This thread is looking good, for my next summoning i shall call forth the Ice Trendys IT guy. What do Ice really do, i've never really known what his true job at Trendy is so please Ice come forth and answer my question.
  11. I think this thread should live and we should get more Trendy people here, so i'm going to summon EvilMrFrank the lead level designer. What kind of a job does a lead level designer do?
  12. The demo is not up to date like the full game is so many things are not there.
  13. *Looking at those numbers* Isn't Legendary the second-highest tier? While that's better than the Worn stuff I found yesterday, it's not by much. Actually, the bow I found has +47 hero damage, which is larger. It does have a higher number of boosts, but the amounts are fairly small. +20 to the +8 I'm finding. I guess that works? Just seems...odd. Assuming loot is completely balanced already.
  14. 26? Only 4 years and i can't consider you "young" anymore.
  15. It's cool and all, but could use a better name don't you think?
  16. That is the general idea from what i understand, everything stored serverside to prevent hacking.
  17. What level do you get the Portable Bowling Ball Turret from? The Huntress Gun!!! (no wiki cheats) Rumble in the jungle.
  18. Yes you should, Trendy threw that MOBA into the garbage bin.
  19. Negative block happens because the stat rollsover due to spawning with too high value to begin with.
  20. It's a steam bug, relax. Steam is randomly redownloading all of the games updates.
  21. Hark, I be no QA! Thou hath confused one with another. I beseech you, O lord, to address thee as "Network Services Team Member 1." So THAT's why you're the "Playverse guy" i see.
  22. Laura needs to ask much harder questions or else this will just be "who is the fastest to answer" kind of trivia.
  23. The mysterious messenger continues to focus on the road hoping for a vehicle to suddenly appear on the horizon. He shouts from the roadside; "The internal QA team is comprised of local testers and the remote QA team is comprised of people from all over the globe. The internal team has access to tools, systems, and information that generally doesn't leave the office. The remote team primarily serves as an extra set of eyes an ears for bug hunting and they volunteer their time to contribute in a meaningful way to aid the process of weeding out bugs that make our game less polished. Even if the
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