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  1. I apologies, if someone already ask this already. I was wondering if they thought about making the xbox 360 version would be make it xbox one as a backward. Reason I ask because of DDA, not going off topic.
  2. I'm always on xbox one. But I would love this game to become background compatibility
  3. Ohhhhh lol ooops ya I didn't realized this.. Thanks everyone.
  4. While I was on wave 23 last night on servants quarters using apprentice I notice a green brute just kept getting hit by 0's while I was using a lighting an fire tower. Now today it's at another location. I'm on medium 10th wave on servants quarters. Butch of enemy's are getting hit by 0's yet again from the lighting. I read that on here http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Pure_Strategy no resistance. Was that changed? Because I have never even saw this, while I use to play pure strategy all the time in 2012-2013 before those big updates..
  5. I think Hitmonchan mention something about the previous patch I think concerning mod items and dupe items would of been deleted. Although I might not be sure.
  6. That's odd a person complaining getting exp at 71 to 78 while the patch was free for them.
  7. I thought the patch deleted peoples mods, cause I went in a game and a kid was bragging about his mods.
  8. I agree that imps should heal defenses at pure strategy
  9. Xbox 360 and ps3 When an item is level up, should be automatic locked but still be able to sell that item from using manual sell. Any item that is level or max level for example 2/20 20/20 won't be deleted unless you sell it manual. Also level 1/1 has to be locked or using (sell all) would sell that 1/1 item While you use (sell all) sells any item that are none locked, however forged items aren't locked wouldn't be sold. So if you spent over 500k of mana to make a awesome pet that's perfect then forget to use locked cause you clicked on another pet to use. If this locked forge was implanted your 500k spent for your awesome pet wouldn't be sold even though you forget to use locked.
  10. Like to know why these didn't happen, still haven't gotten a reply from trendy yet, it's not going to just go away. Dude give them time.
  11. Pre-patch you could only store 10 pages of items in your forge. Now you can store up to 14. You can't view the blank pages. You would have to fill up past page 10 to see the difference. Oh thanks dude, I thought (forge items) means the ones you buy cause 3 selection of items aren't enough
  12. added four extra item pages to the forge <-- I didn't see where that is. Cause I checked the forge and only saw the same.
  13. Hitmonchan, are the dlc for xbox 360 getting any achievements same for tavern dlc trophies.
  14. You've lost me. Why? I'm with you LOL
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