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  1. Oh look, it’s been delayed, again.
  2. Unfortunately, without a known release date, it might as well be delayed. The lack of a concrete date speaks volumes about their confidence in their product. I’m starting to get concerned it will be delayed, despite a “less than a month” comment. I can’t remember the last time I saw a game be so close to a theoretical release and not have at least a placeholder date. Hopefully I’m just being overly skeptical, but I can see too many parallel’s between Chromatic and TE. That being said, I can’t recall being this level of excited about a game release for quite some time. I hope these guys and girls nail it and it’s a huge success ^_^
  3. Just tell them which map/playlist to accomplish the achievement Gutu and be done with it...lol! So... Junbao? =p
  4. I don't think this conversation is going anywhere gents. You both seem set in your ways. Trendy can't support a non-viable platform forever.
  5. I don't think it is a chronic issue at all. Insulting trendy and continuing with the rants isn't going to solve this unfortunately =(
  6. Great comment Satori. Very eloquently said mate ;)
  7. i was here when dd1 came out around December 2011 and it had its bumps but iv been around since 2011. forums was not really my cup of tea shall u say at that time but i am just like u also i dont care how long it takes i would rather want a complete ready release then a rushed buged release October 2011. That's when the original DD released on console and PC. =) Prior to that, DD existed on mobile from around December 2010. You really can't judge how long a player has been around the community by forum join date...lurkers have and always will be a thing But lurkers have no community input. It's also hearsay, as I can say I've been lurking since Jan 2000. Doesn't make it true. The main point is it doesn't matter how long you've been around. Just that you contribute and share views and opinions =)
  8. Hi, i got a strange "white box" on top of the forums since yesterday and i haven't found any way to get rid of it : And i don't see the playverse thing anymore, anyway to make things like before? Am i the only one to experience that? I'm getting the same error =\
  9. Simply having two different systems of mana is baffling me. The system wasn't broken in DD, just the costing etc.
  10. Councilors could get a TE pet that looks like a mini version of the TE crystal. It would represent Trendy, maybe it could rotate, and it could be like the chicken where it can't be dropped. If it's going to be just an item for collection purposes then it could have all 1 stats. If it's going to be a useful item then it could be a tower pet. The pet's ability could be that it increases rare item drops by a certain percent. I don't want to seem like I'm picking on anyone here; especially you reaper ;) But one thing I don't get is people would walk over broken glass to be in our shoes and have the ability to test and play DD2 early, yet we ask for more? I know this is just my opinion, but I feel it incredibly selfish of us to ask for special items, especially items like the above described. It wouldn't be fair and would make people jealous of the special treatment. I firmly believe that any kind of "Council" related accolade should be cosmetic only and for the character, nothing that can be equipped as such. I think it best we not create a divide in the community, and treat the Council as a privilege and not a chore/workplace where we ask for payment. I may be alone here, but my payment is being able to help shape this game with you guys. Sharing incredible ideas and making true impact on what TE does (hopefully making TE very, very rich). =/
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