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  2. Ah... Something I could try in open That didn't even occur to me.... Thanks. ; How much does a pre-patch gladius increse per upgrade as compared to a normal one? In response to Ryzours: I think I am just going to upgrade it in open; I think you can upgrade it without equipping it. Prepatch glads upgraded at 236 per upgrade, but it is currently now 170 per upgrade.
  3. Holy Macaroni, thats alot of loot. How long did you run this? Congrats btw =) I usually run Lab Assault as public games after I've done some WW and akatiti runs. Farming can be lonely and meeting new people is fun. :p But the majority (90%) of the loot is from Lab assault and have been running it since the day of release :) Will sure take a long time.. to empty out that inventory of stuff. Yeah, it kinda gets annoying having to resort your inventory after 2-3 runs. So I just gave up haha. Will be doing a massive inventory cleaning soon and could take me up to 1-2hrs :(
  4. Hey guys! I've been running a lot of Lab Assault NMHC recently and find it to be highly addicting. It's fast, fun, and feels refreshing to use another class for dps than the usual Barbarian and Monk. ♥ Wheel of Fortuna :jester: ---------------- I've been lurking the forums and have been reading up on people acquiring "high quality" loots from here. I was skimming through my item box to find my Vile Vambraces (all the way at the end..) and stumbled upon some surprising items on the way to the last page. Just wanted to post some proof of the possible items you could obtain to t
  5. Tower EV stats in order of importance Damage>Health>Rate>Range Health can really help your towers survive longer as it increases their resistances to damage. Especially your minions. Attack rate doesn't scale so well, so you'll see little difference when putting points into TA. There is a cap on range for some towers, so range doesn't really matter. P.S. Oh my eyes.. why did you have to write in white? :(
  6. Classic's just clearly do much more dps than any other ranged gun huntress weapon. However, ecannon s and blaster rifles are great lazy-man weapons to just sit back and shoot, as opposed to running up to an enemy with a classic and "shot-gunning" them down with a staff in order to maximize your dps. I prefer the Classic. :)
  7. Wow just beautiful. I really like the new Trendy Entertainment logo on the wall. It looks great. Oh, and you girls are beautiful as well. :)
  8. SID: zero_break http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zero_Break/
  9. All the EV's map escapes seem to be along that one NE conveyor area This is one spot prone to stuckages (NE corner facing west). Can be cleared with an STS or a well placed jump. The spawn at the end of that conveyor (Northern most East side spawn), they can also get under. Can be cleared by using the AoE of a stave to aggro them into jumping out. Right click and then back away. Along the wall between the two stampers on the same conveyor, the EVs can drop down there, same clearance method as for underneath spawn. There is also a tiny chance that one will get stuck on the corner s
  10. SID: zero_break http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zero_Break/
  11. SID: zero_break http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zero_Break/
  12. SID: zero_break http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zero_Break/
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