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  1. are we ps3 users able to get to the boss without freezing? i just rescued the Knight and froze. Sad face!
  2. just sent you message. invite if you can/when you can. i would like armor =]
  3. hello fellow defenders. can anyone help me out with a list of ALL PS3's Trendy sponsored event items? i only know the items from two years ago. krayt krayt jr s. judge j. judge bound for earth t26 lion heart chi blast elf of wand soda's addicton
  4. dang, is i too late? i can't get on atm. it'll have to be tomorrow 5pm est. PSN: hmoob_tsaab
  5. what's up everyone. i'm finally back into DD. it's been two years since i last touched DD. two years, too long. Plz if anyone is interested in getting up to date on equipment and leveling up, it would be much appreciated. PSN: jasonchang0321
  6. i think gossamers are going to have a high value one day if not anytime soon. i mean...where else are you suppose to obtain one? only by trading with someone =]
  7. not armor but i got a lvl 63 hammer from completing portal defense.
  8. YES i got it!! djinns here i come! j/k =P
  9. i feel you bro!! you have my prayers. tell him to hang in there as well as you and your family!!
  10. There should be more thanks Dredd's, if it weren't for him the Winter Events wouldn't have started in the first place. sorry about not crediting Dredd. most ps3 players don't know who's idea was it to start these awesome grouping. that's why i did not include him but YES i will =] thanks for pointing that out!! thx dredd!!
  11. OMG! where do i start? (has there already been a "thank you" post for ps3/xbox winter olympics?) to keep it short, BIG thanks to Hitmonchan(or the person who allowed them) for giving us these winter olympics and to Dredd for helping us ps3 players out!! next is captboxershorts and his team. they are GREAT AWESOMELY AWESOME hosts!!!!! they're also fun people to play/chat with. lastly, i'm looking forward for upcoming events! i'm sure Classic has delightful ideas for us (ps3) and i hope xbox will continue this kind of trend of bringing the community together! mochi out :skeleton:
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