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  1. How long ago did you submit your request?
  2. It’s an absolute disgrace that Chromatic Games are blatantly ignoring customers. I’ve emailed, I’ve started threads, I’ve asked through various social media channels and all my requests are being ignored. I asked nicely. It’s a shame it’s come to this: Update: the BBB replied and are now waiting on a response from Chromatic. Hope they don’t hold their breath...
  3. Just in case anyone was wondering... I submitted a support request to Chromatic, just under two weeks ago. Chromatic has since not even bothered to reply. SMH.
  4. The roadmap is pointless as it doesn’t commit to timeframes. Even if it did, they’ve broken their schedule at least twice with just this game. If this game ever releases, I can buy a copy in the future. But I feel cheated having paid for something over a year ago, and still having not got what I paid for, with no actual release date in sight. They've also gone silent apart from very rare ‘we’re working on it’ comments. I feel it’s getting close to now or never for a refund.
  5. G’day defenders! I’d like to get a refund. I’m a backer for the Switch version, but I just do not genuinely believe the game is ever coming to Switch. Does anyone know what I need to do to get my money back please? Has anyone been able to get a refund? Thanks for your time ^_^
  6. It’s great that you enjoy this game. I’ve enjoyed this game in the past as well, spending countless hours grinding and having an absolute blast with friends. But for people like me, now we continue to wait, whilst Trendy continues to push back on countless promises. Being a console player, watch as their dates get pushed back even further whilst they need more time to fix messes they created from being too optimistic. They've got my cash though, so I guess they don’t really care. As is the opinion of many white knights that have popped up here. It seems like criticism of poor de
  7. Just tell them which map/playlist to accomplish the achievement Gutu and be done with it...lol! So... Junbao? =p
  8. I don't think this conversation is going anywhere gents. You both seem set in your ways. Trendy can't support a non-viable platform forever.
  9. I don't think it is a chronic issue at all. Insulting trendy and continuing with the rants isn't going to solve this unfortunately =(
  10. Great comment Satori. Very eloquently said mate ;)
  11. i was here when dd1 came out around December 2011 and it had its bumps but iv been around since 2011. forums was not really my cup of tea shall u say at that time but i am just like u also i dont care how long it takes i would rather want a complete ready release then a rushed buged release October 2011. That's when the original DD released on console and PC. =) Prior to that, DD existed on mobile from around December 2010. You really can't judge how long a player has been around the community by forum join date...lurkers have and always will be a thing But lurkers have no community inp
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