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  1. Fresh new theme and graphic in DD2, if the new engine solved the lag :) I don't mind it become into another graphical style by using another engine. I just want fun made by TrendyEnt :) :squire:
  2. This map being very smooth at this time with 4 that I am set on High in Config.
  3. Ok, this is just full of epic awesomeness D: (Full HD, It's my new wallpaper XD) DanielSound !!!GODLIKE!!!
  4. Demon Lord in the bathroom is my favorite. He looks so...peaceful :) Same with Daddy :squire: and these pic are are Fantastic.
  5. This stats will be kinda crazy on tower-jester.
  6. Added stealthkiller22 Akatiti Setup stealthkiller22 akakiti NM HC campaign plus survival build up to 4 players AUTHOR - stealthkiller22 http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?89051-stealthkiller22-akakiti-NM-HC-campaign-plus-survival-build-up-to-4-players&p=755302[[3364,hashtags]]
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