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  1. ?????????? ooh sorry for my english yes i mean dupe trade is good if only it's legit plus trading will made new ppl more lazy to farm and they will just keep asking oooooyaaaah and ping everywhere for a c7 weap farming will be less=trade especially (between friends: stronger player will give away strong weap to new player= no fun anymore)
  2. OMG it just drop a tear in my eye DD1 a world with beautiful imagination community as a family friends as brothers and sisters DD1 has a special place in my heart that no other game will ever replace it im really missing my friends :( im really happy to participate on this thread ps3 player over 2000 hr with love ^_^ 1st wave mistymare forest= lvl up heaven demon lord rewars soul focuser=cool weap Aquanos=broken map, but hard high lvl weaps to get, i farmed it i guess over 500 times never been tierd to play dd1 skycity=last hope but broken map impossible to do it on insane mode pure strate
  3. hello everyone im wondering how many defenders still here plz register your visit by smile or something sweet to remember the good old days
  4. Trade = Doping easier so plz we dont wanna suffer again since dd1 we farmed and all our staff gone!
  5. Aquanos for sure, played it over 1000 times, got over 100 staff with 140+
  6. Good to c u RaNgEr, I'm feeling bit sad, I lost my friends :(
  7. hello guyz i really miss u all i miss the game i hope i will be in DD2 soon im hoping to see my old legendary friends Lance, Naruto, things, chittywomen, cmc, blacknight, chinag, Mr.Yoda, Klasio, and others dear to me sorry i cant mension all now. plz pvt msg me lets comeback and fight together
  8. Hello everyone Guys I really missing u all n missing all my close friends. I hope dd2 will be sooner so I can gather with them. But until then, with love I shall wait patiently. Coz dd tough us to do so ^_^ Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
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