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  1. To the OP: Sorry mang. I've played enough online games to know it's generally better to play private games. For every one decent, intelligent player there are twenty idiots who are just going to wreck your good time. A lot of people know this and think the same way. Basically, either fork up the (small amount) of cash to buy the complete DLC, or wait. Sorry mang. I've played enough online games to know successful games generally use a match making system as the backbone for online play.
  2. There is another way to look at the pre-order. There is a chance you won't be playing when the rest of the DLC comes out but do you think you'll get enough time out of being able to do nightmare? If you do the pre-order and spend 80 hours doing just nightmare, would it be that much of a loss if you don't play the rest of it? You can't forget the amount of time you get for what you spend. You might not get to use all the content, but you also might get enough time and fun out of it. I've considered the whole time spent thing, that doesn't really address the issue. If I get NM for myself, grea
  3. This game has quite possibly the single most fractured community of any game I've ever played, Nightmare is to blame. The fact that the community -- or lack thereof -- is fairly small makes matters all the worse. I've bought the new hero pack and Quest for Shards 1, the DLC that interests me. I've reach 74 with four toons, bought/found low/mid range mythic gear for each. Now I find there's nothing left for me in Dungeon Defenders. Logically I should progress to Nightmare, but without pre-ordering the DLC, it's nigh impossible to get into one of the incredibly few NM games that are up at
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