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  1. every build is solid when you have 3k+ stats, especially now with summoners essentially doubling the amount of dead you can throw at enemiesUgh. I hate this way of thinking. It's simply wrong. Any map in this game (except Talay and possibly Jungle) can be completed with 2k stats, a good monk, no summons AND the right build. You can drop those stats to 1800 if you add a summoner with 600 stats or better. I'm not including mix, just so we're clear. But any map to survival completion. I know, because with the exception of Moraggo, I'd done it on all of them with 2k or sub 2k stats. There are
  2. If you're having just one builder for all maps, then tower EV and ranged Monk. EV has excellent walls, protons will melt ogres, shocks will deal with spiders and djinn. Ranged monk will cover any anti air. But, yeah. More than duo.
  3. I actually played around today, and if you bring the whole mid aura set up along with the gas, to here: http://ddplanner.com/?l=8417,kraken-smackdown It works very nicely. Stuff dies and feeds you mana where you fight the kraken, and you can still jump through the portal if things get sticky. You'll note there are no towers shooting into the gas. You need to keep it clear yourself. It's a good DPS test. If you can keep that gas trap empty by hand, then you'll have no trouble with the kraken. If you can't, then you'll struggle.
  4. If you've got guys in supreme, you're already AFKing Aqua. So 2 choices. 1) play aqua with your trapper. So she dies? Big deal. Still 3m+ per wave. 2) cliffs. Super easy to build. 5m+ per wave. Open it up. Let the newcomers keep it running. I got 4 characters from 78 - 83 in one run. Edit: Got them there sequentially. That is, one at a time. Not all playing together.
  5. Your not the only user experiencing this, I think its a bug that we cannot hurt any bosses in Nightmare mode at all. This needs to be fixed, I cant even complete the Lost Eternia shards pack on Nightmare Mode like this.This was fixed weeks ago. Thread necro FTL.
  6. There are a couple of solid builds for jungle in the guides section. I posted screens of one that let you duo very easily, and solo with a little risk.
  7. Oh god. Unlimited mana reserves and swapping builders in the field during the first build phase on untimed builds only? Yes please. Saved builds? Ugh. Lame. If you use the same cookie cutter build every single time, you're clearly not improving build as you improve your stats. This behaviour should be actively discouraged.
  8. The kraken is easy to beat with 1500 stats. Kandar dropped a build with a str drain and a healing aura, that just makes sense for the fight. If you're struggling, it's worth trying. Make sure your resists are excellent (90% generic minimum). Health wants to be 1500+ for a monk. And a monkey. If you can beat this level up to the boss, you can farm monkeys just fine (there's a guide in this section, in fact). When the kraken comes, wait in the str drain/heal by the red portal. Let him come to you. Do not venture outside. Once he arrives, activate both boosts. Tower boost makes the heali
  9. I don't see why you couldn't. We started 20, I think. The build is EXTREMELY solid. The only reason you might not be able to start 28 is lack of firepower. We had ~3400 stats on the builders, and the first couple of waves still needed a little monk/seahorse support while we upped the towers and minions to be able to clear djinn out quickly enough. Big map, easy to miss a rogue djinn. This was duo. Solo would be even more frantic. Andy - you shouldn't need screenshots. It's an extremely straightforward build. Once you start building it out, it makes sense. The problem is, the loot was terr
  10. 90m per level seems cheap. I have a heap of pets which are upwards of 120m per level.
  11. "heroic" appears on any damage godly and above. One of my best monkeys is a 240 heroic (not even myth). Usable at level 70 (or maybe 60, I forget)
  12. Nah, tavern, so just shy of 1m tavern in NM. Although that's a 280^ and 2200 hero damage, so you can probably work it higher with better equipment. At some point, though, pets and towers are doing the vast majority of your damage, and the weapon is really just for fun. 3-4k is a decent base for any sword's starting damage. (katanas and iceswords aside, but you don't want them anyway). Plus, weapons are comparatively cheap to up, and you can always export to open to play around. But yeah, I tend to look for size first, then ups, then base, then colour.
  13. The game uses steam for matchmaking. Without steam, you can't play online (well, you could use gamespy, but urgh). If you're not playing online, then being patched probably doesn't matter all that much. It's still the same basic game, and will be entirely enjoyable.
