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  1. Where are all of you having the best luck with finding eggs? I was finding a good amount, but not anymore. So this is just a post asking where everybody has the most luck finding any egg.
  2. So if they're testing it themselves, that means it will go by faster and it will get released faster. Maybe? Hope so! and to anybody that is smart with predicted this kind of thing, what is a general area of which you think it would be released?
  3. Has anyone gotten an invitation to this yet? I really want to join this.
  4. Have they sent out invitations to the mac users that want to join the beta?
  5. Has the barbarian been released yet and if not when? I haven't gotten DD for PC yet, but I'm planning on it. Also, if this has been answered somewhere else just tell me. I can delete this.
  6. What weapon is rewarded after beating mistymire on insane with a huntress? I heard someone saying the black death is only for the PC.
  7. Anybody have an idea if this will be exactly like PC and when it will be released?
  8. Me and my bud both have lvl 70 characters with a very nice dps. but none of our other friends can make it tomorrow so is there aanybody out there that is lvl 70 and is good that wants to play with us? Reply with your best character and gamertag if you wanna join the team.
  9. Alright sweet. I've been playing on the console version and I'm ready for some more excitement with it when it comes for mac. BBut does anybody know if it will be just like the pc version?
  10. Does anyone know when this will come out for the mac?
  11. I'm new to the form, so sorry if this is in any way the wrong area to post this. But I was wondering how to unlock nightmare mode, if it is even for the console version and when the next upcoming DLC will be released (Lost eterinia shards part 2) and how will I be able to unlock the Outlander hunter skin for my hero, I think it looks pretty cool.
  12. Would love to join this for the 24th. But how exactly does this work? gamertag: BeatlesMania21
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