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  1. I think I know how big the interior is going to be, I'm just looking for more props to put in. It feels kinda empty. If anyone has suggestions on props I'd like to hear them :) hehe. I'll even post the ones I choose to create!
  2. Looks nice, some issues are... The ladder is a bit off and over sized compared the size of the other main objects, the stair case can use a little work, and either the staircase is too big or the people are really small. When I first started messing around with design programs I had the same issues, the size wasn't in proportion, otherwise your doing great! Make sure not to re-create a lot of different items and reuse them if you possibly can, the map would load faster, these are mostly 800mhz-1.7ghz devices running this map, if this was made for a PC then it would still be nice to get less
  3. Thanks EvilMrFrank! I really appreciate it.
  4. Created in Maya and photoshop
  5. Lighting will definitely be different if I bring it over to the editor.
  6. I'm hopefully going to finish this some day. When I do, I'm thinking about bringing it over to DD for PC when it comes out. Theme: Wine Cellar (I hope) Props are just thrown in at the moment. Still copying and pasting where I want everything to be. Also working on the textures. Got a suggestion? Post it here!
  7. I've used the Gears of War editor (I love that game) and I've also used the latest udk editor. I've been playing with it when I have the time and it's amazing! I'd say I know the basics and I'm trying to learn more neat tricks that I haven't discovered. I'm working on a wine cellar level for the PC version of DD. I'd like to start off easy and later on maybe make a map to turn DD into just an rpg game (if that's possible). Like they do with custom maps in Warcraft III. I like how some people took that strategy game and turned it to an rpg game. Will I be able to create my own character and
  8. I was thinking.. Instead of having a button on the side for picking up loot, how about just double tapping the virtual (+) thing? I think it's called D-Pad I dunno
  9. Is there going to be a post with the changes in the coming patch? Just wondering.
  10. Can I rename my weapon later if I don't like the one I chose?
  11. I got an upgrade yesterday from you dropping stuff. Thanks! :) btw game crashed when I chose the next level.
  12. Try closing out all applications, restart the game and while one of you is at either the Home screen or the Online menu have the other person do the invite. it's strange for me. I want to start a custom game but it takes forever. I just click "quick play" and wait for it to tell me that it failed and then it asks me if I want to create my own. I get into the tavern easier this way. (iPad)
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