  14. Hunter: Everflame can do 5m+ DPS and has infinite pierce (including walls). Limited by range, but max range is outside ogre attack range. Barb: Hyperclaymore is good. Demon sword also. At least 240 ups, and high base.
  15. It's the fault of the people who are prepared to pay the prices. If someone is selling for paypal (report them!), or for any number of tokens, just say no. Refuse to participate in floor sales. Don't pay more than 600m for a single item. As long as people will pay tokens or real money, people will sell for tokens and real money. Once people stop paying these prices, then the sellers are forced to lower their prices, or be stuck selling to the tavern keeper.
  16. Especially since you don't always have to use FH for only one damaged wall. I agree with zingfharn (again needed 3 tries) about active monk being better than hybrid but I don't agree bringin a pet and a weapon changing a tower guy into dps because you lack the resistances to actually do something (unless you skilled out your resistances on your supreme sets).Shhhh. I realised I totally forgot about resistances after I posted. I was hoping no-one would notice. But yeah, good point.
  17. Hmmm, people used to say that when this game first came out. I quickly proved that wrong, this was before all the benefits of going hybrid (active stat boosts, etc, etc) were put into play. It's nice to know I can look forward to demonstrating the success of this yet again ;)See post in your DLC thread, but monk's tower boost and EV make the active bonus utterly pointless. Monk also enjoys the highest hero (pet) DPS of any class, so for max utility, a monk is your best choice for active. Your biggest problem these days is going to be 40m+ HP ogres. And you want to be tearing them apart in a
  18. Summoner -> lets you steamroll any map by double the resources. You summon minions (counterpart mobs) which effectively act as extra towers. Only ones worth really using are mage and archer. And they're terribly, terribly OP. It means you can skip building towers, and add more auras/buffs/traps/etc, then fill with minions. In addition, if you play with the summoner, you get all armour drops (it uses 2 pets instead of a weapon and pet). EV has buff beams which are fixed 4* guardians. They boost range, damage, rate and resistance (health, effectively). 4DU will fit 6+ towers, or 12+ mi
  19. FYI-From what I've read, TrendyNet is hosted on Microsoft's Azure "cloud" platform. I'm sure the cost to Trendy for that is non-0.It sure is. But they're not hosting any games on it. You host on your own computer. They just provide initial authentication and a list of games. Azure is the most expensive of the cloud platforms (by dint of having to pay for windows licenses on top of everything else). You also pay for having servers, rather than the use of servers. But it's still in the range of $60 per machine per month. And unless they did something really strange, I don't see a need for more
  20. I'm terribly sorry that it's not up to your standards... Hahahahaha. Just. Sure dude, whatever. You didn't write it. It's a feedback thread. I assume they want, you know, actual feedback. Simple fact: very low on new content, which is very unlike other digests. If you really got a huge amount of new info from it it, then I'm a little shocked.
  21. If it exists, people will want it. Hence wanting a full set of supreme. And the prices are only too high because there are people who will pay them. If people refuse to use tokens, the problem vanishes overnight.
  22. [c3;523705']there are these things called hybrids. and hybrids have varying levels of favoritism towards one option or another. 5 types... hmmmm, how can we make this work so that each type has a demographic that it caters to... the logic train is moving too fast to keep up with...3 hybrids? You might have one hybrid set in total, that you use on timed missions. The rest are all full tower sets. And you're saying you'd like to reduce the number of tower items that drop so that now only leather is viable? Also, hybrid sets can be made by simply switching pet and weapon... Bottom line: v
  23. Heh. Other way around here. And I agree. In case it was unclear, I was trying to point the poorness of the idea.
  24. Did you even read the digest. It was pact with info. New costume for the initiate. Not really a surprise, given the previous 3 shards. Release date. Which may or may not be accurate. Stuff slips. I've worked in software. It happens. It's already slipped from June, for example. Steam Workshop Integration. Been known for at least 2 weeks (see game login screen, and multiple threads). Vita cancelled. Console news: first line is 'nothing concrete'... Palantir update. (update of existing thread in contest forum). Some stuff about events (this is the first bit of news, although it might b
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