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  1. just insane glitterhelm is good enough ;)
  2. Hello: I put up an item check about a week ago and still hadnt recieved an answer to wether my items are hacked or not. I bought them from a tavern for a hefty sum, they look pretty good too. Some players have said they are hacked in games but they show no definitive signs of being hacked. For example I have only tower skill in 360 on each of them and the rest of the towers on 200 and this set is fully upgrade 240^+. Just wondering if anyone else had gotten a response from Trendy on their items. I'm just trying to play the game fair! Thanks MM
  3. What about Quick Join you could get some players banned because they just did a quick join. I would revise this to a report a player in game button.
  4. I think the DD community is generally very trusting and small enough that it hasn't gotten to the point where people are becoming dishonest.
  5. Very nicely done its nice to see people actually providing fixes and analyzes rather than just complaining of how horrible the Barb is. Kinda waste of money for what its worth atm.
  6. Just post a report. Thats the best thing to do. If they get mad you can always say that Trendy doesnt give any parameters on hacked items.
  7. Leap gets you stuck in the wall too.... Which means you have to leave the game to get unstuck....
  8. i jsut saw a person who tell me this legit. he found os misty wave 30. like every hacker, but he got no minus. 50 % resistence. he got 2500+ at all... dps+ towers. so? what could it be? he said this legit, so i don't wanna report on "legit" thing... staff: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021099400/screenshot/632990097012843336?tab=public pet: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021099400/screenshot/632990097012840691?tab=public boots: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021099400/screenshot/632990097012827802?tab=public gloves: http://st
  9. Steam name: Acteon Character Name: Xillos Weapon Name: Godly Flaming Double Cycloblade Description: Player had godly weapon with over 1 million in weapon attack, over 1 million in projectile damage and only 10 upgrades. I am not aware if it is hacked or if the player knows its hacked. I believe it to be a hacked weapon. Please investigate. Do you need more information?
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