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  1. There are two missing. AFreakinCabbag3 already showed one, but there is one more. At the low part of the map, near to the lamp in the tent, a little to the left. There is one on top of some "bags". deGraaff, one of those you pointed its ok (the left one), the others are only to the campaign map. All the others are OK.
  2. Two things may affect LVL REQ. Number of upgrades or the quality of the main stat of the item. In this case, the main stat (healing) is higher than pre-patch top (40), so you got a 78 LVL REQ.
  3. killing the ancient dragon (finishing the game).
  4. Girrafe? In XBOX the best i saw so far is mine with 91^.
  5. Friend of mine got a Kairi with 70^ I got a Giraffe with 91^ These are the best ones i saw so far. Always on HARD.
  6. And i tried Assault with 4 Users... Totally failed! I'm not use to the 1/4 size screen! I found 3 users to be much more effective. 1/2 screen size, and 1 extra life in case you slip up accidently :P Depends, are you doing it with bombadiers or jumping? I can do it easily with 4 split screen and i fail only 1 in 6.
  7. I received it after the 24th party on hard :) I went on 5 or 6 runs on HARD with 2 or 3 AFK and the best i got was 50^ Then i saw here some posts stating that MEDIUM has the same probability, at first i doubt it but then.. I went to some runs more (4~5) and i got SIX Shai Hulud's higher than 100^. Sounds strange, but now i do it only on medium.
  8. Perhaps, instead of being wary of Trendy, you should expand your thoughts on gaming platforms. As much as I love my PS3 I know it's inferior hardware on a very closed system. Steam has allowed Trendy to accomplish so much more than they had originally planned and for that I am grateful. It is really very unfortunate that the consoles cannot offer that to Trendy as well. I understand your point and you are partially right, i'm well aware of console's situation and i know that lots of things are almost impossible to bring us, but we know too that are lots of content which are not related
  9. Challenges give only 1 rewardweapon on ps3. Isnt that on xbox too? If you use DIFFERENT accounts, no, it gives you one weapon each account. I thought it was common place :| On every challenge i do i get 4 itens. War of the Djinn, Assault, etc.
  10. On XBOX for lvl 78 the best i've seen so far is 64^
  11. I just had mine on the xbox 163^ 12464 dmg, 8sps, 10 rs, 1550 ps and 99 clips ^_^ Very good one. Did you get on MEDIUM or HARD? On how many runs aproximatedly you went? I got mine (145^ 10.800 7RS 1300PS 90CA 28 HATK 9 S2) doing medium run, i guess i went in 10~13 runs with 3 afk always.
  12. Are you doing with how many AFK's joysticks? Im on XBOX and i got some good in a few runs (At about 15 with 3 afk [60 blasticus]). But IMHO, dont lose your time doing this, unless you dont have any of the DLC's.
  13. While you are correct in the assessment of the platforms you are incorrect in regard to how Trendy is functioning. Trendy is still a company and profits are still required for them to do anything. Without ANY profit Trendy could not do anything, whether it's patching an existing version or making new content. Trendy has done a great deal for the community; more so than I can say for other developers. Trendy is not creating content solely for money. They do what they love and are getting paid for it. At the end of they day if they want to continue to do what they want they will need to b
  14. You run with 3 afk in medium. Meaning that you have 4 gold accounts? Not the Shai Hulud surprise me, but it is ya gold acc. :djinn: You dont need gold accounts :) Just play local ;-) I have two gold accounts only, but i not even use the second one when i put afk, i just play local and use local accounts in AFK's.
  15. I have at least 6 over 100^ in XBOX. My best one is 145^, but i remember that i have one 128, 126, 125, 117, and so on. The first 5 or 6 runs i got only under 50^, after a week i tried again and i got in few runs all of those 100^'s
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