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  1. thx for summing up the devstream for me. i don't always want to watch it. it would be great if they would put things that are mentioned in stream into a small forum thread or post, too.
  2. Great idea. Way better than this herodeck!
  3. yeah, just wanted to ask the same. +1
  4. schoAsch

    AFK timer

    can't afk farm dd2 right now, that's bad :(
  5. you already gain an xp boost of 35% per lvl 50 character.
  6. hey there, i would like to see most of the items stack in inventory (up to 99 like shellium shards), like pet reroll items and food. it takes away an enormous amount of inventory space if we hoard these. -> don't forget to like this thread if you like to see this changed! greez, schoAsch
  7. i would like to see a system where i can mark specific items as a set and it's going to equip the full set, when i equip one of those items. +it warns me if i'm going to sell/fuse one of those. these items could have the same colored border around them and stick next to the other items of the set. This would make switching specific builds more easy. Same could be done for sphere sets or complete sets with items and spheres. -> don't forget to like this thread if you like to see this changed! greez, schoAsch
  8. Hey there Trendy team, i'm a big fan of your games. Spent a lot of time playing original DD and i guess it continues with DD2 :) Well, but there are a few things i want to see changed, so i list these issues that came to my mind here. Maybe you can work on some of these. Well, i guess some points of these were mentioned in other threads or by yourself already, like trading, so don't mind 'em, if they are on your list already. Posted this in suggestion section before, but there they want to have a single suggestion per thread... GAMEPLAY ISSUES: let us see how many mana is hold by the other
  9. finally: 'Fixed an issue where pet reroll items would not leave the first inventory bag. ' glad to see this happening =)
  10. any progress yet? i would love to see a new planner for dd2 :) is there a way to help you?
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