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  1. i like several ideas, however i believe the "All achievements for Genie in tavern" should have its limitations, achievements as Sky O' Love shouldn't be included in it, personally i believe its a bad idea to add dlc achievements, which requires you to have the dlc's to earn the genie (or forcing you to buy an addon if you aint got time for "No lifeing" achievements, personally i only need a few achievements (Love, Love NM, Moraggo NM, Army of Djinn), however if they made it so you would be able to see the equipped items, i would love to be able to color it, i especially like the complex system
  2. ive tried following this guide 3 times now, i can't get it to work.... my x360kb.ini looks exactly like yours, i've changed all the commands to ActivateCrystal, StrafeLeft, StrafeRight, MoveBackward, MoveForward, acording to the pad direction and A (.Binding ;Binding and just Binding) in all 3 files... i can't even press Start.. i've tried binding it to T Y U instead of num0 - 2.. should i add the 64bit version to the Win64 instead? (My PC is 64bit)
  3. Equips DPS gear to my Countess + Genie (if its for dpsing and guard is unneeded), Call 2 Arms + Genie = Epic damage!
  4. well, dont bash a mod, several people have tried the same as you, by contacting the support several has got the full pack instead of the parts, for the pack price (in total). you should just contact the steam customer service.
  5. well a run of NM HC Halloween gives somewhere between 40 and 60mil mana (roughly), been running that some times the last couple of days, decent exp and a chance for a decent award (+ possibility for a nice frostsword if squire).
  6. so what you say is, you want a map like turkey hunt... without turkeys, just a ton of DEW's ... sorry but i find it kind of plain, i dont see any fun in a no towers allowed against DEWs :)
  7. Alright, im going to update you with a squire only build soon (just finished it for solo, i need to replace a few towers and maybe test it with more players to test it's stability) and how come people get that high ups, item generator hates me, the last 3 runs i've gotten the following gloves(part 1) 57^ 62^ 68^ ... /vendor...
  8. i love many of your ideas especially the fireball one, one of my biggest wish' apprentice wise (without making them just a little useable again), please create a "low resolution" fireball setting, im tired of playing with friends who're playing apprentice in survival, my computers FPS goes from high to .... too low when i get more than a few fireballs within my field of seight, its nuking my fps, i know other people who have problems with them too, well, my computer aint the best (laptop), but its with a intel i7 cpu and a GeForce GT 540M graphic card, it shouldn't have that low an fps when
  9. i would love a handy tool like that, not really that experienced with spreadsheet though :), i find it kind of annoying that it (ingame) compares an unupgraded item without setbonus, to your own upgraded item WITH set bonus, (imo) it would be nice if you could a button, or check a box, to compare base stats, so both items appear without bonus or upgraded points. Your idea is nice too, would love that spreadsheet if your willing to share :)
  10. A Crystal tracker and your side is clean, i used a 135/187 tracker, and had no problems at all protecting my side, none of us failed first try. all you have to do is get a DT / Tracker / Retribution with decent damage :)
  11. i believe that a cap on the upgrade price, is a great idea, i've upgraded a few 200^+ items, and many 100+'s, i can easily live with 150^'s, 200 is just acceptable too, but a 250, or to imagine a 300^ Trans item, its just too expensive. A game is not supposed to be endless farming mana....
  12. Well, im going to send you the files when i get home today, would be great to get this working :)
  13. wrong section?, well i dont think +7 projectiles are possible... haven't really tried upgrading one of those staffs tho...
  14. can't seem to get it work, can't press "Start"... might this be because i do it on local (are on a closed internet)?
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