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  1. Hey guys! So, after almost a year hiatus from DD (after 640 hours played), the fact that I still never completed Temple on NM and got its corresponding achievements has finally annoyed me enough to ask for help. Playin' Anticupid and Nightmare Playin' Anticupid are my last two achievements and I want this game completed before moving on to DD2 when it comes out, however I am honestly still pretty burnt out and not really wanting to build. I am totally capable on the DPS front (my E-Cannon is around 150k base damage) and can definitely help with clearing waves and taking down the bosses. I just have no desire to build this time. I've checked my inventory for any spare items and have found these which I am willing to give for the run. I'm also happy to give any and all rewards earned whilst playing the map. Anyone who could help me finally clear this challenge, I would be eternally grateful. http://steamcommunity.com/id/wutanglenath/
  2. I missed the whole event last year, I would LOVE a chance to go Egg Hunting this year.
  3. If "none of your champions are fit to build", I hardly think you're in a position to tell people how strong their summoner needs to be or who needs to play what characters. That attitude would have you kicked from my games faster than you could say "Combat Phase". I can appreciate how daunting CD can be, having solo'd it myself after quite a few failed attempts -- but it's not actually that -hard- and you don't need 500k minions ever, under any circumstances (unless we're talking ogres I guess. I don't use them in CD however). I recommend getting some builders and tackling it yourself, or perhaps split the duties with a friend 50/50 and do it that way. So much more rewarding and fun.
  4. Apologies, I have just realized posting this here is a big no-no. Sorry Trendy -- Didn't see there's already been a thread pulled for this.
  5. I always solo the bosses as a DPS Huntress with three afk characters. Cupid first. I start the boss phase right in front of him for some quick damage and a piercing shot instantly, then typically retreat behind the defenses and finish him from there. Not difficult, but definitely the first you should be getting rid of. Then, the Snowman... Just sit behind your minion line and pound him with damage... Easy. After he's down, I activate invisibility and run to the collapsed log on the bridge in front of the Turkey, on the East side. Keep invisibility on as you stand on the log and deal damage from range. Because you're invisible you will not get bothered by any mobs (DEW don't seem to come near this area, and they're the only things that will see through your invisibility). The only thing you will need to dodge is the Turkey's ranged attack. Just wait for him to launch it then strafe to the other end of the log. Repeat until dead. Enjoy loot. Do it right and it's pretty much impossible to take any damage at all.
  6. For what it's worth, although I'm a Huntress player by nature, I secured my one and only CD victory so far with the Barbarian/cat combo. Zooming out the view with the mouse wheel helped a lot.
  7. Steam > Library > Tools > Dungeon Defenders Development Kit
  8. Interesting last achievement before nabbing Ult Defender! Congrats and welcome to the club. :)
  9. I regularly solo it with my Huntress w/ E.Cannon and about 4k hero attack... You really don't need boss auras or any other gimmicks, just well-timed use of invisibility really. When it comes to playing with afk characters though, yeah, you want something stronger.
  10. You could always celebrate by helping me to pass Greater Turkey Hunt on Nightmare :( Nah, for real. Hope to see you around. And for what it's worth, I still use several of your builds because they're awesome.
  11. My hope was that they would create a genuine Easter stage this year. One where completing it on Nightmare would reward Humongous Eggs, and then lower difficulties would reward the lower sizes. This would make it like coal, where it's by no means easy to earn by the average player - but those who choose to do it can do so at any time. You won't be permanently locked out of base game reward content for having started late, etc. I think this, combined with the Easter Egg Hunt of last year. Map can reward it at any time, but all maps could still reward it for a limited time. I missed it last year, and would love to do a bit of hunting.
  12. Let there be a lesson here. Always, ALWAYS check that the Tavern Pickups is set to 'locked'. People have lost far worse (cubes, chickens, etc).
  13. Probably the only thing resembling a feasible strategy for Greater Turkey Hunt solo. Watch that, and good luck... I did see this, in fact I commented on it a while back :) Seriously impressive. So far I can solo through two waves before typically timing out on the third. Working on it though. Anyone else got any tips, tricks that they used to beat it? I know the 'Bob the Builder' method used to exist and got patched out but for anyone who has done this without that method, please, share your secrets!
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