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  1. told you... http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?42659-Console-DLC-News&p=313735[[1150,hashtags]]
  2. Good list, thank you knox -- will be carefully mulling over all these :) -Jer You should also read the suggestion forum, because some people post in the right section... http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?43199-Various-suggestions
  3. After seeing the upcoming patch note, I felt I had to bump my thread. Can you do something to the monk aswell, about his skills and spider spaming webs (I highlighted the part in red).
  4. The fact that you can miss the res upgrade every 10 levels is reall annoying. They could greatly improve the upgrade mechanism with this.
  5. I don't think every objects are in the same pool. If it's the case, it's a crappy engine... I agree with what Diyego said, I'm also in the same situation, with some magical 1/0 items in my tavern...
  6. some items don't need to be upgraded to be completely OP, like that staff with 100k base damage, or that armor with 300 in every stats...
  7. Bad idea, this feature should be planned from the start, like the ladder for diablo 2 on battle.net.
  8. hey :) You can't rename a folder from root. You have to go inside to rename it because the button is greyed out when you are in the root folder. If you are in this folder and you have a subfolder selected, if you click "rename", it will rename this subfolder (normal behavior I'd say), you have to select an item to rename the current folder.
  9. if they want to reduce hero speed for NM, they should set a fixed value for everyone. There's a reason why the countess is the only hero who can do it, she's fast and has HP. Try to do the same with a squire, he's slow as a snail...
  10. I understand now why I can't do it with my squire, she moves faster on NM than him on insane...
  11. Yes that's the problem, it seems you HAVE to use a countess to do it. Try it with a squire...
  12. from what I've heard, spider's web removes turtle stance... he's not invincible...
  13. What are you using to far it easily? A countess? Agreed with Sercease. I can farm easily insane, but NM is impossible.
  14. @Vallos: your example with the sword is kinda off, it means you play a squire or a barbarian, you will most likely invest in hero attack. I have a sword with nearly 30k (252^) and 1134 in hero attack. The first hit on the dummy does 167k. If I remove my equipment, I have 192 in hero attack, the first hit does 91k. If I would have put every points in ele damage: 2784 + 360 * 252 = 93k
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